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#615738 - 08/19/08 03:17 AM BML diet questions...I have lots!

Ok, so I understand the diets fully now. I want to use the Back to basics diet...And, these are the questions I have..Theres a lot! -Hides- ._.

1)Can I buy pitted cherries, and take the pits out myself?
2)What flavor applesaucecan they have, any? What CAN'T I use?
3)Do I need to give EVERY veggie listed, or a variety? (Ie...A bagged variety bag, or what I have fresh as well?
4)What can I give as treats, that wont affect the diet?
Are other fruits and veggies safe? If so, which ones. (Or, which ones ARNT safe if thats easier)
5)What flavored yogurts? Am I supposed to use non fat, low fat, or will just any yogurt do?
6)Can they have ONLY chicken baby food? Not other meats? (I ask, because I thought they liked there diet to be a little mixed up for variety)
7)Can I give them a bit of hard boiled egg if I'm eating one, as a treat? (No seasonings or anything on it)
8)How much extra protien can they have? (How many bugs/how much egg, etc.)
9)Can i give them dehydrated fruits as treats?
10)Is ALL of the gerber baby snacks safe for gliders? Which ones ARNT safe?
11)What is a Veggie relish, or fruit smoothie? Is it alright for them? What do you put in them?

Just as a reference, I'll have 2 gliders. Females, if that matters. And, I need to know the JOEY BML recipe, if anyone knows it? (I'm currently making up a batch for my mother in law).

1)Do I need to seperate the Joey and Parents BML? How should I do this? The Joey is only about 2 weeks OOP. 2)Would it be ok just on the normal BML? It's also already trying to eat Mealies..Is this alright?

Thank you anyone for dont have to answer EVERYTHING if you dont know the answer, or arnt sure. I just hope everything can be answered. There is a Joey in the house whos beginning to eat the parents BML, so I need to know what she needs specifically so she gets all her proper vitamins and nutrients and such

Thanks everyone! Im sorry I ask so many questions! grin

Edited by Celeste (08/19/08 03:22 AM)

#615745 - 08/19/08 04:38 AM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: ]

You know everyone is going to disagree on some of the answers to your questions, right? tounge

1) Do you mean unpitted cherries? I stay away from pre-pitted cherries because they're usually kept in a syrup.

2) Any applesauce is fine so long as it's low in or without sugar. Anything that says "unsweetened" is fine.

3) Four or five different fruits and veggies a night is fine. Mix them up regularly. Gliders get bored of the same fruits and veggies easily.

I always have a couple bags of frozen vegetables and fruit on hand as well as whatever's in season fresh. Mine get a mix of frozen and fresh every night.

4) Mealworms are, of course, awesome treats. Dried papaya is popular around my place. Sugar gliders love pine nuts but keep in mind they're very fatty. My baby girl is crazy about dried cranberries. She stores them all over her room and soon as she's out of her cage, runs for them. It's so cute.

5) I use full fat yoghurt. It's awesome fat and protein for the little ones but is saved as a treat for the fatties. Blueberry and peach are favorites. Treat yoghurt the same way you would applesauce: anything is fine so long as the sugar content isn't through the roof.

6) Meat-wise I'm pretty clueless about baby foods for sugar gliders. I stick to the chicken stuff but I use it so rarely I'm completely uneducated on what else is safe. I'm sure turkey baby food is fine and I know pureed vegetable baby food like yams (Mmmmmm...) are good for gliders.

7)YES! Egg is a favorite for sugar gliders. Mine get a little as their nightly protein a couple nights a week. Your girls will love you if you share your hard boiled egg with them.

8) Three or four little mealies is plenty for young sugar gliders. Maybe a half teaspoon of coarsely cut hard boiled egg is fine too. So long as you're not giving them loads of extra protein daily they're going to be just fine.

9) So long as the dehydrated friuts aren't treated with sugars, they're great treats. As I mentioned, dry cranberries are winners.

