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#56950 - 09/05/05 11:44 AM Toys?

When I bought my first sugar glider, the seller recommended that I not get toys right away so she would get adjusted to me first. I've had her for about2 months now.. and I hate seeing her in her cage without anything to play with. What kind of toys do they like? Climbing toys? Hamster wheels? haha.. I don't know.. what do your gliders like the most?


#56951 - 09/05/05 11:48 AM Re: Toys? [Re: ]

Gliders like to climb and play I am surprised that someone told you that. They like cat toys and you can make toys yourself that is what alot of us do. Safety is always first. There are many people on here that have sites that makes toys also you can look under glider things for those. I also have a new site that just opened hope you can find something you like.

#56952 - 09/05/05 12:01 PM Re: Toys? [Re: ]

I got lots of bird stuff that works well. Ladders, perches, mirrors and bells. My Suki loves her wheel. She's on it all night, clammering away in it. But it needs to be a smooth surface with a solid back on it, not a regular wire hamster wheel. She also likes to chase around a little plastic ball with a bell in it. Just make sure whatever cat toys you get don't have catnip. I've read some posts here where their gliders died due to that. have fun! Shopping for gliders is one of the perks of being a glider owner.

#56953 - 09/05/05 12:29 PM Re: Toys? [Re: ]

I've never heard of anyone telling a new glider owner NOT to buy toys for their glider...that's (esp. interactive ones like a feather teaser) help the bonding process! I wouldn't put alot of toys in there at first, switch them out w/ different ones so your glider won't get bored! I had never given my gliders marbles to play with but yesterday I put a couple in Fiona and Shrek's cage and Fiona tried to eat it!! It was adorable...although the little stinker escaped in my room about an hour took me an hour to catch her and she made my thumb bleed <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> boohoo...anyways I am going to put a little honey on a couple marbles before I thoroughly clean the cages later today...I have a feeling that will make them VERY happy!!

#56954 - 09/05/05 02:22 PM Re: Toys? [Re: ]

toys are soooooooo important! I agree, whoever told you this was off their rocker! Again, must re-emphasize the importance of making sure any cat toy you buy does not have any trace of catnip on it as it could be potentially fatal to your suggie.

Now onto the good part...feathers, baby toys, links, bird toys - steal from your kids, nephew, whatever! toys are the best! You can go to thrift stores & find lightly used Playschool & Fisher Price stuff to throw in the dishwasher - the possibilities are endless!

Just make sure anything you give your babies is SAFE SAFE SAFE! No jagged edges, no tiny spot that toes could get stuck in, no galvanized metal, no glass, no exposed springs or hinges (toes again) - remember that if there is something to get into, they will get into it. Also remember that there are supervised toys and cage toys - learn to know the difference!

#56955 - 09/05/05 02:42 PM Re: Toys? [Re: ]
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wheels are probably the most important "toy" as it provides much needed exersize. Make sure they are glider safe. NOT HAMSTER wheels. I strongly recommend Stealth wheels as they are not only safe but they are also absolutely quiet. Only thing you will hear are their little feet on them.

My glider like things with bells. Only use Liberty bell or Cow Bell styles. Not the christmas jingle bell style as they can catch little toes.

Feathers are another favorite. Formaldehyde free, non-toxic are the way to go.

Visit the Glider Things forum. There are many vendors that sell glider toys and looking at the different things offered will give you some toy ideas. toys don't have to be expensive (thrift stores, garage sales) but please do make sure they are safe.
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#56956 - 09/06/05 06:56 AM Re: Toys? [Re: ]

honey on marbles- hrm.. the girls push them around the floor sometimes but thats about it.. bet with honey they'd be much more interesting (messier too, but I could put them on something easy to clean up!)


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