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#587428 - 07/11/08 03:20 PM advise need about suggies and life....

my first question is about my sugar boy Syprus. He turns 1 August 26th. Ever since i've had him he has a serious attitude lol. He will not let me hold and cuddle the pouch like Stitch did when i first got him, he crabs and crabs at me still. He still wont let me pet him even with licky treats involved and whenver i put my hand out to get a touch or lick, he nips my fingers or whatever is closest forh im to get.Its kind of funny but in all seriousness will he ever stop the attitude?? *they eat BML and they love it, they get treats every morning, their cage is clean, the get play time everynight* what am i doing wrong here??
Second question is about my life. I have been working 60hrs a week for 2 months straight. My best friend is getting married tomorrow and i have to work, therefor i'm missing the wedding even though i asked for it off. I was told no. frown i'm getting so stressed,depressed and tired of my job its hard getting up in the morning and coming in. Does anyone have advise as what i should do about this situation? I've asked my boss to give me at least one day a week off and that still hasnt happened and i've asked her to hire a part time person again but that still hasnt happened....what do i do? i'm near a break me out please and thank you all!

#587440 - 07/11/08 03:27 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]
pappy1264 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 08/31/06
Posts: 11015
Loc: MA
You're working 7 days a week???? (Or am I reading this wrong). If you are really unhappy, I would start looking around. Everyone has 'days' but to not be able to get a day off is not a good thing. Everyone needs a break.

In regards to your suggie, they are all different and some are just more 'tame' than others, even if you do the very same thing. Just keep doing what you are doing, it may just take Syprus longer to trust. I know it is hard when to not compare him to Stitch, but they are two different gliders and it isn't fair to compare them. Love Syprus for who he is and work with what he can handle.

Good luck!
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#587457 - 07/11/08 03:40 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: pappy1264]

I work monday through Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday 8-4pm. i get sundays to myself but even then i'm running around getting stuff done around the house and visiting my family.i just feel as if everyone around me gets what they want but when i ask for one simple thing like every other sat off i get laughed at.its not a joke anymore and i dont know what to do. i love my job and i love it here but 60 hrs is just crushing my soul.

#587467 - 07/11/08 03:53 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]

I love Syprus and your right i shouldnt compare the two because they are totally 2 different glider personalities i just feel like he doesnt like me and may not ever get to love me like i love him. i just want to pet him and hold him and give him love but he will not even let me lay a finger on him. its only when he wants it and its only for a few weird.

#587468 - 07/11/08 03:53 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]

Well, 60 hours a week is overtime. Overtime is legally optional, I think. So once you've worked 40 hours, I think you can say no to working any more for the week. Any HR gurus out there have more info on this? You are getting paid overtime, right?

#587473 - 07/11/08 03:57 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]

yeah! i make 12 an hour and then its time and a half. so they pay me 18$ for each hour of overtime.dont get me wrong its great money but its sooo draining and is really putting a toll on my energy,health and life chores. who should i ask about working the over 40hrs a week thing???i think if i were to say no and leave i wouldnt have a job to come back too because they havent hired another person to work part time...??

Edited by stitchndes (07/11/08 03:59 PM)

#587485 - 07/11/08 04:46 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]
gliderma Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 05/07/08
Posts: 5402
Loc: Michigan
What kind of work do you do? If there is a union, you need to talk to your rep. If not contact the labor board of your state. You do have rights and if they fire you for unjust reasons (like not wanting to work 60+ hours a week) you can go to the employment commission and start a case against them. It may be unsafe working conditions for you or the clients, customers, patients, etc.
Lynn Martel

#587542 - 07/11/08 05:39 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: gliderma]

Some gliders never lose the attitude problem. My glider Kirby has always had one roflmao but they often improve with time. You learn to love them despite of the diva attitude.

Money's nice but not being mentally insane is also really important! Often times bosses overwork the employees they have because paying fewer employees overtime is still cheaper for them than hiring another employee. It's a sad, unfair, but well-used trick by managers.

If you have a union, I'd talk to them...if not, if your manager still won't budge...what are your other job prospects like in the area? I might start looking for a new line of work tounge No job is worth going insane over.

#587551 - 07/11/08 05:49 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]

there is no union unfortanetly just corprate.i work at the lexus dealership as a cashier. i sit at my desk all day and take payment from ppl. 10 hrs day kills me. i read at least a book every 2 days. its coming to the point where i realize what i could be doing at home as appose to sitting at work ready a book all day! i'm going to talk to my general manager monday. i asked my boss for a meeting with all my managers...i cant take it anymore! thank you guys! i think i might actually stick up for myself for once!

#587574 - 07/11/08 06:12 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]
Sabrina Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 02/28/08
Posts: 1171
Loc: Never Never Land
I used to work as an auditor. I did it for 6 years and the majority of my checks had over 130 hours on them (for 2 weeks). One of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make was to leave. The money was great, the job was secure, the hours changed constantly and sometimes I'd work 13 days straight, and it killed me. I absolutely had no life and being in my 20's, it really sucked! I got so burned out that I didn't even care anymore and just left. I work in Payroll /HR now.

You need to do what's right for you. If you feel like you've had enough and need some time off, then you are entitled to it.

Ashley was right. 40 hours a week is paid at regular time. Anything over 8 hours in a day, 40 hours in a week is paid at an overtime rate. Overtime is also optional, you are not required to work it. However, this may sound terrible, but some jobs may hold it against you if you don't want to work the overtime. Even if you get a higher rate, it's cheaper for a company to pay you OT than to hire somebody else, pay for their benefits, pay rate and the taxes associated with a new person. This is illegal, but I have seen it happen.

My advice would be to talk to your boss. Explain the situation and ask for another day off. Legally, they cannot deny you. If they do, then you can file a complaint with the labor board in your state. Here's the link to Colorado's labor law board: . The link will also give you insight as to what the laws are in your state. Good Luck!

#587896 - 07/12/08 10:25 AM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: Sabrina]

sabrina thank you! i cant believe you worked that much. and good for you for leaving!I love my job dont get me wrong but there comes a time where i just break down and feel so depressed about being at work rather than seeing my family, going camping,cleaning my house,doing laundry, that sort of stuff. Everyone i talk to around here thinks i'm being weak about how much i work but in reality it has taken a huge toll on my person/physical life. i'm going to check out that site! thanks again to all of you! i appriciate it!

#588867 - 07/13/08 11:31 PM Re: advise need about suggies and life.... [Re: ]
Donnarae Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 03/18/08
Posts: 907
Loc: NE Ohio
I'd be looking for another job. Don't know WHEN, but I'd be getting some feelers out there somehow. Life sure sucks when you have no time for yourself. If you get sick, what will they do? Stress can make you extremely ill, it can put you in the hospital. sounds like they think they've got you over a they? Good luck...!
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