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#4759 - 02/03/03 11:41 PM The Escape Artist (kinda long)

Hello to all!! I am a new member to this loving family of fellow glider-lovers and I was influenced by my sister to join. She has two little angels, Taji and Zayda...they are soooo cute! But I have to say that my glider has outsmarted me a few times with her little hide and seek games she loves to play.

Her name is Booger. I made the decision to get the little angel about 7 months ago and im very pleased with the result. I needed a little companion to acompany me daily. Booger is awesome and i love her to death. Shes a quiet and sweet little monster with a hyper attitude to jump all about and explore the unknown, which she did so the night before last.

Sunday night i decided to take ol boogster out and play with her about 10 at night before i went to bed. As we played along i started to get sleepy and eventually the power of ZZZZ's took over...Booger was still out. I forgot to put her to bed. So I woke up around 2 and thought well i think she'll be ok if i leave her out for a little bit. BIG MISTAKE!

The next morning I arose to the sound that we all hate...the annoying alarm clock, and got ready for school not thinking about putting Booger away.
So as i went on to school i remembered that i forgot something to do and then remembered that my bathroom door was open and under the sink was a hole where the pipes went through the wall, inside the cabnets that is. She doesnt really like to go in there at all but lastnight she did.

After school and my physical therapy was over, i went home to seek out my little monster:) This wasnt the first time that i hadnt found her for about an hour...she loves the old speakers from my stereo. But this time was a little different. I didnt find her and i knew all of her little hide outs. About this time i was [censored] out didnt know what to do, but of course i forgot about the hole in the bathroom that led to underneath the house.

I found a flashlight and went to the dungeon below, with my little sister, to rescue the princess. After a few callings for her Hannah, sister, left to go check my room. Finally i called her a few more times and heard a "THUMP! THUMP!" "BOOGER IS THAT YOU?!?!?!" And with a little speech in 'Boogish', i knew it was her. I was SOOOO happy to find her. In some weird and wacky way she had found a way to get into the A/C unit under the house. I dont know how but she did...CRAZY! I got her out and she jumped on my instantly with sight of relief.

Now she is ok and is well fed with BML and fresh fruits and veggies. She is totally exhausted and is in her little ball in the pouch around my neck.
What a little glider she is!


#4760 - 02/04/03 12:13 AM Re: The Escape Artist (kinda long) [Re: myprideandjoys]

WOW Austin, sounds like little Booger had quite the adventure!!! You are so lucky that you found her and she was ok!!! There have been others not quite so lucky when their gliders got outside the house!!!
Give Booger some love from me, and I'm so glad it all turned out ok!

#4761 - 02/04/03 12:39 AM Re: The Escape Artist (kinda long) [Re: ]
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always remember to keep her in a closed cage, Next time you might not be so lucky. Too too many drown in toilet bowls or can get sick if they get outdoors and its cold out. your very lucky. she's a miracle


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