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#555081 - 05/21/08 11:09 PM California... could this pose a problem?

Hey all! So... my boyfriend and I are planning on making a move to the State of Oregon from the state of Arizona. He just made a point to me, and I'm just seeing if anyone knows if it will be a problem...

We plan on driving through the state of California... where it is ILLEGAL to own suggies... but... does that mean that we can't drive thru the state with them in our possesion? Like... would we be transporting a possible cancer cause? (everything is known to cause cancer in that state >_>) lol, sorry. Anywho, any imput would be awesome! Thanks a million!!!

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#555083 - 05/21/08 11:12 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: ]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Just to be on the safe side, I would contact the USDA or your Wildlife Fish and Game in California and find out what their protocol is for transporting gliders thru the state.

#555084 - 05/21/08 11:13 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: LSardou]

Good idea, lol. I am so glad he thought about it. I can just imagine getting pulled over for speeding or something, with a dog, and two gliders. No bueno. Thanks again Sar!!

#555102 - 05/22/08 01:15 AM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: ]
SugarBaby22 Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 07/18/02
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Loc: Phoenix, AZ
Your gliders should be just fine. If any of the checkpoints happen to be open all you have to do is show them your drivers license from either Arizona or Oregon.. and I'm sure that you license plates also won't be CA plates.. so you will be fine. smile

#555126 - 05/22/08 05:46 AM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: SugarBaby22]

You may also want to get health certs from your vet before you leave, and have some sort of "proof" of where you are going....

#556150 - 05/23/08 04:03 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: ]
sugarlope Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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I might be misinformed, but I was told that you cannot even cross the state line with illegal animals. dunno

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#556154 - 05/23/08 04:10 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: sugarlope]

Welcome to Oregon. I have lived here for about 5 years. I just got my first glider. I got her sorta by accident. Now I am looking for a second one so she will not be lonely. I am not rushing we are still trying to tame her. I hope you enjoy Oregon.

#556156 - 05/23/08 04:18 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: ]

Well thank you! I'm not quite in the state yet! =) Going to be moving probably late August or early September. Just trying to get all my ducks in a row early so I've got the game plan together. I just called the CA senetors office and left a message, so hopefully they will get back to me in a timely matter with the rules and what-not about traveling with my gliders in tow!!! =)

#566572 - 06/09/08 02:44 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: ]

I live in Oregon and I am from California. My family lives in California I have not had any problems but I would check just to make sure. You would be suprised how many people in california own gliders and ferrets even though they are illegal and I know quite a few vets that treat them as well I have never heard of anyone's animal being taken away but I waited till I moved to get a glider to be on the safe side. I really wish they would legalize them there so I won't worry when I visit family.

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#582152 - 07/03/08 02:42 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: ]
Sabrina Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 02/28/08
Posts: 1171
Loc: Never Never Land
I'm surprised California still allows dogs and cats, since they don't allow just about anything else. Seeing as a cat is a predator, and there is a population of wild feral cats, isn't legislature worried that these wild cats will eradicate the wild population of the spotted, jumping, 8 whiskered, short-fur, ant eating mouse? LOL Yeah, I made that up, but there's a point!

It's crazy...

All the same, I've been to Arizona and coming back don't remember a checkpoint. This all depends on which way you go. As far as going to Oregon, we went on I5, and if there was one, there was nobody in it.

Good Luck!

#588038 - 07/12/08 01:56 PM Re: California... could this pose a problem? [Re: Sabrina]

Here is the link to the current CA permit application regarding marsupials. Driving through is addressed here also. Looks like a pain but it is doable.


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