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#605738 - 08/06/08 02:19 PM Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive?

Hello all! I just adopted two suggies yesterday from a woman who was looking to get rid of them. I have been reading for weeks now on the forums and online and although have read some info on the topic of biting I wanted to see what you guys thought.

Its now day two and I'm trying to take it very slow. The first day I was actually able to handle both of them seperately and didn't have any problems with biting. Today they seem to casually bite me, a few times they really pinched me pretty hard! I feel scared of them now and am very nervous to handle them now.

Should I cease all handling and give them time to adjust to me? I was handling them in very short periods of time and they do eat from my hand. Very seldomly do they crab at me. But the biting thing its [censored] me out a little.

How often do your suggies bite you? Even after a six months of bonded time are they still casual biters or do they stop all of that later? What can I expect?

jon r.

#605765 - 08/06/08 02:52 PM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

I just got my babies last Thursday and for the first 2 days I just left them in their cage so they could get use to the sounds and smells around the house. My boy has bit me a couple of times, but usually only when I startle him or he doesn't want to be put back in his cage from his bonding pouch. He bit so hard it drew blood, if they bite though you can't pull away from them, they will learn then that hey, if I bite, I will be left alone. As much as it hurts, you kind of have to stick it out. I have been told that eventually they will stop the biting, and it will turn into more of a little nip, which my girl has done a couple of times, and she now will lick some of her food off of my finger. Just give them time to adjust and take it slowly. Even though mine have bit me, I still love them to death and handle them every day. In fact, I have them now in my shirt pocket and today was the first day I have done that, they are curled up sound asleep. Just be patient and don't give up on them. Hope that helps some.


#605772 - 08/06/08 02:57 PM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

I have gliders that I hand reared that still "taste" me from timie to time.

Are they drawing blood?

Are they pinching?

Are they scraping with their teeth?

Are they nibbling?

Because each of the types of bites I just mentioned means a different thing. And sometimes it means a different thing for different gliders.

Drawing blood using means their ticked off or scared.

Pinching is usually a warning that they're upset by something you're doing & you should stop it.

Scraping is usually tasting or them trying to remove something from you ( a scab, a smell, etc). Sometimes they scrape when they are marking you.

Nibbling can be tasting also - it can be playful or from something you have on, like lotion or perfume. Even the smell of another animal.

#605810 - 08/06/08 03:33 PM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

Occassionaly they nip more often than others. They have never drawn blood but once I was handling them with garden gloves on (in fear of being biten really hard) and he went to down and bit really hard! Had it been my bare hand it would have broken the skin for sure!

jon r.

#606489 - 08/07/08 10:53 AM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

Im new to this site, but I can offer a bit of information. I understand that you are not to handle your gliders with any sort of gloves on. They bond with scent, and that is how they recognise who you are. When your scent is covered by the gloves, they are not able to really know whats going on.

#606506 - 08/07/08 11:25 AM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]
minkasmom Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 11/08/04
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Loc: Northeast Indiana
Welcome to GC, Jon! wave

Point #1: Please set the gloves aside. Your babies recognize you by SMELL first, SOUND second, and SIGHT third. Wearing gloves is only blocking the bonds that you're hoping to make with them.

Point #2: Biting is a part of owning these babies, so you need to realize that IMMEDIATELY. I have some whom I've owned for 4-5 YEARS and they still bite me on occasion; usually I can figure out what I did to "deserve" it (putting them back in their cage after playtime, startling them while they were sleeping, having to trim nails & they didn't like it). What would be a cause for concern in the biting department is if they lunge out of their pouch, crabbing and then bite you hard enough to draw blood. **They WILL do this type of action for a month or so until they "settle in" and become accustomed to you & your sounds/smells. If this continues after a couple weeks, please speak up...we have something to help with THAT as well**

Point #3: FEAR NOT. Don't be nervous when you're trying to interact with them...they can read you like a glass book, and will reflect back to you the emotions that you relay to them (does that make sense?) If you're nervous & stressed out over approaching them, they'll throw those same feelings right back TO YOU. Sometimes when I've had a hard day, I'll put my "noisiest" pair in a sissy pouch & hang them on me to help calm me down...if I'm still uptight, they'll crab up a storm! Hearing them crab makes ME calm down a bit, then they calm down. If I get upset because one has an injury, it echoes back TREMENDOUSLY in their behavior.

Minkasmom (Papillon Kisses)
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and ONE husband (can't handle two, lol!)
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#618365 - 08/21/08 10:53 PM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: minkasmom]

Hey they finally stopped biting me! Its week three now and they haven't biten or niped at me in over 4 days! Guess they just needed more time to adjust to their new surroundings and me!

jon r.

#618372 - 08/21/08 11:05 PM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

Wow, that's great! Good for you, I am glad you stuck with it and all turned out so well

#618429 - 08/22/08 01:03 AM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

I got the biting thing tonight. Hehehe. I have left them in the cage since Tuesday night, to get used to things. I've just been talking to them, even when they are sleeping. Tonight I placed my finger near the cage, and Garrett nipped me, but not hard.

I placed my hand in the cage and offered him a yogie(he is a yogie freak), and he gently came to my hand and took it and ate it while sitting there. He sat there looking my fingers over and grabbed them, and began nibbling softly, and sniffing, then he bit my finger twice and my thumb twice, hard.

I think he either smelled my lotion, or yogie remnants on my fingers. Or, he could have been mad that I didn't have anymore yogies. hehehehe.

#618451 - 08/22/08 03:46 AM Re: Casual Biting? Normal or Aggressive? [Re: ]

i think ur suggies is still scare with the new enviroment as well so your suggies would become very self protective.Mine first week also same problem as nipping and bitting.You have to accompany them more to time and try to give more treat by handfeed.

maybe also your suggies scare with your fast movement that u had done so they also will bite and crab also.

Dun try to pull back your hand in very fast action or scream for pain,it will make your suggies scare and they will continously bite you.Just pull back slow motion if you cant stand with the bite.

how long is the suggies be with you?


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