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#465033 - 01/30/08 06:56 AM Important Reminder
Owndbymyfurballs Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 09/18/07
Posts: 883
Loc: Kansas
Just a quick reminder everyone....

PLEASE don't forget to check the temp. of your glider rooms EVERY NIGHT! It's SO important! I almost lost one of my suggies last night because he got too cold. He was the only one that got that cold, and he was also the one furthest from the heater vent. I will be moving my glider room around today to prevent THAT from happening again!

For those of you who know the story, this is "demon glider." He bites for blood, HATES people, etc. When I grabbed his food bowl out last night and he didn't come lunging out to attack me...I knew something was wrong. I flipped him out of his pouch and my poor boy was REALLY cold, slow to move, etc. It took me sitting on the heating vent with his pouch and feeding him some warmed up HPW to get him to come around. I was scared to death I was going to lose him! He seems to be doing ok right now thankfully. I just woke the poor boy up with a flashlight checking on him, which he didnít much appreciate. Lol. He's still not back to his old self, aka he's not lunging at me and he's letting me pet him, but he looks like he's doing ok. I need to run around town today, so I have a feeling heíll be tagging along in a sissy. Iím not comfortable leaving him at home until I know heís back to normal. Kwim?

On the downside, I noticed last night that he is overgrooming his head. Looks like he will be the next boy in for the big snip. I've been putting it off to get my joeys and "breeding" males done first. I guess this is his way of telling me IT'S HIS TIME. He has two girlfriends waiting for him once it's done, so when I move cages today he will be moved near them so they can start getting used to each other. Cross your fingers that everything works out the way I plan! This little guy deserves two buddies to snuggle with!
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#465035 - 01/30/08 06:59 AM Re: Important Reminder [Re: Owndbymyfurballs]

~hugs~ what a close call Becci! Im so glad he is gonna be ok!
Good luck with the intros!!

#465277 - 01/30/08 12:44 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/01/06
Posts: 21060
Loc: Kansas
hug2 I'm so happy to hear that your little fella is alright. I agree, it is so important to always check on our little ones frequently! Your little ones were lucky that you were checking! Hope all goes well with the intros!
Are you taking your fella to Derby? Let me know what you think of the vets there...Good Luck!

#465292 - 01/30/08 12:57 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: LSardou]

I have to ask...what is too cold? I keep my glider area set at 72 but I notice that sometimes it's a couple degrees cooler than that because the door to their room stays shut...obviously they have pouches and little fleece blankies in their cage etc...I haven't noticed my girls being extra sluggish at all...

#465307 - 01/30/08 01:08 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: ]
morksmom Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 08/30/06
Posts: 1906
Loc: Texas
My thermostat is on 75 but this room is 72. Thinking of moving upstairs where warmer but what is too warm as summmer time the upstairs is warmer...

Glad he is doing better. Thanks for bringing this up.

#465322 - 01/30/08 01:21 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: Owndbymyfurballs]
pappy1264 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 08/31/06
Posts: 11015
Loc: MA
Thank goodness he is ok! I keep a thermometer on the wall, and I have a heater in the room, in case the temp dips a little. It is a good reminder. If you feel cold, they are really cold!
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#465353 - 01/30/08 01:56 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: pappy1264]

i'm so glad you caught it in time and that your littel guy is doing alright. i hope he enjoys his day out and about with you and makes a full recovery from the temp drop.

we have our cages in our living room; it's the room with the most accurate and consistant temperature. besides keeing them right in and around us all the time. i find myself constantly checking the temperature, mainly because i am hardly ever cold. but everyone else in the family (human and animal alike) are a bit more "normal" and do get chilled every now and then! so i try to be a little more mindful of the temp so that nobody gets too cold.

thanks for the reminder to check the suggies and their area temp. since it can make such a difference to them, it can never be stressed enough.


#465367 - 01/30/08 02:05 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: ]
Lynsie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/07/05
Posts: 8322
Loc: Quincy, IL 62305
Thank you for posting this Becki. I know the feeling all too well, it and it's an awful awful thing. A few weeks ago I was checking on gliders and I got Kairina & Donovan's pouch out. I didn't hear the normal crab out of Donovan and I knew something was up. He was ice cold and stiff, I thought he was dead. I immediately started rubbing his chest to help warm him up while I grabbed the emergency to kit get the peidalyte and syringes out, and grabbed the space heater. I sat in front of the space heater for an hour with him, feeding him pedialyte and eventually getting him to eat some fruit. Once I heard him crab, I moved on to the rest of my gliders.

The next cage was Katalina & Kashmir, who had 2 small joeys. One joey was already dead and canabalized, the other was cold and on the verge of death. I fed her around the clock for over 24 hours, returning her to her mother inbetween feedings. She didn't make it, she was still too weak and she died and was canabalized.

The glider room is the warmest room in the house and my heat was set on 70*, but it was still too cold. Since then I have had a space heater in there set on 75, keeping it nice an toasty. That was one of the worst days ever and I never want to experience it again.
LuckyYou Gliders

#465388 - 01/30/08 02:20 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: Lynsie]
SugarBlossoms Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/23/06
Posts: 5830
Loc: USA
Thankyou for the warning! Many people don't realize how cold it can get at night for the suggies, especially when they (humans) are tucked under blankets or in a waterbed.

Years ago, we had an A/C installed in our bedroom seperate from our Central A/C and purchased a ceramic heater for the winter time too. I was afraid of what would happen if the main air or heat went out and I was either at work or asleep.

For some reason, our bedroom (which has many suggies) does not get as cool OR warm as the rest of the house. Since putting in their own A/C and heat, I can keep temps just right for them.
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God speed my precious angels. I love you. Mama.

#465423 - 01/30/08 03:04 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: SugarBlossoms]
AprilS Offline
Glider Explorer

Registered: 11/01/07
Posts: 205
Loc: KC, MO
What is a safe heat source for the gliders cage?

Mine are in a big open room. No doors. The floor plan of my house is all real open and the only closed rooms with doors are the bedrooms and, well, they are all occupied!

I had gotten one of the ceramic heat emitters from Sun Coast with whole set up, temp control and the lamp so it wouldn't get too close or too warm. Well, it does get super hot, but by the time it comes down through the cage, nothing. Because the cage is so big and the room so open it really doesn't do any thing but up it a couple of degrees right at the very spot it is pointing.

Their cage is a PVC coatd wire and 2'D x 3'W x 6'H

I can't actually heat the room, so I have to have something to direct the heat at the cage.

We haven't had any issues. I keep the whole house pretty warm, but I have no doubt at night it must be a little cooler and while they are 'ok', I think they'd appreciate it being warmer.

#465428 - 01/30/08 03:06 PM Re: Important Reminder [Re: AprilS]
Lynsie Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/07/05
Posts: 8322
Loc: Quincy, IL 62305
Cage covers will help keep your gliders warm. You can also use a space heater and just sit it in the room directed towards the cages, but not too close, and it will help to keep them warm.
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