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#649604 - 10/03/08 09:02 AM Pet-Pro Products

Has anyone heard of Happy Glider? It says A Total Cooked Food with Chicken Protein. A Basil diet for Sugar Gliders. That was what I was given when I picked up a 3 1/2 yr. neutered male yesterday. I gave him Priscilla Price diet last night with wax worms. The first thing he grabbed was a green bean. I figured he would go for the waxie- I gave him 3 large ones and this morning there is still one left. He is very friendly but pouch protective. And he has a nail that is caughting on the fleece-I hate to have to trim his nails just getting use to everything. Any suggestions?

#649607 - 10/03/08 09:05 AM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]

Personally, I would just toss the happy glider in the trash.

As far as the nails, if you don't want to stress him too much, try just clipping one fingernail a day. This way you get them done, and he won't be in danger of getting stuck on anything thumb

#649613 - 10/03/08 09:13 AM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]

Thank You! He seems a little jumpy. Every move someone makes he jumps and runs. But that is understandable in a new enviroment (spelling off today). I will try and watch and see what nail is the problem and do it first. Wish me luck, him being new (I'm alittle nervous). All my other gliders bite when I trim except one. And every night I feed her and her mate first. She comes out and sits on my shoulder while I feel the other 4 cages. It's getting to be a routine!!! Just have to love them.hehe He does need a wheel- I don't remember who sells them on her with the sand inserts.

#649617 - 10/03/08 09:17 AM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]

The only wheels with sand inserts are the Wodent Wheel and the Stealth Wheel. You can get a Wodent at , you can get a Stealth at

#649619 - 10/03/08 09:21 AM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]

Thank You again. At least this will help till I can get all of his nails done. He has the biggest hands I have yet seen. Even my husband and son commented on how large they were. Better to hold his mealies with. lol

#649636 - 10/03/08 09:50 AM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]
Laurens_Babies Offline
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I know Teresa and Bourbon have spent a lot of time on the phone with the creator of Pet Pro. After studying the nutritional contents it was recommended that the food be soaked in apple juice to soften but once that was done, Teresa and Bourbon could see nothing wrong with feeding pet pro. I would recommend feeding it like suncoast and feed with fruits and veggies and the occasional extra source of protein.

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#649747 - 10/03/08 01:14 PM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]
Gossamer Offline
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I tried it with my guys, they ate it a little bit but wasn't crazy about it. It's kind of hard.

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#649754 - 10/03/08 01:23 PM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: Gossamer]
Dancing Offline
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Also, Pet-Pro is only PART of a diet. They still need fruits, vegies and bugs.

Pet-pro is a good food to have stored in your freezer in case of emergency evacuations or power outages etc.

This past spring, some gliders were seized by the Nebraska Humane society during a dog fighting raid. Jim, the owner of Pet-Pro sent them some Happy Glider for the gliders. These gliders were at the humane society for about 3-4 months before I was able to get them (had to wait for the courts to grant custody to the humane society). Lauren went with me to pick them up. These gliders looked TERRIFIC.

But...soak them first. Also, be aware, just like most "kibble" animal foods, it does expand when wet so don't feed too much.
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#649819 - 10/03/08 02:52 PM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: Dancing]

Thanks everyone for the info. I had never heard of Pet-Pro. He has a bad odor but is neutered. He smells worst than my unaltered males. I think I might keep this in the freezer in case we loss electric this winter. It would keep better than the Priscilla Price diet that I feed now. I had made large batches- basic, eggs, and chicken. Probably a months worth. Then lost it all due to outage for 2 days. What a Bummer. When I make it with everything else I have going on- I like to make a bunch. At least, I will have a good back up!!!

#649859 - 10/03/08 03:45 PM Re: Pet-Pro Products [Re: ]
happygypsymoth Offline
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The first ingredient is "extruded yellow corn". I would only use it as a back up.
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