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#713556 - 01/12/09 05:36 PM confused in PA

Hi All ,
I just joined the site today. I am interested in purchasing one or two gliders. Unfortunately, my research has lead me to many dead ends. I have been finding many people saying that as of Fall of 2008 that sugar gliders are now legal in PA as long as they are just house pets. I have also found lots of information saying they are not. I called multiple veterinary offices today and even though only one said that if I were to get a glider they would be able to care for him/her; all said that they are now legal! I am having trouble finding a breeder that will sell to a PA resident and all the state and federal sites that contain the wildlife laws seem lack any real information one way or the other. If you have any recent information on the PA state laws or any breeders in PA, any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks =)

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#713685 - 01/12/09 08:05 PM Re: confused in PA [Re: ]
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According to what I could find here , the laws have not changed. (last updated Dec. 13, 2008) dunno

They still say that to legally OWN an exotic animal, you MUST have a license to do so.

PA people can make whatever argument they like, but if one does not in fact have a license, then they own their animal illegally. And we have yet to hear from anyone who actually maintains a license to own in PA (only conjecture on the possibility of getting one).

If you can request and actually receive a license from the wildlife commission, please do let us know how you did so. Otherwise, I would not buy a glider until you have the license in hand.

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#723524 - 01/25/09 04:51 PM Re: confused in PA [Re: sugarlope]
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BTW there are several licenses you must get, and one of them is not and never has been available, we used to have 3 breeders USDA and state licensed, but there was a permit, they all didn't have and were not able to get and they all were forced to close down.

the best person to talk to is vicki dachiu
at dragons at

she is a major breeder of bearded dragons, and one of the breeders that was forced to close, she keeps up with all the current laws and said she would let me know when the laws have changed for the gliders.
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#747264 - 03/09/09 08:20 PM Re: confused in PA [Re: Bourbon]

Hey B. - Shall I thank you for the bop on the head? Or make you get me an ice pack?

No new news people... sorry. As far as I know, when we switched to dragons the legal paper trail for gliders ended with me. I didnt have the 1 permit when I needed it, but they were actually pretty cool about it back then and never really enforced it or bothered me.

Now is a different story though. And how do you like this one - the same permit is required for all captive bred wildlife that are bred/sold in Pa. - including reptiles. Rotters.



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