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#558990 - 05/28/08 03:46 AM Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

OK I finally have got the story on Bella. She was a rescue from the lady who gave her to me, and I guess that she was mistreated. The lady who gave her to me never even tried to bond with her becasue she was soo mean, and believe me I totally understand. I have been doing my best to try to bond with her but I dont think you can with her. I give her licky treats and she bites me..and draws blood. Everytime I get near her she bites me and draws blood. I was trying to weigh her just now and she bit me and I am still bleeding. I just dont know what to do. I want to love her soo bad she is soo cute but she just wont have any part of it. Her cage mate Buddy was born to the lady who gave them to us so he is totally bonded to me, and he is wonderful. He hardly ever bites and if he does it is like a play bite and not hard. He grooms me and sleeps in my shirt and I know that he loves me. But I just dont know what to do with Bella. I really need to monitor her weight they were both VERY skinny when I got them and not on a proper diet, and now I have them on BML and they are gaining wt. But I also dont want them to get too fluffy either. Buddy was 80 gr when I got him and in 4 wks is now 95gr.. I am sooo happy. He still needs to put on some more wt and she does too but I cant get a good wt on her...I get her to the scales and then she runs off...I tried to feed her wax worms and that didnt work either..well in the mix of it all...I got bit and am now I just put her back in the cage before I got too upset. I really just dont know what to do. I want her to like us. I am giving her a good home. I have her on a good diet better than she has ever had and she has all kinds of toys to play with, and as soon as I get some more money I am goin to get them a bigger cage. I am the only on in the house that will even try to deal with her. Everyone else is so scared of her that they wont even go in the cage. She is also so pouch protective and just crabs and crabs. She will crab if I walk in the room I dont even have to talk or even open or touch the pouch. So now the new problem is that yesterday was 16 days since I caught them mating and now I am afraid to really mess with her. Because I dont want her to loose the babies or eat them. So I just dont know what to do. So any help would be great. I really just dont know what to do.

#558992 - 05/28/08 04:29 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]

you just got her at the beginning of May. I think you're expecting too much way too soon. I wouldn't force it- give her space and don't worry about weighing her. I would go slow and gentle and let her see you playing with the Buddy. Just offer licky treats, but don't try handling for a good while. Let her warm up to you and that's going to take a good while given her background. I'm sorry to hear she could have one IP. I would get him neutered as you shouldn't breed a rescue anyway. I'm afraid that you're just going to have to let nature run it's course there and just keep an eye on things.
Good luck! hug2

#559017 - 05/28/08 06:10 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]

Oh yes, you're trying to go way too fast. I'm happy that the little boy loves you and is gaining weight and happy, but each glider is different. This little girl may take months to warm up to you, especially if she's got joeys.

You absolutely must get the boy neutered - ASAP. The earlier you do this, the easier it is on the glider. And you really don't want them breeding. They might be brother and sister.

You did a good thing rescuing them from their awful home. I am sure that the girl will warm up to you in time. Just go at her pace. Don't try to pick her up until she's willing and happy to come to you. I wish you the best of luck! smile

#559020 - 05/28/08 06:15 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]

I agree with Tammy...slow down with her. And I know it's hard, with them being so cute and you wanting to give her love and attention that she obviously did not receive with her former owner. She is just not trusting of people it sounds like. So, it's going to take a lot of patience from you to get her to come around. But don't force it as it could have the opposite effect. When she crabs, ignore it, keep on talking to them. If you have to go in their cage to get their bowls, etc and she crabs...keep talking. Eventually she will get used to hearing your voice and crab at you less and less and when she does, that's one step!!

Silent Bob is still skittish with me, but he doesn't crab or try and bite..he just runs to the back of the cage. And I think "Good lord little man...I spoil you guys rotten, you should be loving me to pieces!!!" (I tell him that too!) But..that's how he is right now. So, I'll go in their cage and offer jay a treat, that's when silent bob slowly makes his way to me lol. He actually takes yogurt drops or mealies from my hand so hey...small victory! I don't know if him seeing jay not be so skittish, esp when I have goodies, makes him more curious, but I take what I can get smile Baby steps!

Tammy is right...don't worry about weighing her right now. As long as she is eating what she needs, and its good healthy stuff, and she is active and plays with buddy, I am sure she won't get chubby on ya!

And I know someone here sells a specific kind of pouch for protective suggies...I hope someone comes along and tells you who it is. Maybe you could think about getting one of those for her?

#559036 - 05/28/08 06:56 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]
Izzyandrileysmom Offline
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The pouch you need to have her in is a pouch protective pouch. You can get them from sugeebaby.
Scroll to close to the bottom of this page and you will see them. You will need to order a minimum of two, so you can change them out and wash them. PLEASE contact me via PM and I will help you. I had a girl just like this come to me in the rescue program. It has taken almost a year, and she has come a long way, but I still can't hold her. We made a break through the other day and she actually sat on my arm while I was putting the food in the cage and ate a piece of corn. this is the first time she has got on me. We are making progress though because a year ago, you couldn't walk in the room with out her taking her defensive stance and crab and lunge and bite!!!!
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#559057 - 05/28/08 07:37 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: Izzyandrileysmom]

Originally Posted By: Izzyandrileysmom
The pouch you need to have her in is a pouch protective pouch. You can get them from sugeebaby.
Scroll to close to the bottom of this page and you will see them. You will need to order a minimum of two, so you can change them out and wash them.