10) I'm pretty sure all Gerber baby treats are safe for gliders but I'm not the right person to ask because I don't use any. I think Gerber makes some biscuits and cookie-like products that I'd stay away from.

11) Veggie relishes and fruit smoothies are essentially blended fruit or veg with a few other ingredients (yoghurt, honey, rice cereal) that you can pour into an ice cube tray. One cube of each along with a staple food usually feeds two gliders for a night. They're very convenient. I'll PM you some recipes.

Joeys should be ready and safe to eat both mealies and regular BML soon as they're ready to try both. They'll just eat less than the 1 tablespoon nightly because they'll still be pretty tiny.

I wouldn't bother with different BMLs. The baby will still get into it's parents BML and the parents will eat the baby's.

Also, don't apologise for asking questions. It's the people who refuse to ask questions that drive me NUTS.

#615760 - 08/19/08 06:05 AM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: ]
glidergrl1513 Offline
Serious Glideritis

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1) Yes, that is how I would do it. I don't feed BML, but whenever I feed cherries it's the ones I picked and pitted myself. smile
2) I just use regular, unsweetened applesauce for the most part. As a treat, you can use the flavored ones.
3) You can do it either way. A lot of us buy the frozen bagged mix because that's easiest. You can feed fresh veggies, too, but just make sure they are on the list. You don't have to feed each one every night, either.
4) On BML, you are really only supposed to limit treats to parts of dinner. You can feed some fruit or mealworms during the day, for example. Yes, there are other safe fruits, but in order to feed BML correctly, only use the ones that are listed.
5) Any flavor except chocolate and coffee. You just need to make sure you do not get the kind with artificial sweeteners.
6) With BML do not make ANY substitutions. It has been formulated with the ingredients that were written and any change could mess it up.
7) That would be alright.
8) It should say in the directions how much to feed (I haven't fed this diet in years, so I'm not sure off-hand).
9) Yep, just be careful with the sugars.
10) Read the ingredients. If you see anything with onion or garlic, do NOT feed it.
11) The relish and smoothies are mixtures of vegetables and fruits, respectively. There is a recipe around here somewhere... Personally, I wouldn't try that right off the bat. There is added honey and yogurt, which really isn't necessary unless you are having trouble getting them to eat. If you want the ease of having cubes of food, run just the produce (and maybe some 100% juice) through a blender or food processor.

#615769 - 08/19/08 06:43 AM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: glidergrl1513]

Man, I forgot why I don't feed BML. I can't stand all the restrictions.

#615975 - 08/19/08 11:26 AM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: ]
minkasmom Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Loc: Northeast Indiana
It looks like you've pretty well got all your questions answered down to the joey BML & beyond that's the area that I'll zone my responses into:

#1. Joey BML is different from adult BML with LEAVING OUT one key ingredient: the wheat germ. If you're feeding a joey who's LESS THAN 8 weeks old, the wheat germ is "too complex" for a joey's system to handle until then. (And yes, you DO need to keep them separated if you're hand-feeding said "less than 8 week old" joey.)

#2. If you have a joey in the 5-weeks & beyond age range who WANTS to eat mealies, GO FOR IT!! No problems there, since they basically suck out the "juices" and spit out the hard stuff (pick out the "white mealies"...they're BONUS for little ones!)

Backtracking a little further into your other questions: I wouldn't use ANY OTHER MEATS than chicken. Doing so throws off the "ratios" of calcium/phosphorous. And giving a glider too much protein can have long-range health issues too. I feed like 4-5 medium size mealies per glider (less if we have a "weight issue", more if we have a pregnant glider).

DEFINITELY don't hesitate to ask questions...that's how we learn!
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#616224 - 08/19/08 03:21 PM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: minkasmom]

Thanks a lot you three! thanks for those recipes, those will be deserts then! Hehe.

More questions..LOL..I just dont want to do anything wrong!

