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#4926 - 04/24/00 04:37 PM Honey and other sugary treats: Too much is a bad thing

I began researching the usage of honey as a treat when I saw this post (link below) by Bourbon. I took it at face value immediately (She does know what she is talking about!), but also started researching to find out exactly how it worked, as it confused me. I found out so much more and am very glad I went looking, and for the post by Bourbon which alerted me to the possible problem in the first place.<P>Bourbon's original post regarding honey: <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>MY QUESTION: <BR>I have read in a forum that straight honey is bad for Sugar Gliders, as it can make them hyperglycemic. The forum post also says that honey mixed up in leadbeaters will not cause this, as it is dispersed throughout.<BR>Can you tell me why?<BR>Thank you very much.<BR>Toni P.<P>vet'S ANSWER: <BR>Hello and thanks for your question! The status of sugar glider nutrition knowledge is such that, in my opinion, you will come across a wide range of information that may be presented as fact, when it may or may not be. In most cases, it is opinions based on personal experience. It will be some time, I believe, before we see enough widespread studies to even come close to having many answers. My purpose in saying this is NOT to discount the information you came across, nor to discourage you from searching out answers, as we must start somewhere. <BR>The purpose of the above statement is to put into perspective MY answer. Indeed I cannot tell you whether the information you came across is right or wrong. Furthermore, my answer will be in terms of generalizations, <BR>extrapolations and assumptions. <BR>Foods with high concentrations of relatively simple sugars (honey, raisins, dates...) are not recommended in any significant amount for any small mammals. One of the concerns is that even an amount that seems small to us can be significant to these small animals. Excessive simple sugars in any animal (even people) causes a transient hyperglycemia. If this happens repeatedly, there is a danger of creating havoc with blood sugar metabolism and ultimately predisposing to problems such as diabetes. Another potential problem with honey might be that, due to its sweet and semi-liquid nature, it can often harbor large numbers of bacteria. For most immune-competent animals, this is not a problem, but many pediatricians do not recommend any honey for babies less than a year old. Could this be a problem for some sugar gliders too? I have not yet seen any information to this effect. By pre-mixing honey in something like the Lead Beater's mix does a couple of things. One, it has a diluting effect, so that you would have a lower concentration of simple sugars (as well as any bacteria?). Two, by mixing it with other foods (especially fiber sources like fruit and/or grains), you can help regulate the absorption of the simple sugars into the boodstream from the intestinal tract.<BR>So the bottom line is: In my opinion, the information you came across, right or wrong, does have some logic to it. Do I think occasionally feeding 1 drop of straight honey to a glider is a problem? Not likely in most cases, but it is probably wise to be very conservative in amount and frequency. I hope this is somehow helpful and I wish you the best. If you have any further questions or comments on this matter or any other, feel free to write again. <P>This is the great website that finally gave me the answer I wanted, straight from a vet:<BR> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>I highly suggest making use of their wonderful free service!<BR><P>------------------<BR>Toni<BR>Owned by Gliders <I>Pepe</I> & <I>Penny</I>, and other assorted animals

#4927 - 04/24/00 09:44 PM Re: Honey and other sugary treats: Too much is a bad thing [Re: ]
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Thank you Toni, Bourbon & askaVet<BR> This kind of information is important & needs to be posted! <BR>Thanks again Toni for going that extra mile for the [][/]'s
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#4928 - 04/25/00 11:11 PM Re: Honey and other sugary treats: Too much is a bad thing [Re: Devil_Bunny_Girl]

Thank you great info [][/]!


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