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#671067 - 11/09/08 05:20 PM Tent vs. No Tent

Hey all,

I still wont be getting my gliders for a while, but I have been pondering something: is it really necessary to have a tent?

I've paid attention to how nice a quick pop-up tent is for bonding and playtime; however, I would much rather prefer to have a glider-proof room and let the boys run wild while I study or get some work done.

How many of you out there have glider-proofed a room and let your gliders run free while you're in the room versus strictly adhering to playtime in a tent?


#671070 - 11/09/08 05:27 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
Trigger Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 10/07/07
Posts: 3970
Loc: Spring, Texas
I use a glider-proofed room. I would like to try a tent but will need hubby to buy me a bigger house before I have room for one.
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#671075 - 11/09/08 05:36 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: Trigger]
glidergrl1513 Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 12/21/03
Posts: 5725
Loc: Upstate NY
I switch between the two. I think tents really cannot be beat for bonding, or if you just want to really interact with your gliders.

Sometimes, though, I'll have some things I need to get done and I'll just let my gliders out in my room. They have a blast running around and leaping off everything. They have a huge cage anyway, so the tent is smaller than their cage. They really get some exercise and they'll come check in with me every once in awhile.

At this point, I like tent time with my newest boy (just because he doesn't really like to be picked up to go back to the cage) but I'd rather let my quad out in my room.

#671101 - 11/09/08 06:08 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: glidergrl1513]
chattrbabe Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 08/10/08
Posts: 4108
Loc: Phoenix AZ
Well, I have 2 tents for my guys. A huge 10x8 foot coleman tent. Big enough for fuzzy to do his leaps from the top. LoL. I also have the little 20 dollar 6x9 from walmart. They also get to play in a suggie butt proofed room if I don't have one of the tents up. =]

If you just got your baby, I will say that the 6x9 is definetly the way to go. He's in a small area and he can't get hurt. thumb

#671108 - 11/09/08 06:14 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: chattrbabe]
Jackie_Chans_Mom Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 05/01/07
Posts: 2511
Loc: Texas
I have two tents and a glider play room. I use the tents for my special needs babies and for bonding. I do have some gliders that are taking 40 forevers to bond to me - so we use the tent for those. Also, every cage goes in the tent a couple of times a month just so we can play.

I do have some cages that I use the play room with primarily. I do this with my gliders that are very strongly bonded to me and will very easily come back to the pouch when play time is over.

I will say, though, that for the most part with those gliders that use the play room, they stay pretty close to momma most of the time. I LOVE the play room, though. They are so much fun to watch in a large room.
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#671121 - 11/09/08 06:27 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]

For Zira, my most bonded glider, I use her cage. The cage is bigger then a tent anyways, so for bonding time I just go in her cage. Otherwise, we do bathroom time, and plugs go in the bathtub, sink, and i sit on the toilet so she cant sneak in there.

The other gliders cages are too small for me to get into, so they get bathroom time. They wont come when I call them, usually i have to scoop them up or lure them in their pouch when playtime is over. Vitani is the hardest to get back in her pouch, because she'll bite, and she only wants to go back if Skittles is in their first, and if I give her a mealie or treat..Shes just a picky girl, hehe.

I Guess it depends on how bonded your glider is to you. For bonding, a tent or a cage big enough for you to get into is a good idea. But bathroom or room time is lots more fun! ^^

#671128 - 11/09/08 06:41 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]

sounds great! Thanks for the info smile I will probably get a tent for starters and then move to a glider proof room.

How much supervision do your critters need in your play rooms? Do you seasoned glider owners feel that it would be alright if I were to let them loose in the room with tons of toys if I sat in there and worked on a laptop, but was paying minimal attention to them?

I don't want to sound like I wont be giving these guys enough attention, but I'd like to let them out of the cage as much as I can, and if I can do that while answering emails or studying, I'd absolutely love to it to give them additional out-of-cage time. However, if they need to be paid strict attention to while in the playroom then this wouldn't be a great idea.

Input? Thanks!!!

