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#45514 - 05/12/05 11:50 AM Singing Glider

Will a suggie sing even tho they do not have a bebe IP?

#45515 - 05/12/05 12:17 PM Re: Singing Glider [Re: ]

Depends on the glider. I have a male glider that sings. He's done it for as long as I can remember... Also, I've heard of females that don't sing...

Are you sure that your glider doesn't have a joey IP? I've never heard one of my females sing when they didn't have a joey IP...

#45516 - 05/12/05 12:47 PM Re: Singing Glider [Re: ]
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OK OK … so can you describe the “singing” I know I have heard most other sounds but this one is new… can you describe it… maybe this should be a separate category for the Gliderieze contest at SGGA…. Lol
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#45517 - 05/12/05 12:53 PM Re: Singing Glider [Re: ]

I think it kind of sounds like a rattle snake... It's a soft, rapid sound...

#45518 - 05/12/05 02:27 PM Re: Singing Glider [Re: ]

I could say that no I am not certain that she doesn't have a joey. But she fooled me before so um yeah I'm very cautious about getting too excited. I had never heard her do this before. She does it after eating at night and her and Mr. Petrie are resting in the pouch.

I'm almost positive it is singing. I guess you just know by knowing your gliders. It just sounds so melodic....I'm loving it. She has been doing it quite a bit. I also saw the gliders do something I've never witnessed, they slept in separate pouches one night.

#45519 - 05/12/05 03:57 PM Re: Singing Glider [Re: ]
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Singing is hard to describe. It is a combination of sounds, chattering, chirping, clicking but with a rythem to it. And is a fairly soft sound and once you hear it, you will know it is singing right away.
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