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#44948 - 05/04/05 06:40 PM Those of you with multiple gliders!

Some of you may have seen me post about my guy,Buddy. I've only had him about 2 months and the person I got him from has tried to pair him many times unsucessfully. I've been thinking what if I get two more and that way if Buddy doesnt accept them I could just keep them seperated in different cages/room. This is not something I'm going to do right away, I will be moving in the next six months or so not until after then. I know he may never accept a friend and I am fine with that I just feel like I'm a bad mommy if I dont even give it a shot. Any input would be great!

#44949 - 05/04/05 07:12 PM Re: Those of you with multiple gliders! [Re: Janie]
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I have had luck introducing the Twins to my first one Mango… If you have the resources to maintain two cages and a total of Three Gliders… Plus what ever else you life deals you than I would not fault you for trying… I am a big supporter of ‘forever homes’ …

I do hope that some one with more experience comes along because I do not know what the best procedure would be…. Get a female … se how it goes… if it goes BAD then what … get her a friend??? Try to introduce another female to the first one??? And if the second female works then what?? Get a Fourth so that the first female has company???

I think I just made things worse …. Sorry I was trying to help…
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#44950 - 05/04/05 07:14 PM Re: Those of you with multiple gliders! [Re: Janie]

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Long introductions, if possible seem to have worked with my Cranky. Cranky was a long glider for a long time, he would fight with any glider I tried to put with him. I had him nuetered when he first came here thinking that would help. No such luck, he still didn't like anyone. Then I got in a mom and her daughter. I put the cages side by side and I switched pouches every 2 days. I did this for 3 months. I would take them out all toghter in the bathroom and let them see each other, they didn't want much to do with each other. Then one day....they all went into the girls pouch, and it was love at first sniff. They have been together for 7 months now and not a bit of fighting or fussing. It many take some time for them to get used to each other, just take your time and be patient.
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#44951 - 05/04/05 09:16 PM Re: Those of you with multiple gliders! [Re: ]

I think so long as you are prepared for the intorudctions to not necessairly work or work right away, then you should definately go for it. Good luck! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" /> I'm sure that many people will have suggestions for you on how best to do introductions and some tricks of the trade once you decide to get another glider.

#44952 - 05/04/05 09:46 PM Re: Those of you with multiple gliders! [Re: ]

I think you should totally try to find him a buddy - but only if you're prepared to love & cherish those gliders forever even if he should choose not to. Definately go female and definately the same age or older. Introductions is a weird topic for me. I tried intros with Monster & Zoe for 3 months & they never would accept eachother, but the second I intro'd them to their boys (with no prior pouch swapping or anything) they were hooked. Mystery!


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