#671163 - 11/09/08 07:34 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
glidergrl1513 Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 12/21/03
Posts: 5725
Loc: Upstate NY
As long as you have glider-proofed your room, then it's alright to be multi-tasking (watching the gliders and doing something else as well). I am usually on the computer or doing homework while I have the gliders out. Still keep track of them though - don't get too involved in whatever else you're doing. They are mischevious and can find plenty of ways to get into trouble.

#671627 - 11/10/08 11:55 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: glidergrl1513]
wclanton423 Offline
Glider Guardian

Registered: 10/22/08
Posts: 1268
Loc: Houston, TX
As a new glider owner, I started off with the tent until they are fully bonded with me. I've had mine for almost a month and they love tent time. It's a great way for them to get use to you in a small area. What I do know is that if I let my little girl Marley out in a glider proof room, I don't know if I could catch up with her yet, because she is all over the place and my male is still skittish (<-spelling). I feel safer in the tent for now.

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#673287 - 11/12/08 02:03 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: wclanton423]
ORsuggiemomma Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 03/18/08
Posts: 2071
Loc: home
I agree wclanton, I would do a tent until your babies are completely bonded to you, it gives you a closer interaction with them, nowhere to run and hide from you laugh

and then once they trust you and you know they are safe, you could move to the glider room. my guys have their glider room, but they also loved the tent. laugh

Good luck on ya babies laugh
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#673599 - 11/13/08 05:15 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
Gossamer Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 11/22/06
Posts: 1667
Loc: Long Island, NY
I have a glider safe room. Both of my guys were petrified when in the tent, plus it wasn't a lot of room. Nothing like watching your suggie run up the curtains and leap off grin

I do think that giving them run of the room makes them less inclined to hang out on you as much as they would in a tent - so that is something to think about. Maybe start out with the tent to help bond.

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#673652 - 11/13/08 08:05 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: Gossamer]
oakley Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 07/22/05
Posts: 2305
Loc: Florida, USA
I have a suggie proofed room (my bedroom) where I can let my guys out while I do work or something. I am not sure what people need to be careful of when "glider proofing" I just cut the things in my room down to a bare minimum. They can't get under the doors or behind the bed. I keep the floor clean (I have tile) and I only have two lamps with wires which I watch carefully to make sure they are not biting them. Other than that, I make sure not to have anything in there that can be toxic (ie plants or candles...) and then we are good to go!

I don't usually actively play with my guys when they are in my room (I am usually on the computer or doing homework) They get playtime in the big outside cage or in the tent (when I get around to putting it up smile )

Here is a pic of my room:
I share my room with furbutts!

{{ }}

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#673670 - 11/13/08 08:49 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: oakley]
suggiemom1980 Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/05/07
Posts: 13746
Loc: Vincennes, IN, USA
I have a glider closet, aka SuggieLand. It is 8x8x2 and filled with toys. I sit in there with them and use my laptop while they play on their toys. They enjoy their toys and closet time so much that they don't pay much attention to me, other than to play king of the hill or nascar on me! You just haven't lived until you've had four suggies race at breakneck speed all over your body while playing tag! Sure lets ya know when its time to trim their nails! I used a tent before the closet, but it wasn't big enough inside and took up too much space in my room. It was also a pain to have to take it down and put it up every day.

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#673706 - 11/13/08 10:22 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: suggiemom1980]

Does anyone live in an apartment? I live in an apartment and I am not sure how I am going to get the bonding time with Duckie. For the past week I have been making him a cage which isnt really working out like I imagined. (I will put pics up when finished) But it has been a little over a month and he is not completely trusting me.

how do you guys in apartments do your tent time/or safe room time?

#673711 - 11/13/08 10:29 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]


The bathroom is probably the safest place to make "glider proof" for you Lara. MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE TOILET LID though!!!!! Just hang some of their things around the bathroom and let them play.I know you probably do not want suggie toys in your bathroom at all time so just use the easily portable ones!

