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#685669 - 12/04/08 01:23 AM SGU??? Has anyone seen this???

I am not sure if I can use the link as I have seen links taken down by mods before. So if you want it, I'll PM is to you.

I "surf" quite often at night as I am waiting for my gliders to do something cute like bark or throw feces at the back of my head for treats. LOL Anyway, a few minutes ago, I found this site that call themselves the Sugar Glider University. The very first thing I read was them bashing the BML diet and saying how awful and tragic it is that gliders are fed this diet, and I am going back to read more after I post this. Anyone want to take a look at this site and rant with me???

#685672 - 12/04/08 01:28 AM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: ]
BindiAndScrubbie Offline
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Loc: Florida
Can you PM me the site?

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy - Anne Frank

#685674 - 12/04/08 01:37 AM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: BindiAndScrubbie]
LSardou Offline
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I would take anything that is written over there with a grain of salt. That article is pretty old, and was written to cause trouble with (Bourbon) the person who developed the BML. So please, disregard that article.

#685676 - 12/04/08 01:44 AM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: LSardou]

They not only trash talk BOURBON, but about 3 other members of GC that I can see so far including BMXgirl! A lot pf people here use her site to refer people for anatomy and stuff. I thought at first this must be a (PPP) Perfect Pocket Pets site, but they actually trash talk them too...

#685910 - 12/04/08 02:30 PM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: ]

WoW.............. Amazing. I think they're jealous of the pics BMXGirl has....because theirs of glider anatomy are worthless. Glad I found this site before theirs.

I am open minded enough to go through the site, but intelligent enough to know that so far, the diet and bonding I have with my gliders is great. Maybe her gliders are "not tame and from bad lines", but mine are healthy, happy gliders.....and so are all of yours from what I've read.

And if as they state
The most important thing to keep in mind is that the sugar glider captive diet is basically the same--protein source/fruits/vegetables. The only major difference is in the vitamin supplement used.
.... then why bash ANY diets at all??

I am still reading through the site, but I have to say....I am not getting a "For the good of the Gliders" feeling from it. What is coming through is alot of ego.

Thanks for the heads-up on the site!


#685915 - 12/04/08 02:37 PM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: ]
ValkyrieMome Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 01/13/07
Posts: 10983
Loc: Denton, TX
Glider University comes up on GC with regular frequency.

The site is alarming, especially since they use "University" in their name, which would seem to indicate something important and knowledgeable.

Many of their articles are biased. Some are alarming. And some are out-right dangerous.

It makes me sad that some new glider owners discover their site before they discover "real" information. It is pretty much as bad as (PPP) Perfect Pocket Pets's site, in my opinion.
"Animals can communicate quite well. And they do. And generally speaking, they are ignored." Alice Walker

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Kyrie, nothing will ever fill the hole you left in my heart.

#685916 - 12/04/08 02:39 PM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: ]
oakley Offline
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Registered: 07/22/05
Posts: 2305
Loc: Florida, USA
They have been around for a while... good idea, bad site. They apparently wanted to gather ALL the glider info you need in one place, good and bad, and give advice. Unfortunately, the people who put up the site are completely biased, not working for the good of the glider, and lost any actual information the site may have provided due to their want to bash others.

Thankfully GC is here along with many other GOOD and INFORMATIVE and UNBIASED sites.

{{ }}

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#686148 - 12/04/08 08:25 PM Re: SGU??? Has anyone seen this??? [Re: oakley]

Originally Posted By: oakley

Thankfully GC is here along with many other GOOD and INFORMATIVE and UNBIASED sites.

Yep yep yep! wink I sure am glad I found GC first!!!

I think I read just about everything they had to say, and I am certainly not going back to read more. I should have done a search first, LOL, I really thought I found something new.


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