What's the reasoning behind using a pouch like this? I have one that's gotten pouch protective, also. thanks.

#559070 - 05/28/08 07:53 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]
Jackie_Chans_Mom Offline
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The Pouch Protector Pouch is used because it is believed that gliders are pouch protective out of fear. In the PP pouch, they still have room to cuddle up and sleep, but the top is open and they can see you coming. This reduces their stress/fear and helps them to trust in their safety in your care. As they improve, you move the top closer and closer together. Eventually, you are able to move them into a regular pouch.

I agree with everyone here. You are expecting far too much from her at this point. Remember her background. I have a glider here that came to me far worse than what you are describing. One week in the pouch protector pouch, and she was no longer pouch protective. But, she continued to bite for 6 months. I have had her for a year now, and I still cannot pick her up without getting bit. So, I just don't pick her up. If I need to take her somewhere or clean her cage, I remove her and her cage mate in the pouch. She will now play in the tent with me in there, but she is not a cuddly glider, and I don't know if she ever will be. Her cage mate is a sweetheart and one of my special needs gliders, so I am in and out of their cage and pouch more than she would like.

For weighing her try this: weigh a pouch and record the weight. Then put that pouch in the cage. The next day, when they are sleeping in the pouch, take the pouch out and take the boy out (the one that is bonded to you). Then hold the pouch closed and weigh her in the pouch. Then all you have to do is subtract the weight of the pouch and you will know how much she weighs.

You are doing fine with them, and it is obvious that you love them very much. But, you must give her the time that SHE needs to trust you. You know that you love her and can be trusted, but she does NOT know that. So, give her time.
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#559084 - 05/28/08 08:16 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: Jackie_Chans_Mom]

i promise if you give her time she will come around. are you picking her up or are you letting her crawl onto your hand?

you need to be very patient and some gliders are not love bugs in the sense that they want to cuddle. i have one i have had to work with for 6 months and he will now come to me for treats before he would just run and hide. i never push a glider to do cuddles. i only have 2 that will let me do what ever i want. some gliders you have to love from afar and just watch. if you just keep your distance and let her decide when things are ok she will come around.

nueter nueter nueter you DO NOT BREED A RESCUE PERIOD! I do understand you are just finding out she is a rescue.

Edited by peace (05/28/08 08:51 AM)

#559125 - 05/28/08 09:09 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]
Usha77 Offline
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sounds like my Nynaeve. I have had her for over 15 months now, and Nynaeve will probably never be a love bug - but things have gotten sooooo much better! She hardly ever crabs (compared to the way she used to be!) and she no longer bites me and she'll even let me pet her for a few seconds here and there. She, too, was never played with nor worked with by her previous owner. tant

Just give her time and lots of patience and I promise it WILL get better! hug2
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#559156 - 05/28/08 10:05 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: Jackie_Chans_Mom]

Originally Posted By: Jackie_Chans_Mom
The Pouch Protector Pouch is used because it is believed that gliders are pouch protective out of fear. In the PP pouch, they still have room to cuddle up and sleep, but the top is open and they can see you coming. This reduces their stress/fear and helps them to trust in their safety in your care. As they improve, you move the top closer and closer together. Eventually, you are able to move them into a regular pouch.

Totally makes sense, thanks for the information.

#559160 - 05/28/08 10:27 AM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]

OH well this is nothing Bella and Buddy have had 4 sets of babies together when they were at the previous owners. She got Bella as a rescue and is about 3 yrs old and Buddy is almost 2 he was born at her house (the lady I got them from). He was a baby from her other gliders. So I know that they are not related but I didnt want them to have babies and I really want Buddy to get neutered. I have been calling around to find a vet that will neuter him. I have a vet that will take care of them, but not do surgery. So I will have to go to Indianapolis, and I have not been able to find one yet that I am able to drive to that will take care of him. So still looking? She will come to me and take mealies or wax worms from me, but never ever gets on me and if she gets close she just bites. If I have to pick her up then I have to use fleece but I wont be picking her up anymore becasue I dont want to hurt any babies that could be IP. If I try to pet her she just runs away and hids in her wheel. But I dont force her to get out. Last night was the first time in 2 weeks that I have even really messed with her other than giving her mealies..but I wanted to weigh her and it didnt go good. So I just gave up. She is gaining I can tell and her coat has totally changed it is soft and shinny now, so I know the diet I have them on now is better for her now. I will just keep offering her worms until the babies are OOP. But thanks for the advice!!!!!


#559274 - 05/28/08 12:42 PM Re: Please HELP!!!!!!!!! [Re: ]

Sorry this isnt help to your problem I jsut wanted to tell you my little girl I just got 2 weeks ago is named Bella.


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