#673759 - 11/13/08 11:34 AM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
cbddallas Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 03/26/08
Posts: 625
Loc: Dallas, Texas
Lara, another great suggestion for bathroom time in an apt. - if you have a traditional shower rod, cover it with a fleece sleeve, and use the rings to hang toys from, so they can climb up and down the curtain and play on top of the ring. If you don't have a shower rod, if your bathroom is narrow enough, go and buy one of the tension rods at Walmart, cover it with fleece, and just put it up when you're ready for playtime - you can hang toys from it, and you can put it at whatever height your baby prefers. I have one that's a daredevil and likes the "high bar", but my male is a little less adventurous and likes the "low bar". I have a hallway that I use for playtime, and the rods are a great way to make temporary modifications that you can put away when you want to!

Here's a pic of our hallway - the yellow rods at the top are tension shower rods that I've covered with fleece, and you can see the net and everything else that's hanging from them!
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#673890 - 11/13/08 03:17 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: cbddallas]

Now is your hall way closed off or does all the fun stuff keep their attention long enough for them to not try and rome the rest of the house? I have let Duckie play in the living room under complete and close supervision and he goes crazy. He goes everywhere and that is why I am in desprite need of ideas lol smile I think I will do more bathroom time with him until my living room is empty of that huge coffee table for tent time... Thanks a bunch.

I love your hall way by the way lol smile it makes me want to play in it lolll

#673894 - 11/13/08 03:24 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
Holly1221 Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 08/10/06
Posts: 2321
Loc: Maryland
Misos && Lacee have a huge cage [roughly 6 by 4 by 3] so i can get in their cage to play with them. i have a Genji but some days it's too much of a hassle to set it up && take it down
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#673909 - 11/13/08 04:04 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: Holly1221]
josefine Offline
Glider Addict

Registered: 08/17/08
Posts: 2715
Loc: Perry, Iowa
you could put the tent in the glider room, that way, if they get out of the tent, they'll already be in the room.
we have a tent in our living room, we've had it up since the beginning of may.
our youngest son(26), thinks it is really funny, mom & dad sitting in a tent w/these little creatures.
larry is 63, & i'm 56. so, to most common people it probably does look silly, but we know to special people who love their gliders, it is the best time of our life!!!
talk @ ya L8R
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#673918 - 11/13/08 04:17 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: josefine]

The key when your first bonding is to have them interact with you. Thats why a smaller area is better at first. In a tent they are in a small area and they use you as their tree. They get familair to like your sounds and smell and ect.
Once they are bonded you could go into a bigger area that is glider proof and let them have a ball.
But never leave them unsupervised bc anything could happen to them.
Like for example they could jump on a book and instead the book falls on them.

#673939 - 11/13/08 05:06 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
cbddallas Offline
Glider Lover

Registered: 03/26/08
Posts: 625
Loc: Dallas, Texas
our hallway has doors at either end - I just shut them and away we go! it's the hallway to my girls' playroom, so I usually just leave all the toys out, b/c who cares? smile the only thing I have to add is the beanbag chair I sit on. the best thing about getting out of the tent was not sitting on the floor - it was killing my back! Lara, you should come by some time - you're so close!
Cindy, Wife to Dee and Mom to:
two beautiful daughters, Kendall & Reagan,
one handsome son, Dee IV,
one silly American Eskimo, Jasmine,
and our four gliders, the "big kids", aka Bella & Beau, and "the babies" Kandy & Kane, from Cora!

#673969 - 11/13/08 06:37 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: cbddallas]

That sounds great give me a time and im there lol smile...

#675018 - 11/15/08 09:51 PM Re: Tent vs. No Tent [Re: ]
Cyndiann Offline
Joey Member

Registered: 03/02/08
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Loc: Nashua, NH


I have a tent, but prefer a glider proof room. In fact, we just did some rearranging of the house, and I am in a new, bigger room that includes a sewing area and my computer area, all built in cabintery etc. Mine are having play time in the new room for the first time tonight and are having a blast! We had been using the tent, but it's a small one and not much bigger than their cage really. As a matter of fact, all three of them are being nudges on my desk and trampling all over me as I type. smile We built in a shelf that runs along one wall of the room, above the windows and I strung plastic vines all along it, and toys / fleece vines so they can run along it. They Love it.... will send a pic soon!

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