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#59070 - 09/21/05 12:14 AM Need Advice

Ok i love my gliders to death and i really don't want to get rid of them unless it is absolutely for the best. That being said... I'm a college student and taking 18 units this semester ( 12 units is considered full time) and on top of that i work 30 hours a week and i probably have at least 10 hours a week of homework. You can probably already see my problem. I have a hard time finding time to sleep eat and shower let alone play with my gliders. I'm not sure how much longer my work load will be like this but school definately comes before the gliders. Is it enough if i pouch them during the day and they have each other so i don't play with them at night? I have been doing this lately and it works i mean i let them out of the cage in my room while i am doing homework but i don't really interact with them. I know that everyone is going to think i am such a horrible glider owner and that i am totally neglecting them but as you can see i have no choice and if choosing school over my gliders is being a bad owner well then yes i am horrible but that i am not ashamed of. Anyways the question is is it better for me to keep them and sorta rough it out until my scheduel clears up or should i give them to someone that has more time?

#59071 - 09/21/05 12:20 AM Re: Need Advice [Re: ]
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I think that the bonding pouch time during the day plus them getting to play in your room while you study is fine. Just remember to spend a few minutes (while putting them in their cage for the night) telling them how special they are and a yogie wouldn't hurt. Most gliders at night during play time want to run around anyway. They are still getting the quality bonding time with you during the day.
Now, if you were having to leave them in their cage all the time and they were not getting any out of cage time, then yes, I would suggest trying to find them a new home. Also, during holidays from classes, spend time with them playing WITH them.

Only you can make the decision to rehome them but in my opinion, you really are not doing them any harm with the schedule you described.
Judge not until you have walked in their shoes and lived their lives. What you see online is only part of the story.

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#59072 - 09/21/05 12:23 AM Re: Need Advice [Re: ]
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I agree with Teresa here!! They are already bonded with you, no need to rehome with doing the bonding pouch and letting them play while you do your home work!! If you were not able to do any of that than thats a different story.

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#59073 - 09/21/05 01:00 AM Re: Need Advice [Re: ]

Piha, I have to agree with everyone else. I totally understand what you are going through b/c I too am in college. I am taking 22 hours of classes (12 is full time), I work 20 hours at my part-time job, I have 2 hours of organizations, about 15 hours of homework a week AND to top it off, I have 2 orphaned joeys that need to be fed every hour on the hour. LOL

I understand that it is hard, TRUST ME! hahaha. I have gotten used to not sleeping and only getting about 1/3 of the sleep I usually get. I feel that if they are bonded to you, you can rough it until your schedule clears up a bit. Besides, college is 4 years (thank god this is my last year). After college, they will need you and you will want them. :o)

If I'm home, it's time spent with the suggies, and even at class or work, I take the babies with. Sometimes on the weekends I even take one of the older gliders with. :o) It will get better, and don't jump to conclusions about rehoming them. We all know you don't want to, and you are not a bad owner. :o)

Take care and best wishes.

#59074 - 09/21/05 09:13 AM Re: Need Advice [Re: ]

I think that everyone, even the best glider owners out there, go through periods of time where they cannot spend the quality and length of time with their gliders that they want to. Sometimes life hits you hard with conditions that just cannot be avoided. And only you can decide whether you think you are giving them the care that they deserve.

Personally, I would work through it. It still sounds like your gliders are being well taken care of and so long as that continues, then I think it is more important for your gliders to stay in their home and with you than to go through the trauma of being rehomed. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />

Good luck with school and, a piece of advice, let your gliders become your stress reliever. I know when I have had a stressful day or a sleepless night, my gliders have a way of putting the world back in perspective. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/muchlove.gif" alt="" />


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