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#487158 - 02/25/08 03:35 PM Mojo was missing for 2 hours!

Every night I let my gliders out in my living room. They generally stay on the back of the couch (doing the critter crack 500 roflmao) or in the ficus tree in the corner. Jinx is good about staying put on the couch, the tree, or riding around on my shoulder. Mojo on the other hand is sneaky and on occassion will make a mad dash down the hallway! I close all the doors in the hallway I had what I *thought* was a totally glider proofed room (living room)...well guess what? Mojo prooved me WRONG! mad
I was in the LR with my guys but was multi tasking and not watching their every move. Jinx was on the couch, Mojo in the tree...well, next thing I know Mojo is gone! question
I was starting to panic, thinking all of the worst things. Well, I decided to turn off all of the lights and everything that was making noise. I got out the container of mealies and sat in the living room floor, in the dark, with Jinx on my shoulder feeding him mealies. I would shake the container every so often...well sure enough, I heard Mojo! So I shook the mealies again and was kind of crawling and listening at the same time (with Jinx chowing down on mealies on my back lol) and I could hear Mojo near the TV. I got up and turned the light back on and leaned around the back of the TV...low and behold..Mojo stuck his head out of the back of the surround sound speaker(sub woofer)!!! grin I coaxed him out with a mealie and put them both back in the cage.
To fix the problem I put mesh over the hole in the back of the woofer,taped it down and haven't thought about it since. Well, Thursday night my pain in the furr-butt Mojo succeeded in ripping the tape off and getting back in the speaker! He was in the speaker for 3.5 HOURS and refused to come out. tant I offered mealies to him, turned off the lights, unplugged the speaker itself..anything I could think of. I ended up taking the back off the speaker (in vain) but was unable to get to him because there is a screen across the front of the components (thank god) and so he couldn't get to them. I ended up having to just wait it out...I was so mad at him shakehead

I just wanted to warn you all about this potential hazard. I never even thought about one of my guys getting in the back of the speaker...heck I didin't even know there was a hole there! dunno I have now fixed the problem with heavy duty mesh stapled AND taped to the speaker. Mojo tought me a valuable lesson...even though I *think* I have a glider proofed room, they can always find somewhere new and more clever to hide!
I am just glad I had a happy ending (Mojo on the other hand was not happy to lose his warm and comfy little hiding spot!)

#487332 - 02/25/08 06:39 PM Re: Mojo was missing for 2 hours! [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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I'm glad you were able to find Mojo so quickly. I remember when my Bittah was a young glider and did exactly the same thing. The only way I found her was because as I walked past the entertainment center, she started to crab and it was amplified by the woofer roflmao These little ones sure can keep us on our toes, can't they? laugh
Suz Enyedy
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#510636 - 03/22/08 11:39 AM Re: Mojo was missing for 2 hours! [Re: sugarglidersuz]

Eevee, my matriarch, loves loves loves to hide in the boots of my wakeboard. The board hangs on the wall over my bed so kinda hard to get too. I actually have to stuff both the boots and any holes around the boots with socks to prevent her from getting in there and staying in there. She loves it there! It is a particularly hard spot to remove her from too. If anybody has ever wakeboarded, the boots basically suction cup to your feet. It is very difficult to get the boots opened up enough to slide your foot in. Let alone, try to grab a very angry little glider perfectly positioned to take a finger or two!! The first time she found that spot....oh took some time. I know how you feel...annoyed, frustrated yet still very much in love with their crazy little butts!


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