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#45045 - 05/05/05 06:21 PM Food and **** splatter

I was surprised today when I pulled my cage out and saw how horrible my wall was. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" /> I spent a good bit of time cleaning the tile floor around it and cleaning up the wall. Fortunately it all come off.

To help prevent this I got some plastic. Painters use it. I wrapped it around most of the sides and all of the back. All of the activity kind of scared my little ones. They went up into the ivy while I was doing this. After I finished I did some other chores and I figured they would be back in their pouch but they were not, they were still up in the same spot. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> Is there any reason they should be scared of this clear plastic? The front is completely open and it has a cooper roof top and that area to the side is open. Do I for any reason need to punch holes in the plastic? It seems to me that the ventilation should be fine but I was concerned since they were huddled in the same spot.


#45046 - 05/05/05 06:28 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]
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I wouldn't wrap the cage in plastic myself. Instead, hang some plastic to the wall behind the cage. Some use the press and seal kitchen plastic wrap. I hung a plastic shower curtain. There are lots of options.
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#45047 - 05/05/05 06:29 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]
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Do you have the clear plasting wrapped around the cage? I would highly advise to remove that off there as plastic is a dangerous thing to use.

You can always put fabric over the cages and there are certain vendors that even make cage covers, please do not use plastic.
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#45048 - 05/05/05 06:34 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

It's not wrapped completely around the cage. The front is open and about 2/3 of the sides are wrapped and all of the back. There is stil around a foot above the wrap that is not covered.

I thought I had remembered someone here recommending that. Maybe I got it confused.

Why would plastic be a bad thing to partially cover the cage with?


#45049 - 05/05/05 08:49 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I would think that gliders could snag/rip the plastic and could also possibly ingest some of the plastic. I got some of the glad press and seal to use when my babies get here.

#45050 - 05/05/05 09:03 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I'm not familiar with the Glad press and seal. Where do you get it? My cage is in our family room next to a new entertainment center so I want something that would look nice since I don't have a dedicated room for them. Are you putting the Glad press and seal on the wall or where?

Thanks for the suggestions...keep them coming!


#45051 - 05/05/05 09:19 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]
Winkle Offline
Glider Addict

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you could always try a glider kitchen, ive heard marvelous things about them and they are easy to use
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#45052 - 05/05/05 11:31 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I thought about the kitchen but it would take up so much room in the cage. I wish that my cage was larger. I think maybe they are liking the plastic wrap because he keeps the AC from blowing on them. They seem pretty happy right now.


#45053 - 05/06/05 09:14 AM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I would definately take the plastic off the cage. If you want something that keeps the mess in the cage and also keeps the drafts out then consider having a cage cover made. Or you can take a fleece blanket or a sheet and drape it over the cage. If your worried that it won't look nice in your living room then try to find a sheet or shower curtain that matches your walls to hang up behind the cage.

I personally don't like covering my cages that much. I think it doesn't allow for enough ventilation and limits the view my gliders have out of their cages. I use a glider kichen to put the food in and a sheet on the wall. Then I have a small fleece blanket that just covers the top of my cage to prevent the draft from the A/C coming in and blankets inside the pouches for added warmth if needed. Works wonders for me. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />

#45054 - 05/06/05 02:00 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I have a plain flat sheet covering the sides, back and top of the cage leaving the front open. I think the fabric doesn't block ventilation as much but can block drafts and keep food off the walls. Plus they are easy to wash!

#45055 - 05/06/05 03:25 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I found the gald press and seal at H.E.B, but walmart has it also. Look in the section with the aluminum foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, baggies, etc.

#45056 - 05/07/05 12:46 AM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

Do you put the press and seal on the cage or on the wall? I do have a cute finding nemo fleece blanket that I can use , but I'd also be interested in the press and seal if you can explain that a little more to me. I've never seen it before.

Thanks! Cindy

#45057 - 05/07/05 01:05 AM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I tried press & seal on part of my rat's cage. They pulled it thrue the bars. I think my gliders would do the same. Also it cuts off air flow.

I have hung a really pretty fabric shower curtain on the wall behind the cage. It has palm tree print and looks nice. I like it because I can throw it in the wash on deep clean days.

A glider kitchen doesnt have to be large. If you can find any kind of plasic storage container that has room for food dishes and a little extra space, just cut an opening. It REALLY helps.
I use a steralite shoe box. Cut down the wall mess 75 - 80%.

#45058 - 05/07/05 01:50 AM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I would use it on the walls. Suggies are far to smart and inquisitve for putting it on the cage. It isn't like contact paper, so it won't pull off your paint or anything. And it doesn't leave a sticky residue behind either.

#45059 - 05/07/05 10:13 AM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I actually just feed my BML under a plastic flower pot. I put it in boiling water for a while (or you can use the oven at low heat) so I could cut an opening for her to go in. You could also make it shorter if you liked. Now, I just take that out every few days and wash it up. I take that time to check it over. It cost me $.88 at Wal-Mart.

#45060 - 05/13/05 06:06 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]
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I scrubbed all the paint off the wall cleaning up after my little furbutts! When I got them in their larger cage, I went to Home Depot and got a piece of plexi-glass cut the same size as their cage and screwed it to the wall behind. It works great! You can't even see it unless you move the cage. However, next time I would get it about 8 inches wider so that they can't fling stuff on the wall past their cage.

I've watched mine eat, and never see them fling anything, but they obviously do, cause it's everywhere! Oh, I also have a towel under the cage to catch the stuff they fling out the front.
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#45061 - 05/17/05 01:14 PM Re: Food and **** splatter [Re: ]

I also have to agree, get rid of the plastic on the cage....I would be worried they would eat it or play with it, or Creation knows what with it. If there is a draft, close the vent or move them away from it. You really shouldn't puit small animals in a place they can be exposed to any kind of cold draf anyway.

I use a pretty "hippie"sheet from the New Age store. Works great and looks way nicer than just a plain old sheet. I also have 2 spare sheets from a friends Goodwill pile, I just toss the icky one into the hamper and put a new one up, wash the pretty one and throw the spare into the hamper.

I use kleenex boxes as kitchens, also boxes that the hot coca packets come in from Sam's Club. It's so nice cause I don't have to clean anyuthing, I just throw the cardboard box away. And they LOVE the sound the box makes when they jump on it, lol, a big hollow plopping sound, lol.


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