Brie was a twin to Bear and thay lived togeather for 2 plus years. He died of Aflatoxin July 4,last year. She took in another female and they lived togeather for several months. She accepted everyone. She then went to live with Mighty Moo and was so happy. Then last night we had a thunder storm and she must have gotton so scared as it was so bad. I found her very shortly after she died. She had a skull fracture and had died. I couldnt not believe it. She is gone now and I feel so empty. Her mate is grieving along with us. Brie and Bear were our first Joeys. They were almost 4 years old.

Brie is with her Daddy and brothers and all of our others that have crossed the Rainbow bridge. I will be glad to see them again

I'm not sure if I could have done anything if I had been standing next to her. But I sure feel like I could.

I will miss Brie so very much. She has taken part of my heart with her. (first posted 6/7/02)
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