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#50587 - 07/07/05 08:50 PM Glider kitchen

I've read about people using glider kitchens, but I can't find a post that explains how to make one. I did a search but that didn't work very well unless I sit here and don't go to work for a week and read everything it pulled. I read a few and none of them said how. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 8 days and counting. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/multi.gif" alt="" />

#50588 - 07/07/05 09:14 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

Go get a rubbermaid shoebox or cake server (depending on how much floor space you have in your cage). Use a hole saw to cut a "door" in one of the sides. Use sandpaper to smooth rough edges. Use the lid as the floor and put your food dishes on it (as pictured in attachment), then cover & place in cage! Walla~

420947-IMGP1512.jpg (141 downloads)

#50589 - 07/07/05 10:19 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

Okay, this is interesting! I'm assuming that this is to alleviate the problem of food flinging. I haven't got my baby yet but I've read they are rather messy eaters. I thought that they were not that fond of eating on the floor though. You know Monster it was good seeing the layout of food as well. I wondered if everthing got all mixed up together or if it was kept separate. I would say you get a 10 for presentation! Any other Kitchen tips?

#50590 - 07/07/05 10:50 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

Yes! Get low dishes with wide bases - as pictured (slightly different pic this time, egg night - LOL) so the can't tip them! And the nectar dishes I show don't go in the kitchen - I hang those in the upper portion of the cage.

421000-IMGP1376.jpg (121 downloads)

#50591 - 07/08/05 07:22 AM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

Bill found a neat round container- about 4" high and about 8/9" in diameter with 2 flat sides, we made doors in the flat ends, and use some small creme brulee dishes to put everything in.. perfect size for 2 ice cubes of glider food, and tablespoon each of fruit and veggie in another.. with lots of room for them inside...

#50592 - 07/08/05 07:42 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

Wow thanks for the pics. I had no idea it was like that. I'm glad I asked. It is a great idea and I will make one this week. Thanks again.

#50593 - 07/09/05 01:54 AM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

That is cool! Know my room wont be AS messy,lol. Once my breeding pairs baby get 10 weeks oop i am moving them into my room and know i will not have fruits on my bed, lol!

#50594 - 07/14/05 06:14 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

do you place this on the floor of the cage. From what I reed the do not like eating low in the cage, or do the automaticly go in there. Have you thought about placing it higher on say a ledge of some sort, or does it work perfect for you on the floor.

#50595 - 07/14/05 06:29 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]
animal house Offline
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I don't put my babies food on the floor, I have mine hanging from the top of the cage in a macroma flower pot holder. I have a plastic 9" round bowl and then place 3 small ceramic reptile bowls inside. I have attached a picture.

424626-gizmo\'scage10.jpg (91 downloads)

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#50596 - 07/14/05 07:11 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]
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I have always fed my gliders on the floor of their cages. But, my cages all sit up on tables, not at floor level. The gliders use ever bit of the cage space and I am just not tall enough to reach up high for the food. Also, being on the floor of the cage seems to cut down on the mess with my gliders.
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#50597 - 07/15/05 07:33 AM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]

we put it on the floor, flowers, etc they get up high, but they do go down and eat from their kitchen..

#50598 - 07/15/05 12:00 PM Re: Glider kitchen [Re: ]
KattyM Offline
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I use two Rubbermaid containers, one round (for my BML bowl), one rectangular (for my fruit and veggie bowls). Each has two holes so they can get in and out easily. Be sure your cage door is big enough for the size(s) you get. Both of my home cage containers are too big for my travel cage.

I put my kitchens on the floor. The top is always messy, as is the inside, but it's contained! They have no problem racing in there as soon as I finish hand feeding each a worm treat. I also sprinkle mini mealies or some small treat in each container.
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