1)For the smoothie and Relish recipe. Rather then give them so much extra honey, can I use less in the BML, and use some in the recipes listed? (I would not be taking it out, just using less to add into the recipes of veggie and fruit, so that they wouldnt get so much extra honey) It would keep everything balanced (If they eat it all) Without adding to much extra honey. (Whats the honey even for, flavoring?) IF SO, I'll just make it like that, mostly to make sure the parents are eating the proper food. (They were getting an odd batch before, igredients the pet store gave us. It was like, a watered down BML version. I know they wont eat all the fruits or veggies otherwise.)

Also, for BML. The fruits and Veggies are;
Apples, grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, pitted cherries, blueberries, corn, pees, carrots, greenbeans. Is there anything ese thats been added, thats approved with the BML diet?

And yes, theres a Joey in the house who is less then 8 weeks old.

2)Is there anything else she needs, special? Can I seperate them, and feed her seperately? (Her OOP date was the 6th of August. Shes not even 2 weeks old yet) She is tyring to eat her parents food, and she tries to snatch the mealworms from them as well. (She only eats the guts though) How long can I seperate them while feeding?

*Note* I am just worried, because the parents were not on a normal diet until I started looking diets up (Around last month or so), and now I'm only worried because they have a baby (Zira). Any advice is appreciated. The owner gives them a lot of junk food, and the males getting pretty fat. I just want to help her keep her babies healthy, because she would be heartbroken if she lost one. She just doesn't know how to properly feed them (And, at this time doesnt have the strength to make all the food recently).

Edited by Celeste (08/19/08 03:29 PM)

#616232 - 08/19/08 03:39 PM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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With the BML diet, you should follow the Back to Basics recipe. Anything else is NOT the BML diet.

Bourbon herself does not like the vegie relish or the fruit smoothies.

Also, keep in mind, if you do feed the relish and smoothy, they are going to be eating much less of them. By blending them, you are removing the "air pockets" from around the whole peices, so 1 tablespoon of relish (or smoothy) is MUCH MORE than 1 tablespoon of whole vegies (or fruit).
Judge not until you have walked in their shoes and lived their lives. What you see online is only part of the story.

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#616236 - 08/19/08 03:46 PM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: ]
cbddallas Offline
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Ok, my two cents:

Whatever diet plan you choose, stick with that diet as closely as you can for their primary food. If it's BML, make the BML mix exactly - I wouldn't take the honey out of the BML, as they may not eat it then. BML is already not as sweet, in my opinion, as some of the other diets, like HPW - HPW is so sweet it's no wonder a lot of gliders stop eating much fruit when they're on it! smile

You can add other approved fruits, veggies, etc. as a treat only, even if you are primarily feeding BML. If you feed too much of any non-BML fruit or veggie, you potentially throw off your ratios, and defeat the purpose of using an approved diet plan. HOWEVER, one of the main benefits of BML is that you don't have to figure all of that stuff out yourself - you can always find one or more of the fruits/veggies year round, and you know you're good.
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#616254 - 08/19/08 04:37 PM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: Dancing]

Can I just blend them with some apple juice, then? Leave the BML exactly as it should be. And make the veggie and fruit ice cubes with some juice, and no extra sweetner? Just enough juice so it will blend ok. I just want them to eat the veggies. What does Bourbon reccomend for the veggies and fruits, if not the relishes? I can see how theres to much honey and sweet/sugary stuff in it. Any suggestions on how to blend it, and keep it healthy..and have them still eat it? Can someone also please answer the joey questions, if you know the answers?

Also, I would be using the relish and smoothie tablespoon for two gliders to share, so would that balance the ratio out better?

Thank you all for your responses! Anyone who has ANYTHING to say or suggest, go for it. I want to figure outs what best for the gliders. I'm choosing the BML diet because the breeder I'm getting Zyana from feeds hers that.

Edited by Celeste (08/19/08 04:41 PM)

#616303 - 08/19/08 05:52 PM Re: BML diet questions...I have lots! [Re: ]

You can make up your own smoothie recipes using apple juice as a sweetener instead of honey.


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