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#68656 - 11/15/05 12:50 PM Heat Rocks

So I was talking to a friend the other day about how it's going to be getting cold soon and how all last winter I worried about my babies and them being warm enough. Well she raises turtles and she suggested that I get one of the battery powered heat rocks and put it under where I hang their sleeping pouch. My question is has anyone done this and would it be a good or bad idea?

#68657 - 11/15/05 01:34 PM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]

Ther are al lot of talk about it i would sugejest to look witch search.

I heard it was a no, becaus teparture is hard to controle.
I dont use any heating becaus i have my gliders in the livingroom, wher it is always noce and warm ( wel ecapt when the heating is gone, but then i wil warm them on my body <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />)

#68658 - 11/15/05 01:45 PM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]

Heat rocks can burn gliders and shouldn't be used.

When it's cold you can add extra blankies to their pouch, give them thicker pouches, and put a fleece blanket over the cage to hold in warmth.

I also use a small space heater in the glider room and monitor how warm it gets in there. Some use the ceramic heat bulbs but I prefer the space heaters because they'll warm the whole room for playtime. Just be sure to unplug and put away before letting the gliders out to play. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />

#68659 - 11/15/05 05:34 PM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]
Sue1 Offline
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I've used the regular heat rocks when my gliders were younger. I have 16 and not one has ever burned themselves or chewed on cords. They aren't rodents. I took cut up T-shirts and pieces of fleece and made a pile for them to climb into -- no towel type material. They're smart enough to get closer to the rock if they want more heat -- or higher in the pile if they need less. I've never seen the battery operated heat rocks. I did have one heat rock that got pretty hot -- but the suggies would sleep just under the top piece of fleece. I thought that was unusual, so I felt the rock -- and replaced it. They didn't get burned -- but stayed warm. After that, I let the rocks heat, and checked them, before putting the suggies in the cage. I also have the ceramic bulbs that I can focus on their sleep pouches. But, I use the open wire recepticle that clamps onto the cage because the solid metal ones make the cage wire too hot for the suggies to walk on. I use those more now that they're all adults. You can also check out and ask Serena to make some double thick sleep pouches. She does a great job and is very reasonable. If you sew, that's even better. They may still need extra heat, depending on how cool your house is. I've heard a lot of people use the space heaters for one particular room with their suggies, and keep the rest of the house at a temperature they like. It's a great idea. My friend is a breeder and, in his 12 years of experience, has only heard of 2 gliders ever chewing the cords on heat rocks and none that have gotten burned on them. Good luck with whatever method you choose.

#68660 - 11/24/05 09:23 PM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]

Have you seen those reptile heating pads? They are hard and flat, and lie under the reptile's bedding at the bottom of the cage. Maybe you could get one of these, and put a fleece "pillow case" around it, and stick it in a glider house. Just another idea:o) I know gliders are smart, and they won't do something they don't want to do, lol. If the heat rock or pad is too uncomfortable for them, they just won't go around it.

#68661 - 11/24/05 09:31 PM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]
Srlb Offline
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I have to agree with everything krispifsu stated above.

Heat Rocks should NOT be used. Go with the extra blankets and the space heater and be sure to put a blanket over the top of their cage to hold in the heat. Im sure you are going to have some heat in your house.
If you are real concerned, you can get some of the famous Pillow pouches from Glider DayDreams as they are filled and fluffy and sure to hold in warmth! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/thumb.gif" alt="" />
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#68662 - 11/24/05 10:18 PM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]

I agree too. NO heating rocks. They have been known to gradually heat up a reptile so slowly that they don`t even realize that they are literally being cooked. I use a ceramic heating fixture and I also have a reptile pad in a pillow case I made of flannel. I use this near their pouch only for backup. I`m still nervous about using it though, I haven`t been home enough to be able to monitor the heat in their pouch when using it. So far I just stick to the ceramic heater. I also make pouches extra thick and add tons of snuggle blankies. I have 2 gliders so they keep each other warm too.

#68663 - 11/25/05 12:46 AM Re: Heat Rocks [Re: ]

No heating rocks


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