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#4940 - 03/05/00 05:29 PM hind leg paralysis

i just went and stole my sister's glider, natasha. my mom called and asked if i could b/c heather really doesn't spend time with her, clean her cage, or will overfeed her so she doesn't have to be home to feed her for a day or two. i have noticed a few times when i have been over that she is alot thinner than my two kids, and i don't think that by any means they are fat. when we bought her @ x-mas heather had mentioned that her back legs were kinda funny. not that she was dragging one or the other, but she had a little bit of a time walking and running around her cage. mom went out and bought repcal for her, and they feed it regulary to her on her food at night. lastnight was the first time i really got to watch her to play since i brought her home three nights ago. her back legs are WEIRD (note the cap letter when i say weird) i am deffinatly taking her into the vets, but i want anyone's oppion. when she is bee-bopping around it looks like her hips had been broken and never healed right. she can launch herself, glide, and land. support herself on her hindlegs when eating, up looking around, or hanging on the cage. but she does this thing... i notice it when she is on top of the cage chewing on the clips that hold their toys. she like loses control of what her whole hind end is doing. it jumps around, and back and forth. she has even fallen over ! my other kids sometimes do this thing with their tails- it jerks and sways like a cross between a snake and a cat's tail. she does this with HER WHOLE BACK END. all jerky ans jumping all over. i don't know what it is. i thought hlp right at first watching her walk around, but how long can that go on with out getting any worse, or getting better. this is three months now. ??? ??? any ideas?

<small>[ 04-01-2002, 12:49 PM: Message edited by: Lucy ]</small>

#4941 - 03/05/00 06:43 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

It sound like your glider may have broken her hips at a time and they healed in an inproper position. That happened to me with my glider Mango. Except she broke her paw and it healed backwards. She is doing fine with it even though it looks demented and she cant use it really. If your glider appears to be in good health and can run around without a problem shes probably okay. But I would recommend taking her to a vet just in case it is something different, like hind leg paralysis or anything else that may have that effect.

#4942 - 03/05/00 08:54 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

i am deffinatly calling the vet tomorrow to get her in. i know of three right here in the area that see gliders, so whoever can see her.... she runs around kinda funny, and it really doesn't seem to be slowing her down any. it just looks so wrong when she's on top of the cage and her back end it jumping around like she can't control it.. i'll let ya okw what they say

#4943 - 03/05/00 09:14 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

after keira broke her tail she wouldn't move it at all. now 2 weeks later she is moving it, however since it is bent to the left it kind of moves funny. my vet said that this is normal since the bone in her tail broke and that is how it is healing / healed.<P>good idea to take the glider to the vet, please let us know what happens.<P>carrie [][/]<BR>hailey "o<BR>keira [][/]<P>------------------<BR>never underestimate the power of denial...

#4944 - 03/06/00 12:27 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

Ok I read this and read the other post. "Q" if you [][/] is showing HLP can you catch it in time. I had Pricilla doing the same thing many months ago and that is how I learned of this over the net. I feed her cal. and it seems she does not do this anymore. All of my [][/]'s are fine now but before she and my male at times would show these behaviors strongly at times. Did I get lucky? Did I catch it before it got to late? Or is this not possible and I have just helped the problem, with them still having HLP? [][/]<P>------------------<BR>Thankyou for you time,<BR> Pricilla<BR> Damion<BR> Mika<BR> Nippers<BR> and John D. Gray

#4945 - 03/06/00 06:07 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

i have seen her do that alot now that i have her here. the body rubbing. she looks like alot of the dogs i grrom do after i get them out of the tub. they rub themselves against the wall, the counter... they go just nuts if u give them a towl. [][/] this is different though. i have a vet appt tomorrow @ 3:30. i'll ask him for x-rays if he doesn't have an answer. and i'll post tomorrow what he says... wish us luck...

#4946 - 03/06/00 07:31 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

No, besides the body rubbing what you described before is also a scent marking behavior. It looks like they are twisting their whole rear and wiggling it back & forth so that their legs go under them (it looks almost if they are falling down and losing control) but then they get right back up again. This is often accompanied by the body rubbing behavior. Like I said before I have only seen this in males, they usually do it right after they are let out of their cage.

#4947 - 03/07/00 07:44 AM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

Clara,<P>I have noticed that my one female Pepper does this constantly as soon as she gets out of the cage she rubs all over me. So I don't think that this behavior is confined to just the males

#4948 - 03/07/00 10:33 PM Re: hind leg paralysis [Re: ]

i understand what u mean now clara. i haven't seen her do all that, just the scent marking. we did get in to see dr. richards today. two x-rays.. she doesn't have broken hips, or ostioperosis, but she is calcium defiecient. the bone mass in her skull was okay, but the tiny leg bones were so thin and transparent. thankfully she is very young still, under 5 months we think, and should recover great. dr. richards gave us a high calorie, high vit c, high calcium suplament to give her. a few drops everyday. i give her repcal on all her food, gut load crickets, and vits in her water, so the vet thinks we should be able to see visable improvement in three weeeks, and for us to come in for follow up x-rays in 30 days. she has very low musseltone in her hind legs, and she said there are like 8 ligaments running over the joint in her knee. all the funny jumping around she did with her back end where it looked like her front and back end weren't talking to each other was just that. only two of those ligaments were strong enough to function right. whenever she stoped thinking about keeping her legs where they needed to be those ligaments slipped, and caused her leg to jump. but she is going to be just fine. she is alittle under weight. i took all three in ( i cheated. so she got a look at all of them) and the other two look to be in great health, but she wants to see natasha gain a little. everyone is going to be fine [][/] [][/] [][/] [][/]


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