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#483421 - 02/21/08 11:05 AM Ethics of breeding

To me, breeding is something that one should seriously consider. And that goes for any animal. I would never breed dogs or cats or rabbits simply because there are too many being put down out there. The same situation applies to suggies, I know, but I still wish to have one successful litter, and then have Keito neutered. I am willing to keep the babies forever if I find no satisfactory home, and I am ready to care for any abandoned babies. However, the ethics of breeding still bother me, and I cannot in good conscience allow them to procreate until I've worked out what exactly will happen, and what exactly should happen. I find the truth being that I'm probably not going to rescue gliders actively for quite a few more years, until I've really gotten the hang of dealing with gliders that may have issues. So it most likely would not make a difference for me. But for others who might have rescued, and end up getting one of my gliders...?

I want your opinion on this. Am I just over-thinking the entire thing, or is there a serious ethics issue to be considered? What about for you, personally?

#483427 - 02/21/08 11:16 AM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]
bethanyg Offline
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Loc: Herkimer (Utica), New York
I think that that is a good way to think about it =]
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#483429 - 02/21/08 11:17 AM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]

In what specific area of glider ethics are you concerned about... or is it just the over all issue of breeding them?

#483455 - 02/21/08 11:49 AM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]

breeding... and overpopulation... rescues... etc.

#483572 - 02/21/08 02:02 PM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]

I think the issues you are bringing up are the SAME issues everyone should think about when concidering breeding..

To me, breeding seems pointless unless you plan on "bettering" the breed.. Many people breed for colors and such, and that is the ONLY time breeding makes sense, because other wise, those color variations could disappear.. Otherwise, taking in a rescue would be more "helpful" to the situation..

Although, having one litter after carefully contemplating all of the BAD things that can happen, it not nessesarily going to put the overpopulation WAY over..

You just have to think to yourself.. do you really believe one person can make a difference? I do. And it goes both ways.. one person can make a difference for teh better OR the worse..

It is a matter of your own personal wants and needs.. I would think that just having one "litter" to keep to yourself would be better than selling.. although there is never a guarantee that the people you are going to sell to would get a rescue had you not sold to them

the REAL issue with the overpopulation comes from impulse buyers, and hobby breeders USUALLY will not sell to an impulse buyer because their suggies are pets before they are money makers... Those who breed for money (and they are NOT ALL MILLS) are the ones who contribute to the issue because they do NOT stress the need to neuter, and they do NOT educate the people on their serious daily needs.. and they either end up having babies that end up in rescues, OR the original ones end up in rescues.

So if you have ONE "litter" dont beat yourself up.. IF you REALLY want one, do it - and do it responsibly.. educate everyone.. even those that see your babies and go "OH I WANT ONE!"

#483584 - 02/21/08 02:29 PM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]
Bubbles8i8 Offline
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Breeding gliders that go to good forever homes does not add to the number of rescue gliders, nor does it take away homes from gliders that are in rescues. Some people want joeys and wouldn't adopt a rescue, anyway.

I think as long as you have good, forever homes lined up, or you are prepared to keep all the babies you produce, and you are ready for the physical, emotional and financial aspects of breeding, then you could breed in good conscience.
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#483622 - 02/21/08 02:55 PM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]
krysKritters Offline
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Loc: Hudson Valley, NY
Originally Posted By: LindsayAnnG

...even those that see your babies and go "OH I WANT ONE!"

I spend more time talking people OUT fo buying a glider than anything else.
People go "aw, they're so cute. I want one!"
I reply "you probley don't. They are nocturanl, up all night, specially prepared food, barking, bonding, money, blah, blah, blah."
I always list thier bad traits first because I feel that if I still have thier attention after all the negatives, they might be a good sugga-momma or dadda.
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#483664 - 02/21/08 03:33 PM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: krysKritters]

In terms of whether or not you should breed based on the overpopulation factor is something only YOU can decide based on ethics.

If you responsibly breed your gliders once and find their joeys good homes, and then neuter your gliders, are you having a huge impact on the glider population? Not really.

But, if you think about it...if everyone who had a pair wanted to let them breed just once...we would have a LOT more gliders in this world needing homes. And think about, let's say your mating produces a pair of joeys. Those joeys may go on to produce more joeys, who may go on to have more joeys, etc.

So, would your impact be as big as somebody who is a "breeder" and breeds regularly? No. But realize it could be substantial I guess in its own right.

I do find it interesting that you say you wouldn't breed dogs or cats or rabbits because there are too many put down. You are right, there are many of these animals euthanized because there aren't enough homes for them. But there are also many gliders who need good homes, and overpopulation is a substantial and growing problem in the glider community too. I would argue that glider overpopulation is a unique and even more difficult situation because I feel it is easier to place a dog, cat, or rabbit than it is to place a glider in an appropriate home because they need such special care.

In the end, it's a decision only you can make. Please understand I am not bashing breeders and I'm not bashing you if you breed your gliders once. My first two gliders came from breeders, and without breeders we wouldn't have gliders as pets over here at all. I respect that you are thinking about breeding carefully before jumping in and letting your gliders breed. Best of luck with your decision hug2

#483710 - 02/21/08 04:04 PM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]

After having researched suggies for about a year, I finally felt comfortable and knowledgable enough to take on the responsibility of providing a forever home to a pair of joeys. I am having my male neutered before he even comes home. I have seen way too many ads in hoobly and C-list of people trying to rehome their 1 and 2 year old gliders. All my friends reactions where..."oh I want one, are you planning on breding?" I straight out told every NO. That if they wanted one they needed to dedicate the time to educate themselves prior to attesting to "I have had pets all my life, how difficult could this possibly be?".

I personally bought my suggies from a breeder in Florida and she too, put me through the test before deciding if she would sell to me and honestly, I am glad that she did. She mentioned the pros and cons of having an intact male at home with a female and left the decision entirely up to me. However, I must metion that she was delighted when I told her that I prefered to have him neutured.

I am glad to see that you are taking everyones opinion to heart before deciding whether or not breeding is something that you want to do. I personally just dont have the heart to sell any of my babies..which is why I also never bred my show quality dogs.

Good luck and I wish you the best, with whatever it is that you decide to do.

#487223 - 02/25/08 05:01 PM Re: Ethics of breeding [Re: ]
sweetheart26 Offline
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Loc: USA
you also want too make sure you pair the right gliders dont want them to be related too each other..i always ask too see a family line before i consider geting that glider..

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