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#639525 - 09/19/08 07:41 PM United Kingdom

Wow so I havent been here in forever. Ive got a .. situation. My gf and I have been planning to get me moved to the UK. Scotland exactly. Shes Scottish. I had the most fantastic time and I would love to move there with her. We've talked about citizenship and how to get me there. If we get married I can have citizenship that way but I think I can get in if I apply for German citizenship through birth. Then I will have dual citizenship and can go anywhere within the EU. Now this is where things get tricky. I dont know WHAT to do with my gliders. Im pretty sure they arent legal in the UK but does anyone know for sure? What about Germany? I breezed over some of the recent posts but didnt see anything positive in the replies. I have a LOT of learning and research ahead of me but heres another question. Lets say gliders ARE legal in both places. My boys are 10/11 years old. Is it too stressful for them to make the move? I was thinking it may kill them. Any insight?

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#639528 - 09/19/08 07:44 PM Re: United Kingdom [Re: ]

we use to have a member on here from the im thinking suggies are leagl there thats the good part.
Bad part would be once you got there with them im betting they have to go through a quaritine period but imnot sure for how long.

#639538 - 09/19/08 07:50 PM Re: United Kingdom [Re: ]
ValkyrieMome Offline
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Quarantine in the UK used to be 6 months. My friend's dog was put through that. They got to go visit him - but pretty much he lived in a crate in a warehouse - with a little run area - for 6 months. And they could only visit him during certain hours.

I can't imagine a glider living through that! However, I do know they are legal in at least PARTS of the UK - if not all.
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#639555 - 09/19/08 08:08 PM Re: United Kingdom [Re: ValkyrieMome]

Ok so thats semi good news so far. Ive never taken a glider on a plane. It will be anywhere from 8 hours to 11 hours. Is that something a glider of.. age.. would do well with? Im kinda doubting it myself.

#639648 - 09/19/08 10:24 PM Re: United Kingdom [Re: ]
the gliders angel Offline
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no i would not advise taking them. it would be too stressful. better if you would either stay here or find a new home for them.

#639650 - 09/19/08 10:24 PM Re: United Kingdom [Re: the gliders angel]
the gliders angel Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 08/08/01
Posts: 3058
Loc: u.s.a.
just curious as to what diet you feed them and if you use bugs at all.


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