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#70084 - 11/26/05 01:46 AM Review of Onions, Garlic, Lima Beans & Soy

The post on Onions & Garlic is locked and won't allow a response. There was obviously a lot of work put into the post, and I appreciate someone's effort. However, there is also a mix of some science and some conjecture and some leaps of logic that are big leaps. 2 + 2 = 47 kind of stuff. Be careful. For example:

Heinz body anemia is seen in certain conditions in which hemoglobin is denatured. We see it in a clinically significant way in patients with genetically abnormal hemoglobin, and certain enzyme defects which allows oxidation of the hemoglobin molecule. Although in a lab we can denature the hemoglobin protein with acids, heat, etc., bringing ones blood acid level or body temperature to the levels that would cause such changes will kill way before Heinz body appearance. And only when there are significant numbers of Heinz bodies will the clearance of those cells lead to anemia.

Another dialog attempted to link the connection of anemia and coagulation to stroke by way of diet. </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr />
Therefore, garlic apparently may help reduce the risk of stroke by decreasing blood clotting problems since it would lower the number of red blood cells in the body.

<hr /></blockquote><font class="post"> Lowering the red cell count may decrease stroke risk in those with abnormally high red cell counts, but lowering a normal red cell count for stroke prevention ranks right up there with leeches and blood letting. In the onion paragraph anemia caused by Heinz bodies was ascribed a bad connotation, but in the Garlic topic it was ascribed as a good attribute. And clotting problems from abnormal clot factors versus high red cell counts are two very different issues handled very superficially in this linkage. Thick, hypercoaguable blood can be associated with stroke, and so can thin, hypocoaguable blood. Either extreme can lead to stroke. There are many more important factors than onions and garlic.

There are many others, as well. Onions, Lima Beans, Soy, and all of them had some interesting reading. But science fiction in areas more than proof. I mean no attack, just pointing out an opinion differing dramatically from the locked post.

#70085 - 11/26/05 07:09 AM Re: Review of Onions, Garlic, Lima Beans & Soy [Re: ]

What dose this have to do with Gliders.

#70086 - 11/26/05 07:22 AM Re: Review of Onions, Garlic, Lima Beans & Soy [Re: ]
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This potentially has everything to do with gliders as it is believed that garlic and onions are toxic to gliders and that soy and lima beans have unhealthy effects as well. (beyond just being gassy foods). I believe schlep is trying to help unravel the mystery of how these foods can be harmful to our gliders to help us make better decissions as to what foods we choose to feed.
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