I got Rowg about 2 years ago from a lady in Orlando. She was a very timid and scared glider and had every reason to be because she was abused when she was in a former home, plus she was never able to be with another glider. I was told that she was extremely protective over her pouch and I knew that she had every reason to be. I knew we would get along fine as long as I obeyed her rules.

I took her in and fell in love with her instantly. She had the funniest, cutiest attitude and made it obvious that we would become the best of friends really quickly.

She loved treats of any kind, especially licky treats-and would never let me escape walking by her cage without stopping to say "Hey Rowg!" or sneak another treat to her thru the cage bars.

I soon knew that she needed a friend of the furry kind and found her Stitch, whom she fell in love with quite quickly and had 5 joeys with him (thru her entire lifetime) one of which is still with me although she is not. I named him Indy...He is the only joey she has ever had to look like her and act like her, I believe he was a gift from her to me.

Rowg would always look after me when I got sick. I would be laying on the couch and there she would be looking over me from the highest perch in her cage..never taking her eyes off of me..making sure that I was ok.

Rowg died on Friday, Feb 20, 2003 at 3am due to Diabetes from her last set of joeys. She went downhill so fast and with the vets help we did everything that we could, She was just so weak and couldnt hang on anylonger. She will be missed dearly and never forgotten. Walking past her cage will never be the same. posted 2/25/03