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#54290 - 08/15/05 09:56 PM Feeding a Non-rejected Joey??

I have heard of people occasionaly taking out a non-rejected OOP joey and feeding it to bond it to people. Is this a normal thing to do? And if it is what should I feed my 2 week OOP joey and how often should I do it?? Thanks and all help is appreciated!!

#54291 - 08/15/05 10:09 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]

No, No, NO!!! Sorry to be blunt, but unless absolutely necessary, leave baby with Momma!!! This is an unethical practice, only an uneducated breeder would do this. There is no need. If Mom is doing her job, baby will grow up healthy as can be, and a hand fed joey will never be as healthy as a Momma fed one. You will bond to your joey just fine, as you can handle her everyday even if she is with her mother. Please make the right choice...

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#54292 - 08/15/05 10:11 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]

I was about to question the wisdom in that. I've never heard of that and it just doesn't sound good for the joey.

#54293 - 08/15/05 10:12 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]
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I think you should let the parents take care of the joeys. Nature really knows best 99% of the time. If mom is feeding the joey, then you shouldn't interfere. Mother's milk is best and I think it is just hogwash about feeding them just to help with the human bonding.

To help them bond with humans, just spend time with them. At 2 weeks oop, you can hold them for about 10 minutes at a time a couple of times per day (providing it isn't upseting the parents to much). Make sure to keep the little one warm as at this stage, they still can't hold their body heat. Then as the time goes on, just increase the time you hold them. By 6 weeks oop, you should be able to keep them several hours and by 8 weeks, all day if you choose.
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#54294 - 08/15/05 10:13 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]

And I may add, how would you think a mother would feel having her newborn taken away from her? She is lactating, because that milk is meant to be for her baby. Again, please don't do this. I'm not trying to offend you, but its crazy that anyone would do this.

#54295 - 08/15/05 10:17 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]

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Do you mean taking it from mom and dad? I for one consider that to be a bad practice, thats my opinon. Unless the joey is rejected the parents should care for the joey. They really need mom's milk and they need the parents to teach them glider behavior and love. You can still bond with the joey while its with its parents. You can even offer them treats, I start giving my babies mealies when I give them to the parents. I just get the pouch out with the whole family in it and love on them all. At 2 weeks out she may not be interested in much human food, give her time and she will.
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#54296 - 08/15/05 10:18 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]I agree that there is no need to feed a non-rejected joey. Let Mama take care of the feedings. There are lots of other opportunities to hold & bond with the joey. I, personally, start bonding with a joey before it even comes o.o.p. by gently petting it through Mama's pouch. This gives me double bonding because I can bond with Mama, too. Once the joey is o.o.p. then I start holding it for just a few minutes at a time a few times each day, gradually building up the amount of time that I hold it. By the time the joey is about 4 weeks o.o.p., I can hold it for a good 10 - 15 minutes away from Mama with no fuss on either of their parts...
I've never heard of anyone feeding a non-rejected joey and can't think of any good reason to do so.
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#54297 - 08/15/05 10:35 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]

I agree with what everyone else said. I have read about first time Moms having trouble coping with feeding two or more joeys, and their nipples getting sore, so a SUPPLIMENTAL feeding was in order, but even then it was like two or three times in a 24 hour period or so. If it's a scent bond you want to create, we leave strips of fleece in the pouches that we each carry around on us for a day or so.....

#54298 - 08/16/05 01:20 PM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]

Okay, I didnt mean completely taking the joey away though, just to let everyone know. But anywho, thank you for clearing that up!

#54299 - 08/17/05 12:56 AM Re: Feeding a Non-rejected Joey?? [Re: ]
Sheila Offline
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Every time you feed a joey yourself, it is that amount that the mother won't produce. In other words, what the baby gets out of the mother, she will produce that same amount within 4 hours. So if you give the joey a feeding, there will be less milk for the joey from mom. The best way to bond with baby is to put a fleece blanket in the bag with mom. When you get the baby out, pull out the blanket and wrap the joey in it. The joey will feel much more comfortable with you because you will seem more like mom.
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