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#70870 - 12/01/05 09:52 AM A Mosaic Theory

Ok, so I have been pondering mosaics, platinums, and the other colors plagued by sterility and I have come up with a theory. I believe that these colors are a product of two or more alleles, for the purpose of this explanation I will call them A, B, and C. Suppose that a glider with the genotype of AaBbCc is a carrier for the mosaic color. When bred to a mosaic glider with the genotype aabbCc they produce a mosaic offspring with the genotype aabbcc. This glider would be sterile. My proposition is this: I think that mosaics are controlled at more than one loci, but "C" is a dominant trait when activated by A and B. So, a Cc glider would be mosaic if the first two alleles were aa and bb. A glider with aabbcc would be completely homozygous recessive and therefore sterile. What do you guys think?

#70871 - 12/01/05 11:33 AM Re: A Mosaic Theory [Re: ]

I thought genes where like AaBb or AbBA end so on.
but not with 3. like you say AaBbCc

#70872 - 12/01/05 11:53 AM Re: A Mosaic Theory [Re: ]

There can be many... AABBCCDDEEFF... I did a post on exactly this awhile back, and yes Sugarbabies, I feel you're likely right about multiple loci. Colour genetics make me go crazy, so I've promised myself to stay out of these forums! LOL. Sometimes I just can't help it, though.

Mikey <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dance.gif" alt="" />

#70873 - 12/01/05 12:12 PM Re: A Mosaic Theory [Re: ]

How can you tell if an offspring is sterile? What causes the sterility? Is this along the same lines as male calico cats or ruby eyed male hamsters(they go sterile by 10 weeks, usually earlier)?

#70874 - 12/01/05 12:50 PM Re: A Mosaic Theory [Re: ]

In one of my animal science books it says that the result of a homozygous recessive gene can be displayed as color, sterility, or both. I think it gives a few other things that homozygous recessive can show up as, but I remember reading about those specific things. About the male calico cats...calico is a sex-linked trait, so I don't know how that could happen unless it was a freak of nature.

#70875 - 12/01/05 04:44 PM Re: A Mosaic Theory [Re: ]

I think that the sterility is unrelated to the actual color. The mosaic patern seems to be equivilant to the pinto coloration in horses, as far as the type of markings and the fact that you only need 1 parent with the trait to pass it on. But, since sterile normals are produced out of the mosaic lines, it means that the trait is not dirrectly assocciated with the sterility.

#70876 - 12/01/05 05:56 PM Re: A Mosaic Theory [Re: ]

It could be a coincidence, too, kind of like what Leyna is saying. The line that produced mosaics could have also had problems with sterility, and with all the inbreeding, it could have set sterility as a problem in the line... But I agree that it probably is more along the lines of what SugarBabies is saying. Because there IS a problem like this in the pinto horses. Lethal white in overos. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> It doesn't cause sterility, it cuases death, and it is related to the white factors. Sooo... White caused lots of odd things.. too much white in merle dogs causes deafness, blindness, lack of eyes/ears (dachshunds, Aussies, G. Danes, etc)


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