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#6399 - 04/29/03 10:26 AM FYI: Untreated Giardia Can Cause ...

...subsequent liver impairment/damage. It has been documented that in cases where people/animals haven't been getting proper nutrition & become dehyrated, possible liver problems can occur. Such can be the case where giardia has been present for a prolonged time period as the giardia cysts have been living in the cells lining the beginning of the small intestine. Giardia kills these cells and can severely damage the bowels. The giardia cells prevent the absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins by drawing them off thus causing a state of malnutrition. When this occurs, the liver's function/health itself can become compromised as the liver plays a major role in metabolism: all nutrients that are absorped in the intestines are transported to the liver where the liver dismantles some of them, stores others & uses some to synthesize other substances . If nutrients have been diverted by the giardia cysts, then the liver's functioning becomes impaired. The same is true in cases of trichomonas which go untreated for a prolonged time period.

I, therefore, ask every glider owner to consider having direct fecal smears and/or fecal floats done regularly (every 2-3 months) as the giardia and/or trichomonas can symptomatically be undetected for a prolonged period of time and affect the liver before any actual symptoms of dehydration, malnutrition and/or weight loss are noted. The earlier giardia and/or trichomonas are detected, the earlier treatment can begin thus reducing secondary complications such as liver impairment/damage. And early diagnosis/treatment of conditions such as giardia and/or trichomonas will afford a glider the best chance of returning to full health status more readily.

#6400 - 04/29/03 11:13 AM Re: FYI: Untreated Giardia Can Cause ... [Re: ]
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Outstanding information to know, and I 2nd the frequent fecal checks. Thank you so much for your continued research on our precious ones.

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