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#719393 - 01/20/09 03:11 AM BML Diet question

Hey Ya'll (from TX lol)

I am Jeanette and am the one buying carebaers Elore and Willow. In about three weeks our new babies will be coming home. party

After all the reading and researching read on all the diets I have decided to go with the BML diet. It looks like something I can run to the store and pick up. (With my schedule that is a big help mlove) My question is: I have also been studying other aspects of becoming a suggie mommy and have noticed people talking about hiding food around the cage for them to 'seek out'. With the BML diet what do you suggest I 'hide'. I wouldn't want to do that with fresh fruit just encase they don't find it and I don't either (think of the Easter egg your kids did NOT find during the egg hunt..... :sick: enough said lol) but what about dehydrated fruits and veggies, or am I looking at the same? Also some places recommended leaving glider pellets in the cage so I am assuming (you know what it means to 'assume something' don't you??? Ask if you don't lol) that this could be the hide and seek treats. But something I did notice is this was NOT on the BML page and I do not want to mix and match by mistake.

Another thing I have read about is lickie treats, to encourage bonding and have read things like baby food, sweet potatos, chicken, the apple, or blueberry, then there is the yogurt.... so if I do give this 'bribe' (come on guys that is what this is lol. And I proudly join the bribing club... I did it with my skin babies -they would so hurt me calling them skin babies- so why shouldn't my fur babies be any different? Plus I would rather feel the love not the teeth) Anyways, back to my question, do I lower the amount of BML I give them for that day? Or should I give them their normal amount? I worry I would throw the Ca:p ratio off.

Also I have read about gliderade and maybe I didn't read right, but would this be in addition to water or added to their water bottles. Wouldn't it be better to have the plain fresh water too. I mean we need water to help our body clean and filter stuff so wouldn't they?

Okay that is all I can remember right now but am sure will be back with more questions..

PS: Don't worry I would have cleaned the cage several times and found the fruit before it would start making itself known by other means lol.

#719606 - 01/20/09 12:40 PM Re: BML Diet question [Re: ]
sugarlope Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 03/28/02
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Loc: in my happy place
Hi! wave Welcome to Glider Central and congrats on your (soon to be) new family members! grin

BML is a very straight forward diet, you should not add pellets to the diet, as it could throw off the balance (and to be truthful, they will probably not think they are much of a 'treat' anyway roflmao ). The ideas you have for hiding treats are good (dried fruits/veggies) try to stick to the fruits and veggies listed as part of the diet. You can also hide their mealies in foraging units (easy to make) around the cage.

You shouldn't lower the amount of BML (unless you use BML as a licky treat, at a significant amount). Don't offer a whole lot of treats, but of course, at first, you will... grin

If you offer fruits and veggies during the day, it is recommended to reduce the amount of those you give at night. But usually (in my mind) treats are not significant enough to really need to worry that much about it.

I don't think you are supposed to give gliderade with BML. If you do give gliderade, it generally works better in a bowl or one of those bird feeders, because it can gunk up a bottle. And yes, you are correct, they should ALWAYS have fresh, clean, plain water available to them.

Someone who feeds BML will probably be along soon to give you more concrete answers, but that is the gist of what I know about it. thumb
Maia & Squish
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#719747 - 01/20/09 03:10 PM Re: BML Diet question [Re: sugarlope]

how many mealies should i feed and also when you say no pellets does that mean i shouldnt put any pellets in the cage for them to snack on?

#719972 - 01/20/09 07:22 PM Re: BML Diet question [Re: ]

I have read a couple places about monkey biscuits. I know this is from another diet and so I am assuming that means those that use that diet use monkey biscuits as a treat and hide them around the cage. Is this correct?

I have also seen dried or dehydrated crickets and other bugs for sale on the internet. Do you use these instead of live bugs (I would feel I was depriving my babies) but wouldn't be a bad idea to have on hand just for an emergency and maybe as a treat once in awhile. You know kick things up or down as the case maybe lol.

And speaking of bugs to bad we can't use those from outside. June Bugs are prolific here and during the summer months, anytime you open a screen door or look out a window they start hissing. I could snag the little bugger off the door (with long tweezers of course) and show them what hissing gets them lol. But don't want to hurt my babies so will stick to hand raised bugs only. Plus my town sprays for mosquitos during the summer months so that would be a very big no no for me. As it is I am thinking about putting plastic on the outside and inside of my sons room so when they go by fogging it won't get to them.

#719997 - 01/20/09 07:45 PM Re: BML Diet question [Re: ]
saturngirl Offline
Glider Slave

Registered: 07/11/07
Posts: 2448
Loc: Columbia, SC
Suggies don't need pellets...the bml is the staple food. Suggies sleep during the day so they're not going to be up eating the pellets.
As for mealies depends on what size you get. When I get the medium one's I usually give around 5 mealies to each of my suggies.
You can use monkey biscuits as a treat. Most people will soak them in juice to soften them up.
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#721827 - 01/23/09 01:00 AM Re: BML Diet question [Re: saturngirl]

If you aren't raising crickets yourself and are interested, I'm just starting up offering my hand raised ones in the classifieds. From your posts, I think we follow the same line of thinking. I went with Priscilla's diet because I wanted to find one that specifically told me how many "bugs" I could give to my "bug"-obsessed gliders.

#722628 - 01/24/09 09:00 AM Re: BML Diet question [Re: ]
GliderNursery Offline
Glideritis Anonymous

Registered: 09/14/07
Posts: 20049
Loc: North Central Ohio
I feed BML to my gliders, and they love it. You should stick to the diet very strictly. If you need/want to give treats, give them a piece of their fruit/veggie as the treat, and then reduce their evening meal by the amount you gave as the treat. The same thing goes with the mealies. If you give them one or two as a treat, reduce the amount you give them in the morning. Putting the mealies in foraging toys works great!

Gliderade is not on the list for the BML, so I would not feed it.

As far as licky treats, you can use the BML. But that's about all I can speak on. For bonding issues you should talk to Bourbon. She is also the "B" in the BML, so she can answer every one of your questions about her diet.

She just spoke at a gathering about the importance of balance in the diet. These diets have been thoroughly researched, and modifications should not be made. This includes treats. Please contact her for more detailed responses about BML.

Good luck with your new babies! sounds like you are on the right track!

Don't sacrifice quality information for convenient information.

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#723249 - 01/25/09 05:50 AM Re: BML Diet question [Re: sugarlope]
Bourbon Offline
Serious Glideritis

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Sugarlope agree right on the money!!!

as for other licky treats, use flavored yogurts, they will also help the digestion while the gliders are new and will help with the stress. I use the peach and blueberry the most..

you can also use the BML mix.

There is a lot of misleading info on several websites regarding the diets, as was said, if you have a question with any diet, see the maker.. do not switch things around , modify, substitute, or omit. you don't need to add extra anything,

as for foraging treats as Grethen said, you can use what is already called for in the diet, like the frozen veggies, fruits, mealies..

Xglider and some others make great foraging toys for you to hide the food in.
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#723512 - 01/25/09 04:28 PM Re: BML Diet question [Re: Bourbon]

Thanks everyone for your help :o) I am still trying to decide which direction to go. The babies are already on the HWP diet and have been looking into that one too.


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