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#613425 - 08/16/08 05:37 AM Midwest Exotics?

Does anyone know about this website/dealer? I found it when looking through the GC database, but some of the things on the site dont sit right with me.

Like where she says her gliders like mashed potatos & noodles. Are those ok for gliders? I didnt think they were.
Also all of the protein sources seem a bit much, and cricket supplement? Then they go on to talk about additional supplements?

Also, you're not suppose to feed Zookeepers with BML right?

I might be nitpicking here, let me know. And if this is your website, please know I'm just trying to make sure all of the info is right, not attacking you. smile

#613446 - 08/16/08 06:34 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: ]
SugarBlossoms Offline
Serious Glideritis

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You are not nit picking, you are right. Feeding 2 diets will throw all of the ratios off, BML is very specific in what to feed. Some people leave ZooKeepers in the cage during the day for snacking, I personally don't like it.

Mashed potatoes and noodles....I wouldn't feed those things at all, I have given my gliders a tiny piece of spaghetti noodle (no sauce or anything) before.

Cricket supplement? No way.

They also say it's okay to feed your gliders what YOU eat but to watch the salt, etc., again, wrong! Gliders need a SPECIFIC proven diet to keep them healthy.
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#613448 - 08/16/08 06:43 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: SugarBlossoms]

Does anyone else see something wrong with how she keeps her chinchillas?

Also why does she give her gliders sharp objects to play with like plastic cocktail swords and cocktail umbrellas with toothpicks in them? Is this safe?

Edited by SugarMomma81 (08/16/08 06:49 AM)

#613466 - 08/16/08 07:47 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: ]

yea but they say to give the cricket supplement on top of the fruits... thats def not right, right? A cricket supplement would be fed to the crickets, if even used at all, which isnt recommended.
Also she says you cant use newspaper for the bottom of the cage? Ive never heard that. I use the advertisement parts for mine, is that wrong?
And she says to put a t shirt for them to nest in inside a basketball... I don't know about the basketball but they could get their nails stuck in a t shirt.

#613472 - 08/16/08 08:04 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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she says you cant use newspaper for the bottom of the cage? Ive never heard that. I use the advertisement parts for mine, is that wrong?

Black and white portions of the newspapers are fine, it is the colored ink pages that you should avoid.

Because so many were using newspaper for their bird cages, the newspaper industry all switched to vegitable based black inks to print with. But the colored inks can still be toxic.
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#613480 - 08/16/08 09:02 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: Dancing]
Thumper Offline
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When I was first looking for gliders I contacted this lady about 2 female's she had. She questioned me throughly then told me I could buy them. I was just about to make a deposit on them when I asked her if I could get directions. She said her husband does not like strangers knowing where they live so she has to meet people nearby. I had remembered reading a post on here that a breeder should allow a potential buyer to see the gliders living arrangements. I opted not to buy from her based on that post. If I remember correctly she also said she had rescues available.

Edited by Thumper (08/16/08 09:04 AM)

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#613491 - 08/16/08 09:36 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: Thumper]
ValkyrieMome Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 01/13/07
Posts: 10983
Loc: Denton, TX
I don't know anything about her - but the things you guys are pointing out are not horrible. They maybe on the grey side - but they aren't all black!

Feeding cricket supplements to gut load them is preferred for all animals who eat crickets. I gut load for my chameleon. And, in my mealie farm, I attempt to gut load my mealies. I think the cricket supplement she's talking about is that "Insectivore Fare", which doesn't seem like a bad thing?

Putting in a day time supplement, such as ZooKeepers, isn't horrible. When my gliders were younger, they sometimes woke up during the day to eat. You can't leave BML in all day - so if you have gliders that "midnight snack", some people choose to leave ZooKeepers in for that.

And I've heard of people giving all kinds of things for snacks! Mash potatoes and Noodles is really quite ok - as a snack and in small amounts on occasion.

She doesn't seem like a mill breeder, that I can tell. She may not be "preaching the party line" but she doesn't seem that far off, in my opinion.
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#613525 - 08/16/08 10:25 AM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: ValkyrieMome]
BeckiT Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/29/06
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Loc: Manitowoc, WI
if I remember right, about a year ago she sold all/most of her gliders and no longer breeds them. I looked at her site and another site here in my area and was leery of both of them for one reason or another crazy To this date, I haven't purchased a glider in Indiana at all, lol
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#613750 - 08/16/08 05:11 PM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: BeckiT]

noodles are ok? I thought I read to not give pasta

#613770 - 08/16/08 05:32 PM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: ]
konotashi Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 08/17/07
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Loc: Mesa, AZ
I've been to that site before. I don't like the way the chinchillas are kept. They look like mill breeding cages, to me. (Not saying that this is a mill.)

I think it's fine to give noodles, just not a lot, so maybe an inch of a noodle with no sauce or anything on it, but I wouldn't ever feed it to my girls.

I don't know anything on cricket suppliments.

I don't put in any type of dry food in the cage with my girls. I wouldn't feel comfortable if I did, since it could very easily throw off the balance in BML. I normally leave some kind of veggies in there. Not fruits though, since they dry up.

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#613776 - 08/16/08 05:40 PM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: ]
sweetheart26 Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 07/12/07
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Originally Posted By: TexanTreasure08
noodles are ok? I thought I read to not give pasta
did know you could feed noodles to your gliders

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#613783 - 08/16/08 05:50 PM Re: Midwest Exotics? [Re: sweetheart26]
cinnamonstix Offline
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Loc: Twin Cities, MN
I will sometimes give mine enriched noodles. They do not get them very often and I feed bowtie. Spaghetti is dangerous due to the choking hazzard if it is not chopped up. They have had some mixed with that acaia gum (sp?), or mixed with honey or glideraid.

If it is not in your diet I would not use it for more than a treat. If you do not know what you are doing, noodles alone is not replacement for protien. Mine do love them though and make some very cute wimpers as they chow down.
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