[]http://www.sugarglider.net/Memorials/Images/angelCheeko.jpg[/] Cheeko was my first glider along with Kika his mate. I got him in November of 1999 at only 4 weeks OOP. I found out soon after I got him that this was much too young. For the next 5 weeks of his life I feed him milk replacer from a shringe. What a sweet darling baby he was. As he grew older his most favorite place to be was inside either my t-shirt or my son, Eric's. He was equally bonded to both of us. He would spend hours each night gliding back and forth between the two of us. One of his favorite places to sit was on top of Eric's head. Cheeko was a wonderful daddy to his son Miko and his two daughters Kiwi and Zoey. Ever carng and patient with them and with his mate Kika.

Cheeko crossed over the rainbow bridge on April 26, 2002 after battling a severe infection he got after chewing his neutering incision. Our family will forever mourn his passing. Cheeko, our sweet and trusting friend, we will love and remember you always. (posted 6/10/02)