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#716136 - 01/15/09 04:37 PM Tinker's Story (long)

I think of my little Tinker everyday. She ment so much to me and since I lost her, I have felt like little things dont matter to me. Many of you know that I lost Tinker on Christmas Eve after a very long 2 week battle. I blame myself for her lost, I am not 100% if what I did caused her death, but if I can help even 1 glider from this, than I feel like Tinker death was not in vain.
We were given Tinker by a guy my husband worked with in November of 2007. I had never heard of a sugar glider before we got her. The guy we got her from did not know if she was a boy or girl. There was a bugs bunny bedroom shoe in her cage that she slept in, and a little bird bell that she played with. We were given a little clear bag that that small circle pellets in it that he said to feed her and that we could give her apples, sugar water, or baby food as well. Since I never heard on them, I figured he knew what he was talking about and took his word on this. I never researched them (I really wish I had of now).
She did not like people. She would not let us hold her. It took me about 6-8 months to even get her to come to me and not "Grawl" at me. I don't know how she was treated before we got her (I don't even know how old she was, she was not a baby though). She must have been ingored to have acted the way she did, sadly probably her whole life.
I had never heard of the BML diet or anyother diet for the matter. I bought a lot of baby food for her because I thought it would not only be sweet to her, but have vitimins in it too. She did love when I would put apples or bananas in there.
On December 14th, 2008 I noticed that Tinker wasn't herself. The night before I know she was fine because she was barking at my cat( they always gave each other a hard time). I noticed that she was favoring her back right paw. I though that maybe she had just hurt it jumping around in her cage the night before. But soon after church relized something was wrong. She was in pain, she was pacing in her cage and not sleeping. She could not climbe up the bars, she would try and "hop" up them and just slide back down. I was trying to find a vet and I was not having much luck. That next day, Monday I took her to the vet I always to my cat too, and he told me that he did not know anything about Gliders, but called one of his vet friends that has 2. After they spoke, he gave me some meds for her and was to give it to her for 3 days.
She did start to get better, but then thursday/friday she took a turn for the worse. I woke up everyday thinking the worse had happen. And everyday i looked in her cage and saw she was alive, well I though all the more she was fighting to be with me. We bonded so much in this 2 weeks she was sick, which made it loosing her that much harder. I called many vets trying to get someone to work with me on payments so she could be seen. One vet had the nerve to tell me that the only ADIVSE they would give me was to bring her in and have her put down because I was being selfish to let her keep suffering.
On Christmas Eve, I found a wonderful vet that would see her. He looked at her and said that she was very sick and probabley not going to make it. She was in need of fluids so bad.... At this point, she had either liver or kidney failure. She was too sick to take blood and heart rate was so slow.
She passed away in my hands later that night. She was in pain as she passed, she would just look up at me like she knew it was her time to go and wanted to some how see how I was holding up. I was looking down at her, tears running down my face fell onto her head. I was rubbing her, trying to see if I could get her ears, anything to move. I knew she was gone, but I wasn't ready to let go. It was Christmas, the happiest time of the year,and yet, here I was wishing it would never come. I feel kinda like Christmas took my little Tinker with it.
Now with her story being told, here is the big thing I want people to know. If I had only had her on the correct diet, I might still have my Tinker with me. I want to somehow find a way to let people know the correct way to care for a glider so there wont be any more story's like Tinker. Sometimes I like to think that maybe I rescued Tinker and showed her love that she never knew, but then again I blame myself for her loss because I didn't know the correct diet for her.
I dont want anymore unnecessary Animal deaths. It has been 3 weeks since I lost my little girl. I still have her cage just the way it was when she passed. I think it would be to much of a reatily check if I didnt have a little piece of her here while I am still healing with her loss. I look in thinking I am going to see her jumping around in there, waiting to talk to me about her day. I cry so much over her. She ment the world to me. She was so beautiful. There are times I wish I could just hold her and feel her fur and know my little girl is ok. I know this will never happen, all the more reason why I cry.
I hope Tinkers story can inspire new sugar parents to take the time to learn what is the right way to care for these little babies. They are nothing like a cat or dog, they require so much more time. I hope one day I can think up of a better way to help people, but for now I hope sharing Tinkers Story will Help someone somewhere.
I will always love you my little Tinker! You were so strong! gangel

#716149 - 01/15/09 04:57 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]

I am so sorry for your loss. Your amazing love for Tinker is felt in every word. Keep on spreading her story and you will help others.

