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#5063 - 10/03/00 07:29 PM No signs of breathing....Do this....

Two of my females had cultures done on their pouches last week and were rendered unconscious with Isoflourine. When the proceedure was over with Buttons started stiring around as I placed her inside her container. But Nip was still out. While looking at her I did not see any signs of breathing. As I picked her up I told the vet who was across the room, "Nip is not breathing". The vet checked her and then said he could feel her heart beating. He agreed She had indead quit breathing. He turned on the O2 and placed it close to her nose. Next he pressed on the top half of her nose with his finger. I noticed Nip would take one big breath each time he pressed and when he stoped pressing nothing. After a couple of minutes of what appeared to be CPR she started gradually breathing on her own. Slow at first and then gradually picking up speed until it was normal. My vet stated that by pressing on her nose it sends a signal to her brain to take a breath.

So if your glider goes under antithesia and goes under too deep let your vet know about the O2 and the pressing of the finger on the front top half of the nose. It works like CPR!

#5064 - 10/03/00 10:27 PM Re: No signs of breathing....Do this.... [Re: Anonymous]

Thats very scarry. I'm so glad your vet knew what to do!! I would hate to be in that situation!

#5065 - 10/04/00 02:20 PM Re: No signs of breathing....Do this.... [Re: ]
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Judie thak you so much for posting that. I called my vet and read it to him.<BR>He and I had been in that situation once. The glider stoped breathing and he was grabbing for the O2 and I just took her "snote" closed it and but my mouth over her nose and blew into her nose a few quick and puff like breaths. She came around and then he put the o2 on her. All I could think of was CPR on a newborn. SCARY!<P>My vet is checking into what you said about the pressure on the middle of the nose. If I find out anymore I will post it. In the meantime if YOU find out the mechanics of it let us know.

Thanks again.
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#5066 - 10/04/00 05:03 PM Re: No signs of breathing....Do this.... [Re: ]

wow! I hop I don't need it, but very good to know. Thanks


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