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#4745 - 01/29/03 05:39 PM Cat toys on a string

Hi all,
this happenbed a while back and scared me badly, and i want to post this for future refernce, tho i think it might have been mentioned before.

I used to heve this cat toy on a rubber string hanging in the cage with my very first two gliders i ever got, Sky & Willow.

I used to love watching him pull the toy up on the string, and let it drop only to bounce wildly in the cage, and then he'd go attacking the toy itself.

Well one night after feeding them he played with the toy, as i walked by the cage and thought, ok i'll let him do that for a while, before i'll play with him. So i sat down at my computer, and about 5 minutes later heard my 4 yr old daughter yell: "ooohhhh, mommy he's gonna die"!!!
I quickly turned around and looked, and what i saw made me bolt into action.
Sky was hung up in the rubber string, to where it was like a noose around his neck, and i opened up the cage, and quickly untangled him, and it wasn't too tight around his throat yet, but i could see the fear in his eyes, but amazingly he held still, as if he knew i was there to free him of this horrible trap.

This particular toy i had put in his cage over a year ago, and aside from cleanings, it's been in there for that long without any incidents. Goes to show, that those and pouch incidents may happen also because we may become too lax in thinking "it didn't hurt them yet, it probably never will".

I angrily removed the toy ands swore i would never use this sort of toy again in their cage.

This happened only a week after i had lost Twinkles (Sky's son) to that darn cat, and it really had me on edge.

But i wanted to share this, cause if it wouldn't have been for my oldest, i may not have caught this in time. And to think it took only a few minutes to get that string wrapped around his neck to where he almost strangled himself.
Good thing probably was that it was elastic, and i was able to get it undone cause of that.

Takie care, Tanja

#4746 - 01/29/03 06:20 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]

Wow...thank goodness he is OK. I have a feather toy attached to the same stretchy string, but it's for out of cage playtime only. I was afraid they could pull out the fur and choke.

Great reminder to always check things.

#4747 - 01/29/03 06:21 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]

Thank you for the warning! It is always nice to get a heads up on something. I am sure you are glad you caught it in time & Sky was okay. I am glad to hear nothing happen to him. I don't know exactly what toy you are talking about buy if you every come across a picture will you please post the picture in this post?

Thank you

#4748 - 01/29/03 07:08 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]

sure, here's a pic of it, and it was very much like this, except the little animal on the end was something else, not a puppy.It has a pretty long rubber string, that is still tied up in this little pic.

<img src="" alt=" - " />


<small>[ 01-29-2003, 08:11 PM: Message edited by: reyoko69 ]</small>

#4749 - 01/30/03 03:14 AM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]

That is exactly the same reason why I state with our toys which should be surpervised play toys only and in the cage toys. We kinda have to be a pet detective and make sure something cannot hurt them. In my opinion, there are not a whole lot of totally safe cage toys out there, most are great for supervised play only. Sorry this happened to you, but glad it was caught early with your baby.

#4750 - 01/30/03 01:00 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]
Sheila Offline
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Anythingless than the diameter of a piece of leather chord should not be left in the cage. Tanya, I am glad your daughter has a watchful eye. Here is a good teaser.
ToandFro Gliders

USDA Licensed breeder for 12 years and counting!


#4751 - 01/30/03 01:35 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]

i have plenty of teasers, though i haven't yet seen the one you suggest. Thanks, i'll get that one next time.

About the cat toy,i have to admit after carefully observing them play with that toy for the longest time, i was lulled into thinking something like this wasn't going to happen, and when in the cage i would often check in on them, just that night, i was lulled into thinking ok, i'm going to wait till he's done with that, but luckily my oldest wanted to watch, and was able to let me know.

You're right, she takes after me, being very observant, and watchfull when it comes to our animals. Matter of fact we once had a dog, who developped milk fever, and it can kill in a short periode of time, and i thought that morning.. "oh she seems to be a bit more tired than usual.. i'll keep an eye on her", and later that afternoon, my daughter said to me that she was sick,(it's not like i told her of my concerns) and she didn't even act much different than she had a few hours earlier.
I took her to the emergency vet, beings it was on a sunday, and the vet immediately treated her, stating we were right that it was milkfever, and also that we caught it very early, as most people don't catch it that early, and when caught later it becomes a bad emergency situation.
He said her symptoms were very subtle still, and i guess he was impressed with us, that we are so in tune with our animals.

I'm proud of her.


<small>[ 01-30-2003, 02:42 PM: Message edited by: reyoko69 ]</small>

#4752 - 01/30/03 09:05 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]

I have looked at those toys several times and everytime pictured my gliders getting hung. I bought one for my cat and didn't even give it to her. It is too much of a worry that they will get tangled in the cord. I found a problem with those little fake fur covered mice as well. They peel off the fur. I am afraid they are goingto get the hair in their mouths and gag or choke. Glad to hear your little guy is ok.


#4753 - 02/27/03 05:11 PM Re: Cat toys on a string [Re: ]


FYI, I got the same feather teaser (except the "string" is leopard print fleece) in the pet section at my local Walmart. It was a little bit cheaper, I think.


Good to know about the furry mice. I'll save those for out of cage playtime! Thanks!

<small>[ 02-27-2003, 06:14 PM: Message edited by: Brenna ]</small>


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