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#623765 - 08/29/08 05:35 AM Crabbing upsetting sister

Donna is crabbing so badly now that I think it is upsetting Bella as she seems to get really agitated and will not interact with us as well when this is going on. Can I just take Bella out of the cage and bond with her? Or will it upset the balance in their realtionship? I feel bad, like they should be out together, and I want to bond with Donna too. But I was making such good progress bonding with Bella, and with Donna so upset... I just don't know what to do. Donna gets so upset her little sides heave she is breathing so hard, and she nearly choked last night crabbing at me with a mouth full of mealie! And for the first time she bit me THROUGH the pouch! It hurt even though it is a double layered pouch too! She was really ticked!

#623767 - 08/29/08 05:45 AM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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In this type of situation, you would be better to do separate bonding sessions with them.
Also, when you take Donna out, bring her to a safe place and then roll the pouch down around her (like rolling down the top of a paper bag) gradually turning the pouch inside out and exposing her. If she's being pouch protective, by exposing her she suddenly has nothing to protect and will stop being so aggressive.
If, however, she continues to be aggessive then it is not a pouch-protective issue and is just a trust issue. Then, only time and patience with the bonding process will be the keys. You can try using distractions, such as a feather teaser, when you have her out to distract her from biting you. You can also try using one of the tiny Treasure Chests (scroll about 2/3 down the page to see picture) available from Xtreme Gliders (John/Xglider) with a mealie tucked inside. Offer the closed treasure chest to Donna and when she lunges, use it to gently push up at her nose. She will lunge at the chest and bite at it, but not be able to bite you in the process. The gentle pushing up at her nose will discourage her from biting over time.
Suz Enyedy
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Suz' Sugar Gliders

#623780 - 08/29/08 06:40 AM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: sugarglidersuz]

Boy I'm glad someone posted this. I'm having a similar situation with 2 gliders that I adopted. The female, Kissi, is more accepting of me but Karma is not. He will stay in his pouch 24/7 if I let him. Of course, I don't let him.

I'm going to try your advice Suz. Hopefully it will help.

#624187 - 08/29/08 06:09 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

I like the distraction idea! Would it also be okay to say put a plastic thimble over my finger so it won't hurt when she strikes and she will get the idea that she can't hurt me and I won't get upset???

#624217 - 08/29/08 07:02 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

I like the idea of those little treasure chests, but if I spend another DOLLAR on suggie stuff, I'll be sleeping in either the rept, or their playroom, depending on how MANY dollars, and how nice my girl is feeling.

#624317 - 08/29/08 08:34 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

The treasure chest is cute and a great idea. I have twin girls and one is a nipper and the other blood drawn biter!! And I know what you mean about sleeping in the rept. I would probably have to sleep in the dog house with my poms. At least I would have more room than in bed with a bed hog and a blanket theif!LOL

#624686 - 08/30/08 11:32 AM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

Poor Donna was so peeved yesterday she crabbed even if the pouch was zipped and you weren't touching it!!! I am at a loss. She even bit my significant other for trying to offer her a mealie!

And yep... unfortunately I am much too large to live in the cage with the gliders. So I better lay off the spending for awhile too! At least the ordering of glider stuffs online. LOL But if I see one in a store... it's MINE! LOL

#624687 - 08/30/08 11:36 AM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

Are you doing nighttime bonding/playtime with them?

I had a very crabby glider who I made *no* progress with bonding in a pouch, but he became much more acclimated to me through tent time. This eventually helped reduce his crabbing and defensiveness in the pouch.

I second what Suz says about working with them in separate pouches, and be sure you are doing the nighttime playtime as well.

#624934 - 08/30/08 05:23 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

Yeah, I think what ticked her off yesterday is that I totally forgot about the advice I got here about not bonding with them in the pouch together. They spent almost 3 hours together in the pouch while I drove to pick up my son last night. And Donna crabbed almost CONSTANTLY!!! Now I feel really bad about it frown . But we will keep working. I really wish I could invest in a tent, but see that last post about spending money! LOL But I think we will start bathroom time tonight. I'll take lots of toys and treats with me to grease the motion of the getting to know you session!

#624952 - 08/30/08 05:39 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

Oh man don't even talk to me about spending money on glider stuff online. ROFL

This huge box comes today in the mail and its heavy.
Hubby says, "what's this?"
Me "Dunno"
Hubby "Did you buy it?"
Me "Can't see inside the box, dear"
Hubby, getting frustrated, "How much stuff did you actually buy?"
Me "Ummmmm......"
Hubby "oh forget it....."

Hubby stomps away. ROFL

That box had about $160 worth of suggie stuff in it. Well they needed more yoggies!!! They DID! I swear!

Wait until he sees the box from KryKritters. ROFL!!

#625153 - 08/30/08 09:49 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

What really gets me in DEEP glider dung is coming home from the grocery store with ONE plum... or ONE little TINY bunch of broccoli!!! LOL Gas prices being what they are and all... ROFL

Oh oh oh... and I get into trouble bc my sewing machine takes up half the office desk! The constant questions is,

"Don't they have ENOUGH [censored] in that cage?"

My answer...


#625170 - 08/30/08 10:14 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: sugarglidersuz]
suggiemom1980 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/05/07
Posts: 13746
Loc: Vincennes, IN, USA
Originally Posted By: sugarglidersuz
You can also try using one of the tiny Treasure Chests (scroll about 2/3 down the page to see picture) available from Xtreme Gliders (John/Xglider) with a mealie tucked inside.[/color]

I can't get the order form to open for me and I'd love to get some of these. cry

812-890-9734, 24/7 Emergencies/Joey issues


"The greater the challenge, the sweeter the reward"

"Glide free :rbridge: Silly "Ozball" Ozzie. You left us 11/21/12..way too soon. You're forever loved, remembered, missed."

#625211 - 08/30/08 11:22 PM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: suggiemom1980]

My girl was a crabber and a lunge her when we first got. Thank heavens she never bite me. When I put my hand in her pouch she would lung and I would jump out of fear. I learned here not to do that, but I am a scardy cAT. I started holding yoggie treats in my hand when I put it in with her. She would lunge and hit the treat. She soon learned my hand meant sweet treats. Now she has me trained. When I take her and her pouch out of the cage if I do not give her treat soon enough she crabs till she gets her treat.

#625290 - 08/31/08 02:30 AM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

Yeah.. the treasure chest order form wouldn't open for me either. Not that I could EVER get away with having a shipment in the next few weeks without having to sew a HUGE pouch for ME to sleep in... ALONE!!!

#625324 - 08/31/08 06:31 AM Re: Crabbing upsetting sister [Re: ]

ROFL Robin. My husband threatens but (shhhhhhhhh) I have him wrapped around my little finger. LOL

We're going away for 3 days and I'm taking some of my gliders with me. He protested at first but I explained that I absolutely cannot leave Amy at home with my son & DIL with 2 joeys ip.

Amy, Cole and the little ones MUST come with us. LMAO I packed their stuff a little while ago. hehehe


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