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#595 - 07/24/02 03:37 PM WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post)

I pride myself on being a good/careful glider mommy & yet I now have a very sick 8 1/2 month OOP joey (BooBear). 36 hours ago I noticed he didn't seem right but there was nothing I could really put my finger on. He was eatting and playing without any problem & weighed 106 grams. His weight on Monday was down to 102 grams but I still couldn't see any physical signs of a problem. He was eatting, playing, urinating & defecating normally. Suddenly last night, I noticed he wasn't eatting when I put his food out & decided to give him some lowfat yogurt as a licky treat. He took the yogurt but within less than 2 minutes, he vomitted the yogurt up & looked thoroughly miserable. I weighed him again and to my dismay, he was down to 94 grams and showing signs of dehydration so I ran to buy Pedialyte for him. However, he was not able to keep the pedialyte down either. I then realized that while he was urinating, he was not defecating & even with stimulation of the coacal area, he did not poop. By this time I was hysterical because the vomitting, dehydration & lack of poop can very well be indications of intestinal blockage. I checked everything in his cage to see if he had chewed on something that might have caused a blockage. My search came up negative. My vet was not available until this morning so I sat up all night holding my little BooBear and trying to give him a bit of pedialyte mixed with water every half hour. Sometimes it stayed down. Other times, he regurgitated it. I also gave him 0.1 ml of mineral oil in the hopes that it might lubricate the intestinal tract & start to move any possible blockage. When I weighed BooBear this morning, he was down to 92 grams. I put him in his carrying pouch & rushed to the vet.

The vet was amazed that BooBear was acting feisty given the weight loss, dehydration & vomitting. While I was holding BooBear, he let loose with a miniscule amount of stool that actually had a piece of undigested grape in it. The vet ran a fecal & came back advising that the stool was loaded with Trichomonas, a very nasty flagellate organism which can be contracted from contaminated water or food. Since I use a water filter system, the vet felt the trichomonas had to have been caused by a piece of contaminated food. He told me the contaminated food could have been either a fruit, veggie or even a cricket/mealie if I fed live ones to my gliders. When I advised that I freeze crickets/mealies a minimum of 24 hours before allowing my gliders to have any, the vet told me he doubted the mealies/crickets could have been the cause because once any food item is thoroughly frozen, the trichomonas cells blow apart & these flagellate organisms die. So that meant it had to be either a fruit or veggie. I was so upset about this as I wash all fruits/veggies & de-skin any that need de-skinning such as grapes/apples. I normally freeze all the fruits/veggies before feeding to my gliders. However, if I cut them up in the evening before their dinner time, I leave some of the fresh fruit/veggies out to be used for their dinner.

Now I was even more worried because my other 5 gliders (one being pregnant) would have also been exposed to these parasitic organisms so I asked Dr. T. why none of my other gliders are exhibiting any symptoms like BooBear. Dr. T. told me that most animals have some immunity to the trichomonas organisms & that in fact, flagellate organisms are present in most healthy animals. However, if they are present in high numbers, they can cause severe intestinal problems leading to diarrhea, dehydration, weight loss, and the passage of undigested food. Dr. T. also indicated that the mere presence of these organisms in the feces doesn't always mean an infection is present and a vet needs to determine if they are actually causing a problem before initiating treatment. Unfortunately for BooBear, the count was so high, Dr. T. prescribed metronidazole (Flagyl)to be given BID (twice per day) X 5 days & then repeat if symptoms are still evident & stool sample still shows too high a trichomonas count. The problem with Flaygl is it tends to destroy good protective flora in the intestinal tract which can then lead to a secondary bacterial infection. I can only pray this won't be the case and am making sure BooBear gets lowfat yogurt containing Lactobacillus Acidopholus culture to help keep the intestinal tract seeded with good flora.

I apologize for the length of this post but I want people to be aware of the symptoms of Trichomonas & realize that even thorough washing and de-skinning of fruits/veggies does not always guarantee the removal of harmful parasitic organisms from them. I personally will never ever feed my gliders fresh fruits/veggies again. I will wash, de-skin & then freeze these items for a minimum of 24 hours in an effort to be sure that Trichomonas & Giardia (both flagellate organisms) never become a problem for my gliders after this. I also wanted to let GC members know what I learned today: that freezing food items will kill the trichomonas & giardia organisms.

I can only pray that BooBear is strong enough to beat the Trichomonos as I can't bear the thought of losing a second glider within a month's time of losing my precious Tyler to a freak hanging pouch accident. To lose BooBear would be so devastating as he is my first joey & the most trusting/bonded of my gliders who barks for me to come play with him & decides I need to be groomed every time he is playing/hanging out on me. I am asking GC members to say a prayer for this special little boy so that he recovers & gives me many, many more years of joy in my life.

<small>[ 07-24-2002, 04:48 PM: Message edited by: Glideroo ]</small>

#596 - 07/24/02 03:49 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Prayers and glider hugs sent... I really hope everything works out okay. You were watching closely and I'm sure it was caught in time for everything to be okay.

#597 - 07/24/02 03:54 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]
remo Offline
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and BooBear. He sounds like a real fighter.

Thanks so much for passing on the info that the vet gave you. It is so very helpful.

Wishing BooBear a speedy recovery,
Dorothy, Bandit <img border="0" alt="glider" title="" src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" /> , and Gypsy <img border="0" alt="glider" title="" src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" />
Dorothy, Falk, and Prissy

#598 - 07/24/02 04:03 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Our prayers are with you too!! Thank You so much for the info. We hope everything works out for Boobear <img border="0" alt="angel" title="" src="graemlins/frostyangel.gif" />

Lots of Glider Love, <img border="0" alt="heart" title="" src="graemlins/heartpump.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="heart" title="" src="graemlins/heartpump.gif" />
Barbara & Damon <img border="0" alt="wave" title="" src="graemlins/wave.gif" />
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#599 - 07/24/02 04:11 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]
BeetleJuice Offline
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Thanks for sharing the information that you discovered. It will certainly make me re-evaluate how I feed my guys. Out thoughts and prayers are with you and Boobear.