#716150 - 01/15/09 05:02 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]
ozzi Offline
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I can feel your pain so bad and I know 1st hand it is the worst pain I will ever feel in my life. There is no explaining it, it is just the way it is for me. The "Healing" I am sorry to say takes a LONG time and for me has never been complete.
I am so sorry and if there is anything I can ever do please let me know. I would be more than happy to make a memorial picture of Tinker for you like I have done for others if you send me some pictures.
My e address is in my profile.

You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.....Unknown

Rest in Peace our little sweet friends that have crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge".
I miss you gangel Boo-Boo, Lucy, BJ, and Fivel gangel

#716159 - 01/15/09 05:28 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ozzi]
LSardou Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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hug2 Thank you for taking the time to share your story about your sweet little girl so that others will learn from this. I am so deeply sorry to hear about all that she went through. She was fortunate to have you as her mommy. Please don't blame yourself for not knowing. She's at peace now and will always shine in your heart forever.
Godspeed precious little one.

#716355 - 01/15/09 09:03 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: LSardou]
Laurens_Babies Offline
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Lauren's Animal Kingdom
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#716647 - 01/16/09 07:22 AM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

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Loc: Cleveland, Ohio
I am so very sorry for you & your loss of Tinker cry Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. I know how hard that is...
I went through a similar experience with my first two gliders and never realized why they had died until I started doing my research after the fact... then I realized that poor nutrition had led to Hind Leg Paralysis and their deaths frown
Your determination to spread the word about proper diet and to help prevent future losses from happening is so similar to my emotions. That's one of the reasons for my web site - to educate people so their gliders don't have to go through all the negative things mine did from lack of knowledge.
Please know that you are not alone right now. We are here for you and feel your loss with you hug2
Suz Enyedy
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Suz' Sugar Gliders

#716653 - 01/16/09 07:34 AM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]

My goodness - you sure did do all you could to try to keep her alive - now I have a very dumb question - you write so beautifully - do you think you could put all you said in a short book with illustrations and try - plead - do anything - to get someone to publish it - I know it's far fetched but that might really help all the people out there to get on GC and ask all the questions that you didn't know to ask - through no fault of your own -

RIP dear Tinker God Speed "Over the Rainbow Bridge"

Owned By &
Mom To

#716856 - 01/16/09 02:07 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]

Awe I'm so sorry, it's hard when you loose one of these guys frown

#716975 - 01/16/09 05:25 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]

I never though about that. There are far to many people with gliders and not enough of the right info. for them. nine times out of ten, when people start to look for info for them, its when they are sick and too late. I wish pet stores had to give out usda info with every pet they sold that had all the correct info for people to know how to take care of their new pet and a list of websites, books, local people, and vets that they could turned to for help and advise. I am so thankful that I found this website! its been so wonderful and I am so thankful that I now know the correct way to feed a glider so that I one thing I know will never happen again. Everyone here is so wonderful and I just dont want another little baby to go through what my little tinker did. Like I said, if I can help even one Glider not go through this, then maybe JUST maybe, Tinkers death will not have been in vain and I can go on living my life with somewhat peace knowing that Tinker's life touched another life.

#717060 - 01/16/09 07:14 PM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: ]
Feather Offline

Registered: 01/19/08
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Loc: Wisconsin
I am sorry for your loss. Sharing Tinker's Story will help to educate others.

I know she didn't bond with you until the end but let your memories of her comfort you.
Feathers-Sweetie, Sklyar Blue, Mister Peanut, Big Mack & Ibo
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Forever in my heart, Gizmo, Tucker and the rest of my babies over the :rbridge:

#724731 - 01/27/09 03:26 AM Re: Tinker's Story (long) [Re: Feather]
SugarBlossoms Offline
Serious Glideritis

Registered: 02/23/06
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Loc: USA
I am so sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself. We all live and learn, sometimes, not the way we wish it to be. I have thought at times that God gave me a cross heavier than I can bare..especially when Peanut passed .. then Isabella..then Kiwi. I have learned so much from them and through them, hoping I can help others in the same crisis. Our babies are with Jesus, safe and sound, we will see them again someday..and there will be no more tears, only happy chirps and face hugs .. with no sharp nails. (lol)

I hope Levi and Casper can help your heart to heal some, take away the raw pain and replace it with only the good memories of Tinker. She will after all be watching over her "brothers"..and her mama too. hug2
Keeper of Handprints on my Heart, You left your Footprints on my soul.
My precious loves that left to quickly, Peanut, Katie
Isabella, Kiwi, Bonnie and Monroe.

Spread your wings and glide free of pain,
Until the day I see you again.

God speed my precious angels. I love you. Mama.


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