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#61712 - 10/09/05 03:00 PM Cage Questions

Hi! Not sure if I should have posted here, but the reason why I need advice is bc I am new to gliders, so I thought this would be a good place to post.

I just got my 2 babies 1 wk ago and I need help decorating their cage. I am not sure what toys to buy and the Glider Things forum hasn't helped me. If you have a picture of your cage setup can you please post it for me? If you don't know how to post a pic., please email it to me at [][/]

Thanks!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thanx.gif" alt="" />

Also, for those of you who have Wodent wheels....where did you set it up? i.e. bottom, top, side of cage???

#61713 - 10/09/05 03:11 PM Re: Cage Questions [Re: ]

Here is my cage.

470780-DSC00343.JPG (60 downloads)

#61714 - 10/09/05 04:04 PM Re: Cage Questions [Re: ]
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On places to get toys, you might try a pet shop and check out the plastic toys for birds. Cat toys aren't good because they sometimes have catnip in them which is bad for gliders. Another thing I have read that people get are plastic baby safe toys at garage sales - just be sure and wash and rinse them good. Barrel of Monkeys - hang monkeys at different places in the cage. You might also go to the Gallery to check out cages that are pictured there to see how people decorate their cages. I guess a lot of it depends on the persons individual taste, the size of the cage and whether it has bars, mesh, or is a reptarium.

P.S. You might also go to the Housing & Accessories Forum. There are always a lot of ideas showing up there for toys and cages.

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#61715 - 10/11/05 08:39 AM Re: Cage Questions [Re: ]


#61716 - 10/11/05 09:01 AM Re: Cage Questions [Re: ]
USMom Offline
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I hang most of my wodents from the top of the cage, but a couple are on the sides.
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#61717 - 10/11/05 09:03 AM Re: Cage Questions [Re: ]
tbull Offline
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Hi, here is my cage. My three LOVE the hanging blue monkey on the top. It has velcro hands that secure it to the cage and they take turns jumping on it and making it swing. I made sure it had no buttons or anything that could come off and get swallowed. It is hard to see, but I also made a 3 sided screen out of thin plexi-glass on the bottom of the cage to protect those long tails from my nosey cats <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> and wooden clothes pins on all the doors to stop my gliders from escaping. All three got out my every first night with them. Luckily they all stayed on the cage and were easy to catch. My hubby cut the branch from our glider safe tree in the front yard, that way I knew it had never been sprayed with any chemicals. Hope you have as much fun with your suggies as we are with ours. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/littleglider.gif" alt="" />

471875-glidercage.jpg (40 downloads)


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