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#73448 - 12/20/05 12:40 AM Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts???

Well, we live in Florida, so normally there's no concerns for it being too cold. However, we're visiting family in NY, and brought our two babies with us, ones 3 and 1/2 months, the other 5 months. We're trying to keep them warm the best we can, but here's the situation...

We're staying at my wife's parents house, and they have both a cat and a dog, so the only room in the house we could keep them so there would be no concerns for either getting to them was in a small playroom attached to the side of a bedroom.

Now, the room has A LOT of windows on all sides, and to me feels a little drafty, which I'm concerned about. We're keeping the thermostat in the room at 75F, but when you stand, it's nice and warm, but if you sit on the floor, it feels kinda cold. Guess it's cause the hot air from the radiators is rising and the cold air from the windows is dropping, causing a big temp variation in the room.

So, we have them on a small stand, about a foot high at this point, but are concerned about the temperature variance in the room. Now, I've heard nightmare stories on here where these guys have gotten pneumonia just from having a draft in a room, which has me concerned. On the other hand, I hear of other people who simply don't know what they're doing having them in temperatures of down to 60F, far below suggested, and they've been fine.

Just want to hear some feedback as to if you guys think their current conditions are ok, and that if the variation and cool air near the floor is a concern, if they'd give us any signs they're uncomfortable BEFORE getting sick.

We also have a space heater with a temp control on it, which we were thinking of using on the floor a few feet away from the cage set at 70F, so we know the floor will be at least at that temp and would blow the warm air right up under their cage. Would that be enough to make sure they'd be warm enough, and would it still be ok to let them run around the room during playtime for exercise without a concern of it being too cold?

Also, not sure if it's just the temp change or not, but sometimes when I check their noses, they're dry and warm, other times they're the normal cold and wet. Could this just be cause of the temp change up here? My lips keep chapping up from the cold dry air up here, so we figured that might just be what's happening to their noses?

Any help you guys could give us would be greatly appreciated. We just want to make sure they're gonna be ok, and don't like having them here where it's so cold outside and they're in a room where it's so tough to keep warm. Thanks.

Take care,
AC, Nicole, Little Man, n
the new addition

#73449 - 12/20/05 12:54 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]
glidrz5 Offline
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You may want to have a sheet or fleece blanket that you could cover the cages with to prevent drafts. The space heater sounds like it might be a good idea to help regulate the temperature throughout the room. I'm not sure if you'll need it tho if the cages are off the floor & covered. You may also want to add a few extra blankies to their pouches for them to snuggle in.
As for signs, watch for any unusual behavior or loss of appetite and keep an eye out for excessive sneezing or discharge from the eyes or nose.
I hope this helps. I personally have a basement apartment that does get chilly. My kids have never had any problems with it, but admittedly, I do have a heat lamp (ceramic) over my larger cage & the kids have become graudally adjusted to the cooler temps. Also I don't have lots of drafts (not many windows in my living room area).
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#73450 - 12/20/05 12:58 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]
sugarglidersuz Offline
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[:"green"]In your situation, I would set the space heater up, just to be safe. You really don't have a choice about the matter, so just make the best of it. Your gliders should be okay with the space heater on. If at all possible, raise the cage up to about 3' off the floor & that would be better. I don't think their noses are getting chapped: gliders noses do moderately vary between wet & dry. It should be okay to let the gliders run around the room for playtime (on a different note, make sure it is glider-proofed). Relax & enjoy the visit...
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#73451 - 12/20/05 01:27 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]
Dancing Offline
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Also, make sure you remove the space heater during play time. you wouldn't want them to get burned on the hot heater.
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#73452 - 12/20/05 01:32 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]
Badgersmommy Offline
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Please don't ever leave a space heater unattended! I've had 2 go up in flames ..both were new (only a few months old) and not the same brand! Also, in a older house, the electric may be out of date. Can you cover the windows while you are there? ..maybe a few of them with sheets or blankets? Glad you all made it there safe and sound and congrats on your new addition!
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#73453 - 12/20/05 01:37 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]

Thanks for the advice guys. We do know enough now to make sure a room is glider-proofed all too well. He gets into everything, so we have to make sure there's absolutely nothing he can swallow, get caught in, etc. Her on the other hand will just sit on your arm, chest, etc, and be content just hanging out most the time. Of course, leave her in the room for a second and she's disappeared without making a peep. She's the sneaky hard to find one, he's the noisy can't help but find him one. Complete opposites, but love them both.

Anyway, we have them away from the windows, have the thermostat set at 76F, and the space heater on the floor set at 70F, so hopefully they'll stay nice and warm. We're also going to try to find something to put them on to raise them up higher in the room. Thanks again for your help.

Take care,
AC, Nicole, Little Man, n what's her name?

#73454 - 12/20/05 02:33 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]
Lynsie Offline
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Just make sure that if you use a space heater you keep it a pretty good distance from the cage. They get pretty hot and will heat up those bars pretty quickly.
LuckyYou Gliders

#73455 - 12/20/05 02:39 AM Re: Concerns regarding room temperature and drafts??? [Re: ]

We have the heater about a good 3 feet away from the cage right now, and it's not blowing directly on it, it's blowing under it. Does that sound good?



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