#600 - 07/24/02 09:01 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]
Karin Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Many positive thoughts and glider hugs sent your way. Thank you so much for sharing this information, I am reevaluting my feeding habits for my glider's also.

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#601 - 07/24/02 09:17 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

All 3 of us will be saying a little prayer for litte boobear...I just couldnt stand it if I lost one of mine....

I check every day to make sure peaches and shobote poop ok.if I detect the slightest bit of constipation I give them some apricot nector. and they love that!

hugs to the baby!


#602 - 07/24/02 09:36 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

You've been through so much... it sounds like Boobear is a fighter though! Well wishes sent your way and lots of <img border="0" alt="glider" title="" src="graemlins/littleglider.gif" /> hugs.

#603 - 07/24/02 10:19 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Hi all, I lost one of my gliders (Xena) a year ago this Nov. She also tested positive for Trichomonas and was on Flagyl. She had ongoing diarrhea, with intermittent constipation, but no vomitting. The vet surmised both Xena and her sister, Sugar, may have been contaminated when we purchased them a 11 months earlier at X-mas. Through my research on this and other web sites, as well as e-mails to other vets, we determined that it is possible (only possible since data is still being collected on gliders) that small amount of this parasite may not be all that unusual. Sugar still had trichomonas in her system last summer, but is doing fine. Her new friend, Mel, tests negative. Sugar does have a more "delicate" system than Mel. She tends to develop "loose" stools if she doesn't get BML for more than 3 to 4 days in a row. Last summer I read an article in the archives from "AtHisCommand" suggested giving "Ornabac" to replace good bacteria. I buy it at PetSmart in the Bird section. It's a grainy substance (looks like brown cornmeal). I cleared it with my vet and sprinkle it daily on both gliders food like clacium powder. If you can't find the posting in the archives, let me know, I'll fax or mail you the info I gathered on both Trichomonas and Ornabac. Hope it helps to know that a glider can live with Trichomonas! B Strong.

#604 - 07/24/02 11:55 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Glideroo --

I am sending 'get well wishes' your way. Im sorry to hear about little Boo... thank goodness for Dr T... he seems to know just about everything. Take care, youre in our thoughts

Danielle, Wynnona, Spice & Sabine

#605 - 07/24/02 11:59 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]
PepPony Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 11/27/01
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Glideroo--Praying for your babies and you!

#606 - 07/25/02 08:16 AM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Get well wishes coming BooBears way.

#607 - 07/25/02 09:32 AM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Thanks to all for the prayers for BooBear. He is not doing well this A.M. Is severely dehyrated and barely conscious. Wouldn't you know that Dr. T. is off today & the on-duty vet at Seneca Animal Hospital knows nothing about glider values in terms of hydrating fluid or injectable calcium doses so I'm waiting for Ellen to call me with that info. Then I'm off to the vet's to obtain Lactated Ringers/needles/injectable calcium in order to do the hydrating/calcium treatment myself. As a nurse, I am used to giving injections but am very nervous about doing it on a small, dehydrated glider. Wish me luck & keep those prayers coming for my <img border="0" alt="angel" title="" src="graemlins/frostyangel.gif" /> BooBear.

<small>[ 07-25-2002, 11:01 AM: Message edited by: Glideroo ]</small>

#608 - 07/25/02 09:41 AM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

My thoughts and prayers are with you and BooBear. I hope that Boo will be alright. Hand in there.

#609 - 07/25/02 10:17 AM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Thanks much for telling us about this. I am going to be sure that I can get ahold of some of that metronidazole in case my suggies get sick!

#610 - 07/25/02 10:19 AM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Does anyone know if it is ok to give a glider sick with Trichomonas FENBENDAZOLE? I just want to be ready in case something like this pops up...

#611 - 07/25/02 01:03 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

CHirpnpurr: Fenbendazole is an OTC (over the counter) drug & can be used for Giardia but does not indicate it works for Trichomonas. While both Giardia & Trichomonas are flagellate organisms & closely related, they are not the same. I would be very careful about using an OTC drug such as this without consulting your vet first. Also, you must know how to calculate the dosage based on weight of the animal to receive the drug. I also know that the strength of most OTC drugs tend to be lower than the prescription version of the drug which may render it less effective than the prescription version. Lastly, the drug of choice for Giardia & Trichomonas is Metronidazole (Flagyl). The attached link gives some pretty good info. on FenBendazole:

Pet Place

<small>[ 07-25-2002, 02:12 PM: Message edited by: Glideroo ]</small>

#612 - 07/25/02 01:19 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]

Ellen: thanks for taking the time to provide me with the dosing values for L.R. (lactated ringers) and the calcium supplements. I, however, have the very sad duty of advising you all that BooBear passed away at 11:42 A.M. this morning while being held in my arms. I will post about BooBear's final moments in the REAL STORIES' section as soon as I get myself together & can stop crying. <img border="0" alt="upset" title="" src="graemlins/upset.gif" />

#613 - 07/25/02 02:15 PM Re: WARNING RE: TRICHOMONAS (Long Post) [Re: ]
Ellen Offline
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I read Real Stories soon as I signed on. I am so sorry. Oh how I prayed you could get there in time.
In my tears I am closing this post and asking that all that want to respond please do so in Real Stories.
Love and kindness is a gift. Use it freely....
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