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#7037 - 05/27/03 01:12 AM Breeder Ethics

As a breeder I would like to post what I feel are the most important points when breeding gliders.

A good breeder treats every glider with respect and humanity.

A good breeder knows the warning signs of illness.

A good breeder puts his gliders needs ahead of his own.

A good breeder would rather loose money than over breed his stock.

A good breeder does not inbreed and only line breeds only after consulting a geneticists.

A good breeder does not try to convince a buyer to purchase but rather to convince him not to.

A good breeder has a strict routine that includes regular feeding, cleanings, checkups, and playtime.

A good breeder keeps good records. This includes: OOP Date, Sex, Name, ID Number, # of joeys sired or born, # of joeys died, health records, temperament score, food preferences, medications taken and taking, and a weight average over a period of time.

A good breeder knows whom to call at 2am for questions.

A good breeder has a library of research and information pertaining to glider care, health, and behavioral issues.

A good breeder will not lie about a gliders past history.

A good breeder has all the right licenses and is not afraid of the police.

A good breeder has references and keeps references of past sales and contacts.

A good breeder never uses things that he knows could be potentially harmful to a glider.

A good breeder is knowledgeable about gliders care, health, and behavioral nuances.

A good breeder only breeds a glider that is of good temperament, genetics, and health.

A good breeder is willing to show his breeding facility to you, and let you view the parents, and other joeys.

A good breeder has multiple vets and emergency contacts, willing to see exotics 24/7.

A good breeder screens owners, and knows what questions to ask and what answers should be given.

A good breeder will terminate a sale if her suspects an owner is not qualified.

A good breeder regularly checks up on his past sales and is willing to offer any assistance.

A good breeder is able to be contacted and willing to answer questions even from non-clients.

A good breeder watches for irresponsible breeders and seeks to inform and change them and will contact local authorities if the situation warrants.

A good breeder knows what stressors are and seeks to reduce them.

A good breeder is not afraid to ask other knowledgable owners, breeders, and vets questions or clairifications.

A good breeder is willing to share his breeding data and other relavent information with others.

A good breeder does not know it all, but has the answerrs to all esential care, breeding, health, and behavioral questions.

Are you a good breeder?


#7038 - 05/27/03 04:52 AM Re: Breeder Ethics [Re: ]

Ushuaia, you have some excellent points there! A good breeder is also hard to find. A good potential owner will know what to look for, what questions to ask and what a healthy joey should look/behave like!


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