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#7045 - 05/30/03 12:31 PM Seizures

Huggles is very sick, yesterday she was in my lap getting attention it was 5:20 and she had a seizure, she would not wake up after it stopped for a few minutes but finally came to very confused and disoriented. I called the vet and got an appointed for later at 6:00 the soonest its was under emergency visit. Lately huggles has been moody and sleepy, we thought it was due to weather shes been going under couch, bed and barking non stopI asked the doctor why he said she was having pre-sezures. Huggles was treated for having eather low insulin (glusumas) ahh cant think of the name, but he thinks it might be tumors) she lost 32 percent of her body weight, and he thinks it has somthing do do with the tumors. she wighed 110 g and now weighs 72 g. shes now on steriods 2 times day for 3 days then 1 time day for 3 days then every other day for 3 days then as needed depending on her eating and being sluggish. he wants to put her under to draw blood and e-rays if she continues having seizures.... The doctor said the medicine will make the tumors smaller but when she stops taking it he says they will grow again , so it depends on if she continues having seizures if we put her under to get x-rays and blood drawn but he said even if he does that he might not see anything:( and she might die. I just thought I would let everyone no how huggles is doing <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> if any one else has gliders with seizures please post about the reasons why and what youve done. I dont have an e-mail address so please post here. The medicine is going to make her hungry and energized and pee alot so were hoping on fattening her up any one know what I can feed her that your gliders seem to love. Im going to make huggles last days here the happiest if it comes to that. the doctor says withought stopping the tumors she will live 6months to maybe a year.
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#7047 - 05/30/03 09:10 PM Re: Seizures [Re: ]
Lucy Offline
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HugabugE, I'm so sorry to hear that Huggles is sick <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />. I'm so sad to hear this! It sounds very serious, and I know you have to be so worried. Please keep us posted.

Eventually, whatever causes the seizures has to be addressed. While most of us here aren't vets, we can tell you what our vets have done to control seizures. It seems that phenobarbital has been effective, as has valium (they are the same class of drug). But it's still not clear what's causing the seizures, and even if they are controlled, there is the underlying reason still to be addressed.

How is your vet making the diagnosis? Was it from a fecal exam? Or from examining her and feeling or seeing tumors? It does sound like xrays and a blood serum panel would be a good thing to do, if Huggles is strong enough.

I'll be praying for you and Huggles. I know how hard this is when you love your glider as much as you love Huggles. Please let us know how she's doing and what your vet says. I hope your vet will feel comfortable getting other opinions if he/she isn't sure about treating gliders.

#7048 - 05/31/03 12:24 AM Re: Seizures [Re: ]
Judie Offline
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I am sorry your baby is so severly sick. I hope this vet is experienced with gliders and if not...I would seek a second openion.

For one...a glider who has been seriously ill will usually suffer weight loss. And even more so if dehydrated. Seizures are usually brought about due to loss nutrients of which one is loss of calcium and the other can be from low blood suger. Sometimes a routine fecal smear or float or UA can determine or rule out the possibility of bacterial or protozoan problems. These are basic tests that should be done on any glider whose health is questioned.

Also, low blood sugar can be controled with D5w if the glider is suffering from dehydration. It can be given sub q every 4-6 hours depending how severly dehydrated the animal is. This therapy needs to be done at home also...and a vet will show a client how to inject sub q fluids. This is a glider who is severly ill needs good supportive care of which the basic one is keeping the glider hydrated. As without it...dehydration can kill if not treated.....befor the primary illness is found.

I personally....would seek another vet at least for a second openion.
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#7049 - 05/31/03 12:40 AM Re: Seizures [Re: ]

I had a glider female, named Sugar she had had a seziure and died. I recently changed my bedding to chloropine and All my gliders began to lose weight, and their noses became green. She lost all motor controle and died, in my hands, a short while later. I would also make sure that there is nothing poisioning your glider, bedding, bad food, carpeting chemicals, ect. I would however get a second and third opinion. Call around to find a college that teaches post graduate veterinary medicince and call up the professors. They are usually well versed in the latest medicines and techinques. They also would now how to treat an exotic.


#7050 - 05/31/03 09:10 AM Re: Seizures [Re: ]

Huggles has has three doses of medicine she seems to have lost her control of pee, the doctor said that would happen but its kind of weird she doesnt pee like she would but dribbles here and there. I no im probualy just being wishful thinking but she seems to be alot less moody but alot more lazy sleepy shes gained a little weight since the medicine. My vet is wonderful with her hes treated alot of exotics especially glider and I do trust him hes been my PA vet since I moved here and he does seem to be very caring he seems to really love animals. I am worried about the anathigia what if she doesnt wake up ahh:(, so Im still thinking if i should do that, but If I dont then she will die if she doesnt get better from this.but ive been feeding her non stop shes been with me and shes had so much different foods shes in heaven you should see her sucking up all this attention and you no what kills me when she holds my hands she trusts me and im afraid to do the wrong thing ahh:(. we figured out how to give the medicine she have these little cereal marshmellows and we bring it close to her and she opens her mouth to grab it and we sqeeze the medicine in (its water based)and she gets the marshmellow after it seems to really work and she assosiates marshemellos with medicine/good, you should see her try and wiggle away all you have to do is bring the medicine close to her and she will hide and wiggle up to a ball to get away:(breaks my heart to have to give this to her so much. My vet did not do any vecal exams he just examined her and let me explain her symptoms and he said it sounds like this but it could be this and without risking putting her under for the blood and x ray test do this. he said it would help her weight gain and her eating because lately she hasnt been eating to good but this last day shes a savage haha:)well im going to go clean her cage out and get ready for work ill check back later.
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#7051 - 05/31/03 11:13 AM Re: Seizures [Re: ]

You really do not need to put a glider under to get an X-Ray. you just put them in a faberic pouchduring the day and wait for them to settle down then take the picture. Try it.

#7052 - 06/02/03 02:46 PM Re: Seizures [Re: ]

Huggles seems to be beter, Im a little jumpy she was sleeping and she moved and I thought she was having another seizure but she was just dreaming!!I guese right now its just wait and see. Im worried about the money what if she needs the blood work and everything how much is that stuff, I dont no how im going to find the money ahh. I just hope shes okay and everything shes my baby you no.:( she ate alot of food last night she had fish, ham, noodles,(she likes pasta, grapes, BML,she ate almost everything, you should see her just eating and shes afraid im going to steal it hahaha so she like grabs this huge peice and hides with it somewhere. we were tricking her to open her mouth by treats and then spray medicine in but we had to stop because she was afraid to eat she assosiated medicine with food and thats bad because we want her to eat. well ill post back when I no more:(
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