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#599012 - 07/29/08 05:34 PM still having bonding trouble! HELP!!

Hey!! i was having bonding trouble between my two female gliders and it stopped for a while but it started again...

There is one of them that likes me (Pepper) and lets me pet her and stuff but the other one (Mimi) wants nothing to do with me. Although Pepper is very nice to me, she is very mean to Mimi. In the morning, they used to asleep way way before nine. Well lately, when i have woken up about that time, they are still up. Pepper is in the pouch, and will not let Mimi come in. Every time Mimi gets close to the pouch, Pepper pokes her head out and crabs and crabs and lunges at her til she runs to the other side of the cage.... Mimi just has to keep trying til she finally just goes in while Pepper is crabbing at her...I don't know what to do about it because Mimi does not want me to touch her, but she wont stay away from pepper. i have two pouches in the cage, but she wont sleep in the other pouch alone.... i dont know what to do. Anyone, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

#599024 - 07/29/08 05:42 PM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: ]

How long have you had these girls?

Have you seen them rolling up in a ball and fighting, or is the crabbing the worst that you see? Does Pepper appear to actually be biting Mimi, or is it mostly just crabbing and noise?

And you said Mimi goes into the pouch eventually?

I wouldn't try to touch Mimi at this time because she is probably quite upset and stressed about what is going on with Pepper...telling us more info will help us answer your question thumb

#599175 - 07/29/08 08:18 PM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: ]

ok. i have had Mimi for around 6-7 months and Pepper for around 4 months... I have never observed them rolled up in a ball fighting, so i hope thats not happening. And no, i have not seen Pepper bite Mimi, so thats a plus i guess...

Yes, Mimi goes into the pouch eventually, after i wake up and walk over to the cage and the crabbing goes on and she runs away a few times, but she eventually does go in.

So i shouldn't touch her? she never really lets me touch her...she lunges at my hand and doesnt want me to pet Pepper either, although Pepper likes me to. She doesnt like Pepper to be petted, but she doesnt want me to pet her either...

does any of that help?

#601061 - 07/31/08 05:10 PM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: ]

its been a couple of nights and its not getting any better in the mornings really...neither one of them are actually getting hurt but it seems like its taking a big toll on mimi...

#601084 - 07/31/08 05:34 PM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: ]
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Sometimes in situations like this, seperating them for a few days into different cages but still close to each other so they can talk to each other will help. (keep the cages atleast 6 inches apart though).
Sometimes they will realize they would rather have the other glider as a friend and companion than live alone. Then work on re introducing them more slowly.

However, sometimes, gliders just do not get along and won't ever live together peacefully. In this case, you will have to keep them seperate and possibly look for a new companion for each of them.
Judge not until you have walked in their shoes and lived their lives. What you see online is only part of the story.

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#601781 - 08/01/08 12:33 PM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: Dancing]

I tried separating them...probably about a month ago. they both got really depressed....and didnt eat and stuff. plus, i don't have another cage big enough to keep another glider in, just a smaller travel cage....

they would rather be together than alone but they still fight...i dont get it!!

#601841 - 08/01/08 01:20 PM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: ]

OK, well...if they are not balling up and rolling around, I am honestly not that concerned.

My first pair of joeys was like this. They have NEVER gotten along *great*. In fact, I couldn't house them together at ALL until I finally gave up and brought another female into the mix to introduce to my girl Tanooki (because I was giving up on the other two, the male was just too aggressive), and then they decided they wanted to unite in their hatred of her. Long story short, while they are not the best of mates, they appreciate each other's company. But they often get into little pretty much every night...over food, treats, etc. Some gliders get along better than others.

It sounds like your two don't get along great. But if they are not balling up and damaging each other, it sounds like they are not putting each other in danger. I guess you COULD always buy a second cage, and try to introduce a new mate to each girl, but there are no guarantees with that either. It sounds like they are bickering more than fighting. When gliders FIGHT, they ball up, bite, and you can tell they REALLY, REALLY want to HURT each other. Keep an eye out that it doesn't turn into this, because then you would need to separate them immediately.

You really should have another cage handy since your girls are prone to fighting...I think Dancing's idea may be a good one. You can purchase a reptarium for pretty cheap...these are my travel cages...check it out...I have a large one of these that serves as a cage in a fix:

As for touching what context have you tried to touch her?

My gliders don't really like being touched if I just stick my hand in their cage. But if they are sleepy in their bonding pouch, I can pet them while they eat their treats, or if they perch on me at playtime at night, I can give them a little massage. I've noticed though that if you go "chasing them" with your hand to pet them, this usually just stresses them out.

Have you been working with her in the bonding pouch, and at playtime at night? What have you tried so far?

#602301 - 08/02/08 02:47 AM Re: still having bonding trouble! HELP!! [Re: ]

for touching mimi, she will let me pet her a couple strokes y shes asleep... or when shes eating but only for a second. then she realizes what i'm doing and gets upset and tries to bite me...

it could also be because i dont think that her previous owner took good care of her at all...she didnt feed her right...she had her in a tiny cage thats now my travel cage...she only had her...and then gave her away. i dont think it was very good for her... it may have traumatized her.

i do wear the bonding pouch sometimes, and im working on getting a tent to help them bond with me too.


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