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#67862 - 11/08/05 06:46 PM thinking of down grading cage...bad idea?

when i first got my babies i had them in a 36 x 33 x 22 inch cage. they seemed to like it just fine and it was the 2 of them. it had horizontal bars which they liked. well, figuring i'd spoil them i got the suncoast hexagon cage. beautiful cage, but what a pain in the rear to clean. i have long arms and i cannot reach the back to clean it. it has mostly vertical bars and although it's really tall, the top is sort of unused since they can't climb on stuff up there. anyway, i was thinking of putting them back into the smaller cage. is that mean? it's not small. the hex cage is like 68 inches high with the legs and unused roof. the legs are 8 inches, but from grate to the bottom of the roof it's 46 inches. it is definitely bigger, but it is sooooo hard to clean. i can't get it thru the doors to give it a good hosing outside and i can't really get it clean without taking the top off which is a 2 person ordeal. what do you think? it's a very pretty cage though. ugh. thoughts?

#67863 - 11/08/05 06:54 PM Re: thinking of down grading cage...bad idea? [Re: ]

I dunno, but if you do end up deciding to sell the cage let me know. My cousin and I have been looking at getting one of those - he's just got to finish saving up the rest of his money first!

#67864 - 11/08/05 07:03 PM Re: thinking of down grading cage...bad idea? [Re: ]
Badgersmommy Offline
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Wow..I dunno. If it's that much of a problem, I would have to ditch it too. I'd rather spend the time playing with the suggies than being aggravated about the cage. That cage sounds like hard work to me..the reg. cages are hard ENOUGH to take of! Just my opinion <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Is there any way to alter it to be able to gain a larger access inside?
Glider Kids - Badger and Bonnie, Pepsi and Grace, Victoria.. ahem..I mean ummm..Victor! and Isabella <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

#67865 - 11/10/05 10:28 PM Re: thinking of down grading cage...bad idea? [Re: ]

Ok, I had that miserable cage for awhile. No offense to anyone who likes it! I couldn't reach to the back, get it outside or anything else, and that roof.....well, we won't even go there.

Here's how I hung things from the top. First, I took the roof off. I got some green mesh, I don't remember what it's called, but it has diamond shaped holes, it's vinyl and it's sold at Lowes. I cut it to the shape of the top of the cage and zip tied it on. Just so it wouldn't look so fonky, I put some artificial garland around the edges and zip tied that too. I never really did come up with an easy way to clean the back where you can't reach, the little side doors are almost useless in my opinion. Not only that, mine didn't come with the pan covers for the bottom, so I had to improvise there. I understand Lisa has some plans to incorporate both the front doors into one large door in order to fit wheels inside. You can email her for those.

That thing lasted about 3 months with me, and I sold it to a lady with birds. It's for the birds in my opinion!! However, there are a lot of people out there that have this cage and are pleased with it. Apparently they are more adept at figuring out how to clean it and hang things than I was.

To answer your original question, I would go back to the old cage. I'd rather have a cage that is easy to clean and take care of and have more time to spend with the suggies! If you take them out for play time often enough, they should be fine in the old one!

#67866 - 11/12/05 12:52 PM Re: thinking of down grading cage...bad idea? [Re: ]

Use my playpen Idea!
I am going through issues with my cages too, my wire cage is sooo hard to keep clean so i bought a repatrium. I love both but my reptarium cant hold all their toys and branches, The mesh just cant support all the weight. so i am keeping them in their old cage and using the new reptarium as a playpen. I think you should do the same. All I keep in the playpen is a water bottle and bedding and they love it!!! there is a lot of room for leaping and nothing gets in their way. and they burn up a lot of energy. Plus a cage thats just a playpen is easy to clean because they are not in it long enough to really make it dirty.


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