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#60063 - 09/28/05 09:35 AM Are Gliders Legal In the UK??????

Hello everyoneI wanted to intoduce my self to this nice form. I am Christine and I moved from USA to the UK. (Manchester, Rochdale). I am very interested in meeting people in the UK with Suggies. I am also interested if finding more forms that can help me with UK Gliders. I am seeking to adopt and giving these wonderful suggie babies a forever home. Any way if anyone can help Id be very grateful.

#60064 - 09/28/05 01:40 PM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

There are a few people on here from the UK. Hopefully they will see this post soon <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#60065 - 09/29/05 11:28 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

Gliders are legal in the UK. As you know the laws here in the UK are strict. Therefor when gliders are imported they have to go into lockdown for 6 months before they are released to their owners. So you won't find a abundance of glider owners, and chances are if you ask your local pet store they will go a what??? What's that?

I live in the UK (hence the forum name) and do have gliders... 16 to be exact. You can find other members from the UK down in the Roll Call section under international.

For hunting down glider owners in the UK.. that can be a tough one and I rely on contacts made over the past couple of years. Chances of adoption are slim...unless your term for adoption includes transaction of money. Since gliders are hard to locate here in the UK .... look for prices in the 125.00 to 150.00 range and be prepared to travel. If you was to import one you would be looking at HUGE fees. So finding them within the Uk already is your best bet.

Things to think about as well is locating a vet in your area that has experience with exotic small animals in case you need to call on one in a emergency.

There are no large scale breeders here in the UK. there is one that I know of, but I have heard mixed things with more negative than positive about the conditions in which they are kept and breed in. So I will not state that breeders name nor give their info since I can not confirm the statings I have heard from a few that have seen the place and bought.

So if you need any other information your welcome to contact me on the matter.

#60066 - 09/29/05 12:45 PM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

Hmmm Not sure what to think about this. Maybe its best for me to just look out my window at night and find the brightest star and make a WISH.... Hmmmm Well NOW WHAT

#60067 - 09/30/05 05:25 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

Hi there, I'm also in the UK, though haven't yet managed to locate a glider to love! I'm having real problems. If you search the net there are online advertisments with people getting rid of them, but yeah, none are cheap. I've seen 150 up to 250 being asked for singles, though most pairs are listed at about 250 too.
The main problem I have, is that I can't travel easily. I don't drive and have a toddler plus a baby on the way, so sitting on a train for several hours each way isn't exactly appealing and probably not even possible to be honest!
Basically for now I'm doing the wishing on a star thing LOL <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />, the right glider will come along eventually, I just have to be patient!

#60068 - 09/30/05 07:23 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

Depending where you are located we may be able to deliver to you. I've got a couple of joey's in the pouch right now which look about a month old... so still about 3 months away before we would let them part. We tend to keep ours till about 8wks OOP just to make sure they are healthy and no problems are showing. The mother and father are bot extremely gentle and tame. We have no problems in letting them out to have a run about our living room while we watch a movie. They tend to enjoy the fact we have 12ft ceilings and very long curtains.

So if you wan to drop me a message on here your more than welcome to do such.

With us having 16 gliders we are bound to have joeys avaible from time to time.


#60069 - 09/30/05 07:52 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

I am very intrested.... And waiting wouldn't be a problem for sure because I still need to get things together for Gliders... I didn't want to go out and buy all this stuff for gliders if there was no possible way to get one. I am in Manchester, Rochdale Area....

What is the first assencels I need to care for a glider... Cage, Milies, pouches, Fruit, Veggies, ???

#60070 - 09/30/05 08:32 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

Not sure if you were refering to me or Taz in your last post, or both of us, but anyway, I am in Poole, Dorset, which I think is a fair distance from you... About a 4 hour drive? Depending on where in South Wales you are.
I'd definately be interested to try and work something out with you though. I guess my first question is how much do you charge per pair? Or per glider?
Also, same as Taz, waiting is no problem for me either. I haven't gone out and bought any supplies or anything yet just in case I couldn't track down a glider. So 3 months would give me time to get a cage built and start ordering my supplies from the U.S.
Anyway, I look forward to hearing more from you <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#60071 - 10/01/05 05:49 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

The message is to the both of you.... It would most likely be best to continue this via Private Message (PM). Not sure of the forums post regulations when it comes to dealing outside the set areas, since they have the for sale section here on the site. Just so you don't think I'm charging one person one price and the next another I'll go ahead and disclose that to the both of you. Currently the asking price is 125.00 for a male and 150.00 for a female for the standard grey colour. If you want us to deliver then we'll be glad to do such, as long as you pay for the fuel cost.

As for cages, I've got a couple of extra Ferplast that we'll be needing to get rid of. So may be able to save you a bit there. They are the medium size and plenty enough room for 1-4 gliders. Anything after that your pushing the limit for play space and keeping it clean... best to use it for a pair and the deep cleaning of the cage itself can go about 2 weeks time.

As far as tracking down food... for the meal worms.. head over to ebay here in the UK. There is a supplier that sales those and other live insects. You can get them in bulk.. will be more than you need right away.. but I've found freezing them and then just getting out what I need as treats or for their dinner works well. MMMMMMmmmmm nothing like a frozen large meal worm they tend to eat them like a ice lollie.

I'm going to try to buy a large amount of bulk food from a dealer in the US (since we have such a large amount of gliders) It may work out to be cheaper or near the same if you was to order it from me here in the UK. I'll make the enquiry on this later this weekend here on the forum and also contact the suppliers directly as well via email/phone.

pouches, their are some here on the forum that make great pouches, so check with them on that. Shipping from the US to the UK for the light stuff like that won't cost much. Since it is flat and light (under 4 pounds) ask them to send it Global Priority Airmail. The seller can get the envelopes for this service free from their post office. Cost is 9.00USD with a delivery of about 7 days.

For our nesting I use hanging baskets and a t-shirt... they love it and allows the t-shirt to air and stay dry. You can find some nice hanging baskets both on the internet and at your local garden centers. Another thing is to use a hamster ball. Drill a hole through the bottom of it. run a cord through it (1/2" diameter will work). Tie a knot in the cord this will keep it from slipping back through the hole. Leave the lid off the ball, add in a t-shirt, nesting material, or whatever your using and they enjoy this as well. They tend to jump from the ball edge to the wire and back and swing about. The balls also allow the air to get to the nesting to keep it dry as well and aired out. So that should give a couple of ideas for nest.


#60072 - 11/20/05 10:25 PM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

are you serious? 6 months? do i even get to visit? I have a bird, a chinchilla, 4 sugar gliders, hermit crabs, and a dog that might go to the UK....
<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

#60073 - 12/07/05 06:32 AM Re: Are Gliders Legal In the UK?????? [Re: ]

Tazwoman - I'm probably one of the largest breeders in the UK, they should average at 250 a pair, I won't sell singles unless I know for definate that there is a friend waiting for them. I have over 20 gliders at present (never have too many of the little darlings), and sell only to those who I know will look after them, I don't require references but like to get to know prospective mums/dads first, and I also like to keep in touch! I'll pm you.

Just realised - Han is that you????

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