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#535884 - 04/24/08 01:38 PM Gliders on a boat???

Greetings all!

I'm doing some research for some friends who may be interested in purchasing a glider/gliders in the future. One of their future plans is to purchase and live on a boat. They want a pet that can be kept in a cage and won't get "sea sick" or anything of the sort.

My first thought was some countries/parts of countries don't allow gliders and that may over lap to their sea district as well.

Has anyone ever taken their gliders on a boat? I know gliders and water don't go together unless it's to drink!

I need some professional opinions here so I can educate my friends as best as possible. They absolutely love my babies and want their own, but they don't want to if they have to be left behind in the future.

Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

#535938 - 04/24/08 02:51 PM Re: Gliders on a boat??? [Re: ]

What kind of boat are we talking here? Do your friends live the majority of their time on the boat, or are they just wondering if they have a suggie if they can possibly take it with them sometimes on a boat? This will be a HUGE determining factor here.

Either way, I would not IMO. I can't help but wonder - WHY? One reason I wouldn't - what if they get out? I know it SEEMS like a big if, but it's really not. Think about it - what if they do get out? Where will/can they go? Either in the water or inside the boat - neither would seemingly have a positive outcome. One wrong jump when they're out of the cage and they're gone. If they end up in the water how can you possibly save them? If they get out and get into the interior of the boat, I don't see how you would get them out safely, esp if you were already on the water at that time. Also, what about their diet? My suggies are on BML and that depends on a freezer of some sort. If the fridge on the boat goes out, then what? If one of them gets sick, then what? Also, there's usually quite the aray of smells when on a boat - strong fuel fume smells beign a big one (not to mention I wouldn't take my suggies NEAR a campfire b/c of the smoke alone). This isn't really something I'd wany my suggies around. Just some things to think about... HTH!

#536007 - 04/24/08 04:14 PM Re: Gliders on a boat??? [Re: ]

The only glider I knew before I got mine lives on a houseboat and has for 8 or so years. I don't see how it's more dangerous for a glider to get out of the "house" on a houseboat than a house on land. I would almost think it might be easier to catch them, a glider isn't going to leap without having a landing point. There aren't any trees to climb or anything.

The only problem is the possible legality problems.

#536012 - 04/24/08 04:20 PM Re: Gliders on a boat??? [Re: ]

The big question for me are they bonded to the friend? If so maybe you could as long as you have all the supplies and ability to take care of then without them being taken. But do they really what that life for a glider? small cramped and shared probably with 2 people on a boat? Without the ability to climb high or jump a longish distance?

#536249 - 04/24/08 10:08 PM Re: Gliders on a boat??? [Re: ]

Their "house" part of their houseboat is bigger than my duplex. it's enormous. Their glider wasn't bonded at first, but now he is. He has plenty of room, its just like being in a normal house, it's not cramped.


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