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#60238 - 09/29/05 11:10 AM I'm looking for toy ideas

I should be getting my fist pair on the 8th and was wanting some ideas for toys. I was also wanting to know what types of rope are good to make toys with that aren't hazard problems? Do most gliders carry items with their tails? Are most normal sized to large plastic beads safe? I was thinking about using a shower liner to put around three sides of the cage but away from their reach. I will probably make it so the liner slants down into the tray so no urine gets on the walls. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />

#60239 - 09/29/05 11:18 AM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]

I thought of something else I was wanting to know. How big should I make a bonding pouch for 2 gliders?

#60240 - 09/29/05 12:16 PM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]

I get a lot of my glider's toys from the vendors in the Glider Things section. I also get my gliders baby toys(links, raddles, etc.), cat toys (no catnip or bells that can catch little toes/nails), bird toys (I stay away from colored woods b/c it bleeds when it gets wet) and branches (manzanita or glider safe branches) and vines/leaves (no wire in them and that don't bleed when wet).

Gliders find a lot of different things fun, you'll have to experiment to find your guys' favorite. Just stay away from anythng that looks like it could catch a nail/toes, strings that can get caught around feet/hands, no catnip, and I don't like really tiny parts on things that my glider can rip off and eat.

Mie especially love anything with bells (liberty bells are best) and feathers (test for color running).

Dollar Stores and garage sales (always disinfect before giving to the gliders) are good places to find deals on toys.

Some gliders do carry thing with their tails. My little girl loves to carry the monkeys from Barrel of Monkeys aroound with her. I alo put platic bracelets in there that they carry around.

A shower liner would work fine to rotect your walls. Though not sure if it is necessary to aim back in your caeg because your glider probably won't be able to climb on it where they will be peeing down it.

Most of my bonding pouches are about the same size as my cage pouches. If you interested in purchasing one Sweet&Sour Gliders makes the Sissy pouch which is the most awesome bondiing pouch available!

HTH <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" /> I'm sure lots of people will be able to give you some awesome toy advice!

#60241 - 09/29/05 07:18 PM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]

Thanks for the advice. The shower liner will go down to the tray under the cage and not even touch the bars of the cage. I don't want them to chew and swallow it. I'm going to make a bigger tray than the cage.

#60242 - 09/29/05 07:57 PM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]

That's a very good idea. You may want to invest in another one for the walls b/c they will get very messy! LOL

Those beads should be okay as long as what you are attaching them to is safe. I use all sorts of things, just make sure you read the safe toy list at the top of this forum to make sure they will not get hurt my certain items such as jingle bells.

As far a the bonding pouch goes, I can fit 2 of my girls in a bonding pouch that is 7" wide by 7" tall. Star is still little and Hazel is full grown, but they do just fine in there and they love to snuggle!

#60243 - 10/04/05 03:47 PM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]

Are wooden beads alright if they aren't dyed? Can they get chew off pieces of thick rubber on dog toys? I noticed that in the dog section they have a lot of different shapes of rubber dog toys and didn't know if it was safe for them or not.
Also is a 3'tall, 3'wide, 2'thick cage big enough for two gliders?

Edited by Reverie (10/04/05 03:51 PM)

#60244 - 10/04/05 03:51 PM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]

I myself would stick with plastic stuff.. hard plastic.. I think they can chew through rubber, I don't know, but i think so!
Good luck.. alot of times you can get stuff at the dollar store.. and in the baby department of any store.

#60245 - 10/04/05 04:43 PM Re: I'm looking for toy ideas [Re: ]
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That size is big enough for two gliders but bigger is always better.

For toys, pony beads or bigger are fine. There is a sticky post about toys and parts that are unsafe. Make sure you check the list there. When I make toys with pony beads, I use 1/8-1/4 inch satin ribbon (not gift wrap ribbon but the kind little girls used to wear in their hair). You can get the ribbon for .44 cents a roll at walmart in the craft section.
Wood beads are fine and you can even dye them with food coloring. Honestly, you will probably like the pony beads better. They are easier to clean and don't absorb urine.

For two gliders, a 7x7 bonding pouch would work fine. I do strongly recommend a Sissy Pouch though. They really are the best and soooooo worth the $$.
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