Lisa and Gabriel were with us for a short time but they had a large part of my heart and still do. They were so sweet and so young to have such a horrible thing happen. The night before Gabriel had gotten into the toilet and I heard him splashing around when I was asleep(don't ask me how it woke me up, a sixth sense I guess). We decided to keep the toilet lid closed since he that had happened. The next night(new years eve) we were in the family room, I had come inot my bedroom once and noticed that all was real quiet, it was odd. I ended up leaving my room and came back a couple of hours later, about 4:00 am on new years day, I just happened to walk into the bathroom and what I saw broke my heart forever. My 2 babies that hadn't even received names left were face down. my only guess was that one got in and the other was trying to save it. I still hate myself for what happened, I blame myself for not checking on them sooner. They were barried that night and g! iven names. It was 7 months before I could bring myself to think about bringing another glider into my life. I now have 7 soon to be 9. I love the ones that I have and am especially careful, but they do not replace the ones that I lost so tragically, in my heart. I still mourne them and hope that everyone will be that much more careful to not let this happen to them. Remember that we can all make a difference in a gliders life with a little bit of love and patience. R.I.P. posted 8/12/02