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#699416 - 12/26/08 01:43 AM safe odor removing sprays: test results

Well after trying every safe deodorizer I could get my hands on (and discovering some are marketed under two different names - very sneaky) I still had only some success in getting our tent to not stink. So, I've gone back to the basics. The tent's a pop up, but big even when closed up, but I managed to soak it, one half at a time (closed up)in the jacuzzi tub with hot water and good old fashioned baking soda for about 24 hours. Tomorrow I will pop the sucker up and crawl inside for the "smell" test and post the results. I'm also going to wash my pouches the same way, hoping that if they have no fragrance, then my gliders will have less of a tendency to mark them. Anyone else have good success with baking soda?

#699434 - 12/26/08 06:34 AM Re: safe odor removing sprays: test results [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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I have used it in the washing machine when cleaning pouches before. It does help with odors thumb
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#699459 - 12/26/08 10:05 AM Re: safe odor removing sprays: test results [Re: ]
nancy1202 Offline
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Baking soda is a great odor neutralizer - many of use an open box in the fridge to absorb odors. I use about a cup of plain white vinegar in the washing machine to remove odors from rept covers and fleece, then double rinse cycle. It seems like gliders will scent-mark anything that doesn't smell like "them", whether it's odorless, or detergent. The more you clean the more they will mark. I only wash my rept cover once a month, and it smells MUCH better than when I did weekly cleanings! Also, with the tent, can you leave it outside to air out after use instead of folding it back up? That might help too!

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#699483 - 12/26/08 11:03 AM Re: safe odor removing sprays: test results [Re: nancy1202]
SugareeErin Offline
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Registered: 01/21/08
Posts: 3843
Loc: Lisle, Illinois
Once a month! Wow. My gliders must be much messier than yours. I could not go more than a week with out washing. I'll have to try vinager in the wash. I just hate the smell of vinager. My mom uses to put it in my ears after swimming in the lake to prevent ear infections, I always hated it lol

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#699545 - 12/26/08 02:47 PM Re: safe odor removing sprays: test results [Re: SugareeErin]

Smell completely gone!!! WOW. I tried everything and now the baking soda and hot water has left it with absolutely no odor. Finally I can crawl inside again without one hand holding my nose. I've used the baking soda (even alone without detergent) in a quick wash to get rid of the odor of clothes left in the wash a little too long. It works better than even washing them a whole other cycle with detergent.

#699626 - 12/26/08 05:32 PM Re: safe odor removing sprays: test results [Re: ]

Thank you, I did not know that worked.Now will that elliminate the odor in the home as well??? I washed his cage yesterday and i guess he did not like it because it stunk bad right after. I left the things that did not smell tooo bad in there for him so he feels like home still and not a new smell surrounding... Or will I just have to wait it out until he gets fixed???


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