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#54752 - 08/18/05 06:46 PM seller vs. seller 3 cages vs. 2 ?

does anyone have this cage and is the seller good?
I either want to get the 3 cage deal thing or 2 of these cages, they both will cost me about the same (only like $10 less for the 2 cages)so I just want to know how the cages conpare and how the sellers compare. If you could tell me ANYTHING about which cage or seller is better for what reason it will be greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance!

#54753 - 08/18/05 08:59 PM Re: seller vs. seller 3 cages vs. 2 ? [Re: ]
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Well, I bought the 3 cage deal and they look to be the same cages except the 3 cage deal only has two of the large doors. Not really a problem for me because the two are just as convient.

I have very prompt service and no problems with any of the three cages. I did use zip ties to put them together instead of bending the "hooking" wires but that was just so they could easily be taken apart later when we move. I also zip tied all the little doors shut. They are to easily opened by the gliders and I don't use the little dishes at all (I have a bunch if anyone wants them!). You can also use zip ties and hook more then one cage together to make an even bigger cage if you have the space in your home for it. (just leave off the two facing sides or the two backs and hook them together) Also, I got the three cage deal because I could get black cages. The white wire makes it harder to see the gliders for some reason.

Hope that helps.
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