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#70178 - 11/26/05 03:38 PM the SMELL!!

I love gliders and have considered getting a pair for some time now. I have a ferret, and they are known for being a bit stinky. I do my best to keep the cage clean, and most people never notice him unless he's out and about. Relatively scent-less. However! I went to visit a local breeder for gliders and when we went into her glider room I was smacked in the face with the most overwhelming stink. I'm not super sensitive to smells, but it was HORRENDOUS. I will say that she told me she hadn't cleaned the cages yet, and she did have several gliders in one small room.

Please let me know how stinky yours tend to be... are they hard to keep scentless? What is the smelliness? (them, their litter, their waste...??) Do you have any tips? I'm moving in with my boyfriend next month and he is very sensitive to strong smells. We both want gliders but I know he wouldn't want to put up with the kind of stink'age I experienced at that ladies house.

Thanks for the input! Any advice, tips or comments are welcome... =) And like I said before, I have a ferret and I don't have a problem with regular cage cleaning, etc.

#70179 - 11/26/05 03:45 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

Whel i think with the breed you went to it could be poo.
But to be on the save side and not to judgefull, it coul also be the gliders.
I noticed when they are in contact with strange peopele they start smelling, and somtimes at night but in the morging you wont smell them anny more.

So iff you are planning to get them, be prepaird they will smell in the first coupel off days.

it also helps not to clean cage, toys, sleeping pouch at once.
when somting is clean they start setting there smell, but if you do the cleaning in stages the stuf takes the smell and the gliders wont have to do it.

I just had once the smelld verry bad that was in the first week i had them it was almost so bad i was thinking to get them back to te person i got them from.
but after a day it went a way and i havent smel it so bad.

hope i could be of help.

#70180 - 11/26/05 03:57 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

My two neutered boys are not very stinky if I keep their cage pretty clean. I try to use clorox wipes every morning but sometimes I just do not get to it and the smell is a little more noticeable. Before I got each of them neutered, however, the smell to me was almost unbearable (more so with YaYa as he was older when I got him neutered, Eeyore was younger and the smell was not near as bad). You could walk into our house and smell them. If you want to keep the smell down I would recommend getting either females or neutered males or even one of each.

#70181 - 11/26/05 04:24 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

I have a pair of joeys and I can barely smell them. Their urine DOES smell, so when they pee on us we smell too. But it's not noticeable in their cage. I clean the cage once every 2 weeks (on the alternate week I switch out the toys so they don't get bored).

I'm sure once the male reaches maturity I'll smell him more, but we plan to neuter, so it shouldn't be a problem. They smell a LOT less than ferrets, even descented ones, IMO.


#70182 - 11/26/05 05:49 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

Okay the breeder said she had not cleaned the cage, well, I wonder when the last time she actually cleaned?
The smell you smelled could be associated with the diet they were on, uncleanliness, and over marking from males trying to cover each others scents.

I clean our cages every one to two weeks. When I say clean the cages, I mean take them outside, spray them down with vinegar diluted with water, then hose them completely down and let dry in the sun. I clean the bottom liners every few days of so. I then do the ole pouch and toy switcheroo every three to four days. I know some people have cages that they cannot take outside so easily, and I have heard that a few people use the clorox wipes to help keep the cages sanitary.

I line three quarters of each of the cages with a really thick plastic shower liner (the two sides and the back) so as to cut down on the mess being scattered about by the little messy monkeys, and I couldn't believe how much this really helped with cleaning around the cage areas that it has.

I also invested in a room filtering system with an ionizer to clean the dust and bacteria from the air around my suggies. I think this has helped with what little smells there have been around.

I did notice when I first got my rescues that they had a horrible stenchy smell, sort of like the smell you are describing but I got them right on BML and that eliminated the stinky odor.

***I guess what you and your boyfriend will have to decide is if you are willing to clean cages when the suggested cleaning is and keep them on a healthy diet. In my opinion you really can't smell them, but I go through precautions that do not allow them to be stinky (lol), that's just me though.

#70183 - 11/26/05 08:59 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]
vagraphix Offline
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I have two and my male was 20 weeks oop when I got him. He started maturing right away and smelled pretty strong. i got him nuetered right away and it has only been a few weeks but I really don't smell anything anymore. he used to mark me alot during play time and it smelled but now his scent glands are drying up so no more smell.
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#70184 - 11/26/05 09:49 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

ours hardly smell except when I don't clean as I should... I try to change cage under clothes at least twice a week, pouches, etc at least once during the week, and clean the cages once a week... never on the same day EXCEPT that the cage sourrounds get cleaned when I clean cages and so do the undercloths because they catch what I clean out with the steamer and then leave the room! very little smell.. but we have no unneutered males and those do tend to have more smell

#70185 - 11/26/05 09:50 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

I have 2 gliders, one male and one female and my cage never smells, only once in a blue moon. Wet pee stinks and to let it stay wet will only make it worse. My friend was using puppy pads at the bottom of her cage and kept complaining about the stink. I told her that all I use is plain white paper for your computer printer. The pee dries up super quickly and no smell. My friend called me up and told me she`s using the printer paper now and the smell is gone! The puppy pads were keeping the pee wet which made it stink. One more thing i did notice that will make their pouch stink is if they chose to eat their bugs in them. I have to change the pouch immediately after that.

#70186 - 11/27/05 12:40 AM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

My gliders hardly smell. It's usually only when I haven't cleaned. Everyday I take two seconds to wipe the cage down and change out the newspaper. Once every two weeks I clean the toys and the other week I wash the pouches. Gliders keep themselves very clean, they groom themselves like cats do. If they are on a proper diet and their cage is cleaned regularly but not overdone (as others said above, cleaning too much will only cause them to remark everything even more than before) they are relatively unsmelly. Their waste is similar to a hamster. Their poop comes out a solid pellet that is easy to pick up (as long as they are healthy and don't have diarrhea!!). Good luck to you!

#70187 - 11/29/05 06:17 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

thanks for all the info! I think she *was* using puppy pee pads... I'll definitely NOT use them! haha Speaking of litter- what do you guys use? I use Yesterday's News for my ferret, and that works very well. How do gliders take to it? Do they habit of chewing on litter?

#70188 - 11/29/05 06:27 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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Ok, maybe this will help. I have 2 ferrets and 30 gliders. The 2 ferrets smell MUCH worse then all the gliders combined. It is all about diet and clean cages. Unlike ferrets, glider urine does not have that ammonia odor to it. (boy do I know if I forgot to clean the ferret box!) All my males are neutered so that helps too. Unneutered males do have a stronger scent to them and they do love to let people know what belongs to them.

The best kind of cages are those with the drop pans below the cage with the wire floor seperating the cage and the drop pan. If you have this type of cage, then what you put in the drop pan is really your choice. Do NOT use Pine or Cedar shavings though as when they get wet, they release oils(fumes) that are toxic to gliders. Puppy pads, Yesterday's news, newspaper (not the colored paper, just black and white), fleece, paper towels, incontence bed liners (like hospitals use) all will work fine. I don't use anything in my drop pans but I do empty them and wipe them out daily.
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#70189 - 11/29/05 07:04 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

Just as Dancing described above, I have the drop pan separated by the wire and just lay newspaper down. Every day I take a second to replace it and voila!

#70190 - 12/04/05 03:11 PM Re: the SMELL!! [Re: ]

My single female's cage hasn't smelled at all until just the last couple of days, and it's been 2 1/2 weeks since I set up the cage. It's definitely time to clean, but I'll tell you it took a long time for it to get stinky. More gliders=more stink, too... But 1 neutered boy and a female or 2 females shouldn't be a problem..


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